Daytripping sans chemicals

If you are a fan of the Beatles, you know one of their earlier songs was “Daytripper.” Its meaning is quite different from mine which requires no chemicals.

With my single sister living nearby with some recent medical needs, our ability to travel for lengthy periods of time has been compromised. Instead, my wife and I are doing weekly day trips to towns near our city.

The key to all of this is a destination date for us. It usually entails seeing a memorable site or restaurant and just strolling the town or a beautiful park. The trips usually amount to three or four hours of time, but it is just nice to get away and see something different. Plus, many of these small towns have undergone a metamorphosis to restore old buildings or lost business.

In Rock Hill, we went to eat at a cafe where one of the first African-American counter sit-ins occurred. While there, we checked out a beautiful 11 acre park while holding hands along the walking paths.

The next week we visited Black Mountain meeting two of our children for breakfast and a walk about. The following week, we checked out a restaurant that a popular band bought for their mother in Belmont The food was excellent, plus it allowed us to shop at an unusual specialty shop and drop in on a photo museum which was quite interesting as we got a guided tour.

And, this past week, we ventured to the town of Shelby where we visited the Earl Scruggs museum. The interactive museum focused on the innovative banjo player, but also devoted time to other musicians from North Carolina. The subject matter and interactive nature actually exceeded our expectations. After an obligatory diner lunch, we visited the Don Gibson Theater, which was reopened about seven years ago to regional and national acts.

Along the way, we have met extremely gracious and helpful people. A police officer strolling the streets of Belmont was extremely kind and pointed out some places. The manager of the theater gave us a neat your behind the stage.

We are looking forward to our next daytrip. If you have not done these kinds of trips, give them a try. If you have, please share some of your surprising and wonderful visits.

8 thoughts on “Daytripping sans chemicals

  1. Note to Readers: Ironically, after writing this post yesterday, it was reported one of the Frienship Nine died last Sunday. These are the nine African-American students who protested by sitting at the counter of the Friendship Cafe in Rock Hill. James Wells, a retired attorney and former Air Force veteran, is the third member of the nine to have died.

    There are two important points that should be noted. First, the grandson of the Judge who sentenced the nine to one month of jail time took pride in overturning his grandfather’s ruling fifty years later. The younger Judge said his grandfather never felt comfortable with his decision.

    Second, it should be noted that Wells went on to become a lawyer and served in our military. He was protesting not being allowed to sit at the lunch counter in the early 1960s, because of the color of his skin. His race was deemed less worthy by the Jim Crow South. Becoming an attorney and serving our country flies in the face of that bigotry.

    Bigotry is a narrow minded practice that must be highlighted when we see it. The same people you oppress could become doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc. if we just give them opportunity.

  2. Note to Readers: We are considering our next trip. One is to view these marvelous frescoes by Ben Long in various churches and municipal buildings in the northern part of the state. He has two left in Charlotte, after one fell after construction nearby rattled the church.

    The other option is to visit our state capitol which is a nice treat. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    It is always amazing to me that tourists travel lots of miles to tour areas that many in the area take for granted.This true in my part of Florida as well.

    I love to take day trips and you describe enjoying them as well. There’s a lot to see around us if we take the time. I love to tell my granddaughter that we are off to an adventure and off we go.

    Hugs, Gronda

  4. I’m ready for some day tripping…and some multi-day tripping. I thought this would be my summer for travel around the west. But over the 4th, my 18 year old kitty took a turn for the worse. I’m now rather homebound with kitty hospice care. Sigh. She deserves it. Has been an awesome companion for an entire era.

    • Linda, best wishes. That is a lot of years for a companion pet. Our cat is diabetic, so we have to give him insulin shots twice a day, but he is still hanging in there. Take care, Keith

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