A few select statements

A counterpoint response to my comment that the President needs to tell the truth more than he does not, might be “all politicians lie.” Yes, they do, but he laps the field at a 69% rate of untruthfulness per Politifacts.  But, he also makes decisions off his supporting lies.

One that gives me concern is “You can win a trade war.” History has shown this not to be true and we will soon be finding out as Canada just added their retributive tariffs to those of the EU and China. By the way, the lone constant in these three tariffs is the US. The impact is already showing up in economic decisions by companies,

Today he said “the tax cut is the reason for our economic miracle.” That is a stretch in that we are completing 108 consecutive months of economic growth today, which is the second longest in US history. He has only been President for a little more than 17 months and the tax cut has only been in effect for 6 months. As for the long term, I am worried about the tax cut increasing our huge and increasing debt. To be frank, the tax cut will help some short term, but hurt us in the long run.

Yesterday, he noted again “Russia said they did not meddle in our election,” to me implying his tacit support. But, the US intelligence asserts with high confidence that not only Russia did, but the Trump campaign benefited from it. Plus, they said the Russians are still influencing opinion and sowing seeds of discord. The question we must ask is why? Why say this? Why let it go on? Why is Congress not more assertive to get to the bottom of this? Why do you people believe him when he calls the investigation a witch hunt?

Finally, the Affordable Care Act is in need of stabilization and select improvements. Instead, it has been sabotaged at the expense of Americans, once by Congress in 2015 and just last summer by the President. When he defunded payments to insurers for copays and deductibles for families making less than 2 1/2 x poverty limit, he said “it would only impact insurer profits.” That is simply untrue. The CBO noted that the impact would increase the debt by $10 Billion. Why? As insurers raise premiums as a result of picking up this unfunded tab, the premium subsidies would climb by $10 Billion. That means it effects taxpayers by that amount.

The sad truth is there are numerous instances where lies and oversimplified problems and solutions have caused policy decisions. It is hard enough to solve problems when we use facts. It is nigh impossible when we don’t. The truth matters.






10 thoughts on “A few select statements

    • I had this conversation on another blog. I want the US to have a strong economy, but I feel like a parent with a teenager who I know is choosing poorly. We see the problems that lie ahead. The tariffs on allies is bad enough, but the bullying and lying to allies is far worse. Keith

    • Linda, many things bother me about this man and his decision-making, but what frustrates me is how other party leaders know he is screwing up and yet are silent. Fox News may not be airing this, but what he is doing to our allies is extremely harmful to America. And, they are letting it happen. Keith

      • Apparently, they feel they represent the majority vote of the party. Perhaps they have been so struck by his meteoric rise, that they fear standing up to him. That in itself is a sad commentary on the state of America.

      • Linda, far too many are scared of angering the tempest. On the side that needs more airplay, another ambassador resigned over Trump’s statements about the EU and NATO. And, George Will is telling people to not vote for the Republican Party. I just don’t know if Fox is covering the backlash against this man – it is certainly not fake news and it is not just Democrats. Keith

  1. Your statements are truth. It would be naive to believe that politicians don’t lie, even though I wish that it were true. Trump lies and then lies to support the lie…sadly his base, even when not believing the lies, continue to support him. Our country is much the worse for it. Growing up in a home filled with honesty has given me an intolerance for the blatant lies from the present administration. My Father used to say : “A lie is always a lie, no matter how often it is repeated or how many believe it.” Thank-you for your statements.

    • Ellen, it is beyond frustrating, especially when his lies support positions that are harmful to people, our country and our planet. I won’t repeat my response to Linda, but that is a good example.

      What he does is called “sales schtick,” although that is offensive to ethical sales people everywhere. He lies even when the story is good without it. He has to lie to make it even better, then lie to make a bad story better and then when it is awful, blame someone else or change the subject. This is the one area he is expert at, as he is relentless. He just wears people out.

      Many organizations and countries are cautioning him on the tariffs. Some damage has already been done, but if he does not alter this strategy, the US and global economies will suffer. When that happens, he will do his best to blame someone else or something else. But, make no mistake this is an unforced error on Trump’s shoulders. Keith

  2. Dear Keith,

    I am expecting at least a correction within the next 6 months because of the tariffs, the over the top spending in the US Congress, the avoidance of dealing with the immigration issue. If President Trump decides to leave the WTO, the US economy will definitely suffer.

    The US GDP for the 1st quarter of 2018 has been downgraded to 2.0% vs. the 2.2% or the 2.3% previously reported. The so called experts are predicting the US GDP 2nd quarter of 2018 to be at 3%.

    For May 2018 the pay wage rate took a downturn. The DOW has had its worst 1/2 yr 2018 since 2010.

    As per the entire US history of enacting tariffs, the US has always experienced a downturn in the economy afterwards.

    If I were President Trump, I would definitely be more cautious.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, setting aside the tax cut which is borrowing from our future to try and make the second longest economic growth period in American history, the tariffs are a huge unforced error which is all on Trump’s shoulders. He has been told by countless CEOs, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Koch Brothers, our allies and trading partners that this is a very bad idea, but he plows ahead.

      Businesses like predictability. Now, they are forced to consider other options that may exclude the US. I cannot emphasize this point enough.

      But, even worse than this horrendous decision, the bullying of and lying to and about allies is far worse. This is very unwise on his part. Keith

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