Stating the obvious

The last week and three days have been a whirlwind for our country and the US President. I am both incredulous and stunned at how the events and verbiage spilled out. Let me state the obvious.

The US reputation around the world is in tatters, with many allied leaders saying and thinking they can no longer trust the word of the US President. Some have said we must prepare to move forward without the US. It should be noted the EU and Japan just inked a trade deal yesterday. And, Germany is increasing its business relationship in China.

This has been happening for some time, but the President’s sojourn included the following lowlights:

– He belittled the German chancellor and country once again, this time for doing business with Russia. This is ironic as Trump wants to do more business with Russia.
– He bullied NATO and questioned its veracity. How about seventy years of no major European conflict Mr. President? Even when he has a point, his overbearing manner is both offputting and insulting.
– He insulted his host in the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May, in a recorded interview. Then, when questioned, he did not accept accountability saying it was fake news. The news organization stood by its story.
– He then met with the Russia President after an indictment was issued by Robert Mueller’s team for twelve Russians for meddling in our election. To make matters worse, he not only sided with the Russians on Putin’s defiance, he said Americans were to blame, in particular Democrats and the media. He threw his intelligence folks under the bus and like most bullies, he appeared weak in the heat of the moment.
– He then returned home and faced heat from his own party and a cadre of Fox News presenters for denying his intelligence people’s findings. He tried to weasel out of the mess, by saying he misspoke focusing on one line. But, he did not correct several other sentences where he sided with the Russians and even threw in that others also may be culpable, which also differs from the intelligence community’s findings.

Overall, this was as shameful a performance by a President that I have ever witnessed. It was worse than I expected. Specific to the Putin press conference, Senator John McCain called it disgraceful. Other Republican legislators chimed in with varying degrees of criticism.

I do walk away convinced of three major points. I have no doubt that Trump is guilty of more than obstruction of justice with respect to the Russian meddling. I believe he is a compromised asset as he is aiding and abetting Putin’s long term strategy of diminishing NATO and the US relationship with our allies.

I also am convinced that global leaders clearly see this man for his lying, bullying and lack of accountability. My guess is they talk among themselves and to other leaders in the US about working around this man.

Finally, I am convinced that most of his staff believe what Rex Tillerson was reported to say about this man last year. My guess is more departures will occur, as he is not listening to their advice and they have to cover for the scorched earth he leaves in his wake.

19 thoughts on “Stating the obvious

  1. Dear Keith,

    I have already contacted Senators Rubio of FL. and Portman of Ohio for daring to appear to buy into President’s backpedaling of what he said on 7/16/18 at Helsinki and then during two FOX TV interviews where he repeated prior statements before he supposedly back tracked by one word which is an absolute falsehood. That one word didn’t negate all his other words where he blamed both the US and Russia for Russia having attacked the US elections infrastructure in 2016.

    I am convinced that President Trump put on his reality TV performances at NATO and then in the UK to please his audience of one, President Putin.

    At NATO, the military officials went behind President Trump to clean up his mess with our allies.

    With regards to his mistreatment of UK’s PM Theresa May, someone had to have sat on him because he was better at their final joint press conference.

    The only good thing that I can say about his Helsinki meeting with President Putin, is that it could have been worse.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, people that would buy his so-called backtracking are not paying attention or choosing not to pay attention. Is little add on about “other counties” indicates the lack of sincerity. He is now back to talking about good the meeting was.

      Even he realized he screwed up with the interview on May, that is how bad it was. I do agree the NATO performance was all for show. I did hear from
      Ian Bremer, head of the Eurasia Group, that Trump was complimentary of Erdogan on his ability to not need his parliament. Plus, the Dutch President suggested he take a victory lap on increasing funding to NATO (which started before he became President). Keith

  2. Keith, it is a fact (at least to me) that he is not very intelligent or diplomatic. He doesn’t do any research, pays no mind to historical ties, or otherwise, and treats every situation as though it is a scene out of ‘Your Fired!’ He hasn’t just insulted every political protocol, he can’t even be bothered to be polite. He treated the Queen with the utmost disrespect. I imagine she found the necessity of having a royal tea with him extremely distasteful. Even the anti-royalists amongst Britons admonished his ignorance, saying he showed utter contempt for an old lady.

