Friday follies

Happy Friday everyone. With a scattergun US leader, it has been another rollercoaster week. Wouldn’t it be nice if our leaders did their jobs to serve people and not their egos?

On the good news side, the Prime Minister of New Zealand became the second modern leader to give birth while leading a country. Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford had a healthy girl weighing in at 7 lbs., 3 oz., their first child. Well done down under.

Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan is out campaigning vigorously expecting a close race. Taking a page from Vladimir Putin, his opponent is vying for the spot from jail. At least he gets to run, as in Russia he could not. I have high expectations Erdogan will win, since he will be controlling the vote count.

The US President did something unusual and backpedaled on his absolutely awful and inhumane decision to separate children from parents who are seeking to enter the country. Of course, he is not being accountable that he set this fire, but at least he was convinced on this occasion he screwed up.

In spite of all of the hubbub with the separated children, the US President did find the time to insult Canadians, Mexicans and Germans. He accused Canadians of widespread smuggling of US goods, he doubled down on Mexican gang members rampantly using these kids to gain entry to our country and he said crime is up in Germany due to immigration, when in fact it has declined. The truth rarely gets in the way of a chance for Trump to demean some one or some group. By the way, I did see a news report that interviewed Canadians who are buying more Canadian goods as a result of Trump’s denigration of their country. He is good at galvanizing opposition.

The stock market continues to show concern over the tariff wars that have already started. The EU has accelerated their tariffs on select US products starting today There was an eight consecutive day drop in the Dow when Trump first raised the tariffs in March. The Dow just completed another eight consecutive day drop on Thursday. If it has another decline on Friday, that would be the longest decline since 1978. Even if it rebounds on Friday, don’t let anyone tell you the tariffs won’t have a negative impact on the global economy and capital markets. And, it was truly an unforced error on the part of the US President.

That is all folks. There was so much more that happened. Have a great weekend. May it be eventful and fun.

10 thoughts on “Friday follies

  1. Wait … today’s Friday??? 😕 I must get busy and mop floors!!!

    Yes, my friend, it sure would be nice if they did the jobs we pay them to do. Sigh. And yes … there can be no doubt that Erdogan will win … if you lock up your opponents (anybody hearing the chants of “lock her up”?) and you incarcerate the journalists who speak against you, there isn’t much way to lose. Close race? My patootie.

    I suspect that there will be hell to pay for Trump having to step back even the small step that he did. He deserves NO kudos, no pats on the back, for all he did was say, “Okay, I’ll stop abusing kids for a little while”. He deserves punishment for ever starting his policy, but no reward for finally, after 2,000 children have been hurt, stopping it.

    I always enjoy your Friday Follies! Thanks, my friend, and now … I must go mop my floors, for it is Friday!!! 💨

    • Jill, since I had typed it up, I decided to release the hounds the night before. The President will come to regret separating kids. The tariffs will haunt him if he does not back away. Keith

    • Janis, I don’t pull against the US, but it is both sad and disappointing to see this unfold. It is like letting watching your adult child make a decision that you know what turn out as well as he or she hopes. You have offered opinion, if asked, and you pull for his or her success.

      As we have discussed, several of Trump’s decisions are greasing the skids for Chinese ascension. Keith

  2. I find myself shouting for Erdogan’s opponent despite the odds Keith. If only he could win. Not normally a fan of organised religion I have to give thanks to the Catholic Church this week after the Bishops and he Pope came down on he separation of families.I suspect the thought of losing the Catholic vote was a prime mover along with world condemnation in Trump backpedaling so much.
    It would also be a wise move if Trump picked up his dummy and dropped the tariffs against his allies (or is that ex-allies) and ate crow but I’m not sure his ‘delicate self image’ could take it and anyway I’m not convinced yet that he’s not doing these things to order as a Russian Sleeper.He’s certainly bringing the US to it’s knees in many ways and with people like Pruitt and De Vos in position may leave it damaged for ever.His latest announcement over joining together education and employment under De Vos is sheer lunacy. Trade schools for the poor and elite education for the rich, he wants to go Victorian. There’ll be kids of 6 up your chimneys soon.
    Thanks for a good round up Keith. Have a good weekend

    • Thanks David. As I mentioned to Janis is sad to watch this all unfold. Trump is greasing the skids for China.

      As for his succumbing on the separation of children from families, there was a brief moment where Kristen Nielson, Director of Homeland Security, looked over at VP Mike Pence as Trump signed the new order, with obvious contempt for what he had made her do.

      It had been reported that Trump has shouted at her in meetings to make the borders secured, to the point she was talked out of resigning. Then, he made her the face of the policy, in my view, thinking a woman would make it OK.

      Again, Trump will use you and throw you away. I will not be surprised if she leaves. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: It was announced today that Mercedes is the first public company to revise its earnings estimate for the year downward due to the tariff war. Mercedes is a German company who makes cars in Alabama to ship to
    China. That reveals what the global economy looks like.

    When I hear from Trump that trade and immigration are the reasons for US job losses, that is not the main story. CEOs chasing cheap labor and technology gains are the main reasons. But, what Trump overlooks are the jobs created here by folks like Mercedes.

  4. Note to Readers: I feel for some patrons of the Carowinds theme park in Charlotte. Ten cars were damaged by fire, some badly. One car apparently caught fire and the wind spread the fire. Could you imagine walking to your car after a long day at the park and finding your car destroyed?

  5. Note to Readers: A logical path that the President is over-looking with his tariff fight was discussed in a CBC article. China will run out of US imports to pose tariffs on. So, they may seek to get petroleum from Iran replacing what they get from the US. This is the “unforced error” process that Trump is causing. He is forcing countries and companies to consider other options. And, those options do exist.

  6. Dear Keith,

    This is just awful to hope China starts buying petro from Iran. The US Congress had a chance to stop the president but his best buddy in the US Congress, the US Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stopped Senator Bob Corker via Sen. Inhofe.

    President Trump is either kow-towing to his boss or doing the bidding of Russia.

    Hugs, Gronda

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