Follow process on justice nominee

Any time legislators or the executive branch do not follow normal processes, take it to the bank, it is political. Currently Senate Democrats are debating whether to fight the nominee for the Supreme Court. My advice is to conduct due diligence as you are supposed to without preconceived notions. If the nominee does not meet your approval, do not vote for him. But, also look down the finalist list and know none of the nominees will be perfectly meet your needs. So, the Democrats need to come to grips with one of the candidates.

Scrolling back two years to Obama’s final year, I also find fault with what the Senate Republicans did by refusing to have a vote on the President’s nominee This was highly inappropriate and violated normal process. All the rationalization in the world does not detract that normal process was not followed and this was an injustice.

I also think going from a need for 60 votes to a simple majority last year on judicial nominees was a poor move. It prevents a more reasonable candidate being offered. Now, a majority party can push through a more strident nominee. I can assure you the GOP will complain when a Democrat majority does the same. At the end of the day, I want thoughtful jurisprudence sans political viewpoints.

But, it is not just judicial nominees. One of the more egregious violations occurred earlier this year when the House Intelligence Committee did not allow the customary annual briefing from the intelligence agencies as did the Senate counterpart. Congressman Devin Nunes, the chair, has made this Committee hyperpartisan to support the President in his claims of a witchhunt. His unethical leadership of the Committee has been so egregious, Republican Senator Richard Burr, the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, broached his concerns with Speaker Paul Ryan.

It should be noted the Senate report on Russian meddling agreed with the findings of the Intelligence leaders that Russia did attempt to influence the election in an effort to abet the current President. The hyperpartisan House produced two separate reports, which again is not normal process.

So, normal process is important to guard against partisan politics. Both sides have been partisan and violated this covenant. As an American citizen, I find fault with either party when they do not do what they are supposed to do. It harms our democracy.


12 thoughts on “Follow process on justice nominee

  1. I feel the Democrats should do all they can to block this nominee in order to preserve the rights of women and minorities. It’s clear that Kennedy resigned at the request of Trump’s administration in an attempt to place someone they feel will lean toward blocking a presidential indictment should that issue come before the court. The Republican House is guilty of participating in the break down Of our democracy. Perhaps you caught their atrocitious behavior today at the hearing of FBI agent Strzok, an embarrassing effort to cast doubt on the Russia investigation. The dems must delay the hearings on the SC nominee until after the Nov. election, though the Russians are expected to attack our election again and the Pres nor The Rep congress has insisted on any efforts be taken to stop them.

    • Holly, unfortunately the Democrats don’t hold many cards with the simple majority vote. They should ask good questions to flush out concerns. But, a vote will occur.

      I have called or emailed three Republican Congressmen about their attempts to discredit Strzok. I mentioned to each given the perception of bias, Mueller removed Strzok from his team eleven months ago. So, Mueller did the right thing as he has done all along. He is a former Marine, Republican and public servant under several Presidents who was applauded by both parties. He needs to be allowed to do his job. Today was disgraceful. Keith

  2. Normal process … like most everything else, seems to have gone by the wayside and these days rules are made up as they go along. I suspect that Kavanaugh will be quickly confirmed, for McConnell fears that he may no longer have a majority in the Senate after November. I’m with you, I don’t like that they now only require a simple majority. Funny how McConnell was fine with leaving Scalia’s seat empty for a year, but now it’s imperative to fill Kennedy’s seat before it even has a chance to collect a thin layer of dust!

    • Jill, I agree on McConnell. Did you ever see the Tim Burton movie “Nightmare before Christmas?” There is a character that exemplifies the two-faced McConnell. The Mayor has a happy face and a horrified face that swivel around his head. In my mind, McConnell will say one thing when not in control and take the exact opposite view when in control. He is the poster child for what is usually wrong with Washington.

      Then along comes Trump who just today said what he said in an interview was fake news. He is the walking embodiment of doublespeak. Keith

      • Ah yes, I remember that quite well! And you’re right, McConnell fits the image quite well. I was amazed that Trump claimed his own words were ‘faux news’! It’s rather like when he said he was in Scotland the day before the Brexit vote, when there was evidence that plainly showed he wasn’t. The man trips over his own tongue!

      • Jill, I must confess I am not surprised that Trump would say he was misquoted even though the interview footage shows he is incorrect. His definition of fake news is any negative news. He has been able to convince his supporters that any negative news is untrue and his sycophants in Congress and on pseudo-news shows paint this picture. In my view, they are abetting the demise of America’s standing by not calling this man on the carpet when needed. Keith

  3. I admire your restraint with this post. This government is a disgusting mess, and the bar gets lower each day.

    Nothing more to say, except if I didn’t have a wife, mother, and mother-in-law to take care of, I’d be joining my daughter in Scotland.

    • Pete, as I shared with the Congressional staffers on multiple occasions how low must he do before they will act? The staffers get it; it is their bosses that need to find that backbone they misplaced. Keitg

  4. I agree about process. And I disagree strongly with Democrats who seem to think that the fact Republicans failed to follow due process last year on the judicial nominee, gives them free pass to do the same to this nominee. An eye for an eye makes us all dumbly blind. Justice is supposed to be blind, but not dumbly.

    • Linda, thanks. I am not a fan of gamesmanship no matter who does it. Even in sports, I want to beat the other team when they are at full strength, not due to injury, turnovers, penalties or cheating. This is why McConnell’s efforts last year frustrated me. We should also not forget that McConnell had a Congressional Research Service study buried before the 2012 Presidential election that said trickle down economics does not work with data to prove it. Keith

  5. Dear Keith,

    No matter who the president picks, he/ she will be at the recommendation of the Federalist Society, a conservative organization who has pre-vetted future Supreme Court justices for their stance against ROE VS. WADE.

    The best that can be done is as follows. Delay the confirmation for as long as possible. The major problem with Judge Kavanaugh is that his legal writings in the past indicate his thinking that a president should not even be investigated while he/ she is in office. Unless he volunteers that he will recuse himself from participating in any cases regarding the FBI’s Trump- Russia probe, the democrats should delay the process. If by some miracle, the democrats win the majority position in the US Senate, then the democrats can play hard ball a bit better.

    • Gronda, I cannot see that happening. My suggestion is the find the one of the four, they are most comfortable with and manage to that one. But, they need to follow process. McConnell will make it happen somehow, as he does not want it to wait. If Kavanaugh does not fare well, then it will likely be the next one that gets passed. The Dems don’t hold a good hand, but I do think they need to play within the rules. Keith

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