    I am sorry to say this Keith, but America is no longer the ‘great nation,’ and you will see lots of world leaders increasing their defence budgets, because they no longer see America as an ally. Yes, they will give lip service to agreements and ‘special relationships,’ but the trust has long gone. Trump has, with his own personal agenda, created more enemies World wide, than I think America has ever seen. It is a mess and one which will likely play out with severe consequences unless this man is removed from office.

    • Colette, I agree. Without our ideals and allies, we are just another country. Please share your thoughts with more Americans, maybe in the form of “it is a shame how the US President has made America less trustworthy and unreliable.” It is sad from this perspective as well. Keith

  3. A fine summary and analysis, Keith. One hopes that the ever-silent Mr. Mueller is putting together one blockbuster case against this Pretender In Chief.

    • John, there are a lot of fingers crossed here. As I shared with Colette, I encourage you to share with more Americans how sad it is that the US President has so damaged America’s reputation. Keith

      • Thanks Jill. Americans need to hear from non-Americans since Trump rather successfully convinces his followers that all criticism of him is from Democrats and biased media.

      • I believe that informed people outside the USA are aware that Trump does not speak for a majority of the American people. I’m hopeful that this message will be driven home in November.

      • John, I hope you are right. I would alter what you said and say we are nations of opinions, but the informed ones are fewer in number. Keith

  4. Let’s not forget his complete and utter lack of good manners when he met with the queen 😂
    I’m sure Putin told him exactly what he wanted to hear: no, of course we didn’t interfere, you won the elections fair and square because you are much better than crooked Hillary. And it worked beyond his imagination 😄
    Sunny greetings from Finland 😉

    • Elizabeth, I have little doubt he violated protocol with the Queen. Like many things, he did not take the time to learn. As for Putin the Puppetmaster, we must never lose sight that Putin controls messaging in Russia. Even on Russian Television abroad, he pays attention to how and what news anchors cover. So, for Putin to say he does not have a dossier on Trump is absolutely ludicrous. Of course he does.

      I am encouraging all followers who do not live in the US to tell US friends what a shame it is that America is less trustworthy and is unreliable to its allies. Maybe it will start sinking in. Many thanks and have a great rest of your summer, now that the Putin/ Trump dance is over in your country. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: After an embarassingly feeble attempt to say he misspoke in Helsinki, the US President again contradicted his intelligence officials about Russia continuing its disinformation efforts to cause discord can in the US. Trump said that is no longer happening. He might find of interest that a Russian spy was arrested in the US for doing just that through the NRA.

    Our friend Gronda raised an excellent point in a recent blog. Not only did Trump collude with Russia for his campaign, he is colluding right now. That would explain an awful lot of decisions that aid and abet Russia. Either that or he is has made some of the worst decisions for our country.

  6. By definition the word misspoke means to speak mistakenly, inappropriately, rashly, inaccurately, misleadingly. That would make just about every word that comes out of his mouth, at the very least… misspoken. It becomes a debacle every time this man leaves the country. I am at a loss to understand why we allowed him to return. Thank-you for this excellent post!

    • Thanks Ellen. Conservative columnist George Will shared today that very point. He said Trump speaks as if English is his second language which he just learned last week. When he speaks, he repeats himself over and over using building adjectives when one will serve its purpose. Often, he speaks and does not really say anything. To me, it reflects poorly on us, that he is our representative on the world stage. Keith

  7. Early on … say, around early-to-mid 2016, I made jokes, calling Trump the “Trumptanic”. It was meant as a joke, but today, the joke has turned into a terrifying and horrible reality. At the risk of sounding alarmist, given the escalation of his horrific behaviour, I fear that if he is not shackled soon, it may be too late. And yet, since his followers are still walking about with their heads up their posteriors, those who would put the brakes on him are hog-tied. I honestly don’t know where we can go from here.

    • Jill, the way I see it, we are at a crossroads moment right now. Trump’s weak position with Putin and then his flip-flop lying to cover has exposed him. Again, what he fears most is truthful questioning. What hates most is being called weak. Keith

      • The concept of ‘strength’ is all in how one defines it, isn’t it? He may define it as loud, bullying and obnoxious, but I define it as being capable, competent and not being afraid to do the right thing and stand for one’s beliefs in the face of adversity.

      • Jill, there is an old lesson we should all remember and heed, “Beware of the quiet one.” The boaster is usually all talk. Keith

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