The Buck stops wherever he places it

Harry Truman has been lauded as one of America’s best Presidents. He is famous for a line that exemplifies his accountability saying “the buck stops here.” Truman was a man of quiet, but steely determination.

When I hear how supporters of the current US President define him as tough, I do not see that. I see a man who talks tough with a large sense of false bravado. It is akin to an ape beating on his chest before a fight.

What I also see is a lack of accountability. When the President has made a bad decision where push back occurs, he rarely, if ever says it is his fault. He is not accountable. He places the blame on others or he says he did not do what he is accused of. Yesterday’s press conference with Theresa May is a prime example where he denied saying things that he was recorded saying.

My favorite example occurred before he was President. After several years of promoting the “birther” issue saying Obama has not proven he was born here, Trump held a press conference just before the election to come clean. Rather than say he is wrong, he blamed it on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign. Clinton is not a perfect person, but she did not go on TV like Trump did for years saying Obams was not born here.

Sadly, this lack of accountability continues to this day. I think the above example reveals his lack of character through his lying and not saying he was wrong. A man who does not accept his culpability is not my definition of tough. To me, it means he is acting like a weasel.

Let me close with there is an accountable and responsible man leading an important effort in the US. He does not beat on his chest and served as a US Marine and a public servant to several Presidents. He is also a Republican. His name is Robert Mueller.

So, like Truman and Mueller, be aware of the quiet, tough guy. A man who has to tell you how tough he is does not exhibit toughness. It is false bravado.

15 thoughts on “The Buck stops wherever he places it

  1. Well said, Keith. I’m sorry the Brits had to sample Trump’s crassness up close and personal. I’ll bet the Queen had a bath after he left – imagine arriving late for tea at the palace!

    • John, what continues to puzzle me is if Trump supporters worked for a boss like Trump, they would have been looking for a job pretty soon thereafter. There is a truism I often found in business, is if a person treated people external to his organization poorly, it was pretty certain that he treated his fellow employees poorly. The converse is true.

      Trump berates, bullies, and lies to just about anyone, including his three wives. So, when he treats foreign leaders poorly, they will remember it. Theresa May, Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau have exhibited class in the face of the US bully in chief. Keith

  2. Well said, Keith. After the tongue lashing he gave our Prime Minister (and our country) right before he cozied up to one of the most dangerous leaders the world has to offer, My already poor feelings about your President are now almost fear. He seems like a volcano ready to erupt and that never ends well.

    • Lydia, what he did to Trudeau was vintage Trump. He finds a person to blame for something, never mind whether it has merit, and attack the person. People who argue like this do not have good arguments, so they make it personal. Trump is making the world a less safe place and is retrenching America from a global leadership role. That is sad. Keith

  3. When someone has to tell you, “I’m very consistent.” and “I’m a very stable genius” it immediately should raise a red flag! Trump does not fit either of those statements, the very ones that he made on July 12, 2018. Consistent and stable are not words that would be used to describe this poster child for inconsistency and instability. Compound this with the habitual inability to tell the truth about almost anything…this is not a leader, rather, a shell of a man with too much power. Among my greatest hopes is that Robert Mueller will prevail. Thank-you for another wonderful post!

    • Ellen, what is the line from the “Reeling in the years” song by Steely Dan? “You have been telling me you’re a genius since you were seventeen. In all the time I have known you, I still don’t know what you mean.” I believe this applies to Mr. Trump. Keith

  4. Very well said, my friend. I would believe Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein over Trump any and every day. The man not only lies, but he does not know the truth. If he thinks it at any given moment, then it becomes reality for him at that moment. Ten minutes later, perhaps the opposite becomes reality. He lacks a conscience and lacks anything approaching morals. I believe he was born missing some things inside. He is not right. That said, he is even more dangerous because of that, and I think that we are only now beginning to see just how dangerous.

      • Jill, I have said this many times, but the happiest people in America are those who turned down invitations to work for him. The second happiest are those who no longer do. The third are their spouses. Keith

    • Thanks Lindi. I had to turn off his and his boss’ joint speech on TV just now. He is supposed to be President of the United States, but I had a hard time deciphering his loyalty. Keith

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