Sunday seasoning

Sunday is a good day to simmer something slowly in the crock pot. With judicious seasoning, the aroma permeates the house until dinner time. Now that I made you hungry for pot roast or stew, here are a few seasonings to sample.

It is nice to see Tiger Woods competing for The Open Championship at the northern most venue in the world at Carnoustie in Scotland. For more than a decade, Woods was more successful than any other golfer in history. Unfortunately, injuries and personal issues derailed him from more major victories that would help him overtake the impressive record of Jack Nicklaus. It is good to see him back on the leaderboard.

The unraveling continues with the US President. Not only did he bully his allies, he appeared very weak in the face of Vladimir Putin. What should not be lost is by throwing his intelligence people and country under the bus, he has made even more Americans believe he may be compromised by the Russians. It has been reported that we may see some more departures from his White House, as it is quite apparent, he will throw anyone under the bus to save face.

The best feel good story of the year has been the rescue of the Thai youth soccer team. What should not be understated is the significant amount of cross country collaboration and reliance on people who had expertise to figure out the best path forward. To me, this is an exemplar as the antithesis of Donald Trump’s “go-it-alone and I-know-best” approach. Collaboration is hard work, but when nurtured and seasoned can do wondrous things.

In this same vein, another large ego, Elon Musk, showed his disappointment that the Thai rescue crew did not use Musk’s expensive technology based idea. To his credit, Musk has done wonderful things for the world and wanted to help. Yet, I mention this as the most elegant solution is not always the most sophisticated one. The term “elegant” is used in computer programming to mean the easiest and most effective solution. In this case, the safest solution was arrived at after much debate by people on the ground who were more knowledgeable of the risks.

This reminds me of the story of the child who solved a problem with a delivery truck that was just a tad to tall for an overpass it tried to go under. Everyone was stymied at what to do. After much discussion, a child who had been watching opined that they should let enough air out of the tires to lower the truck and they could drive it out. Now, that is elegant. It also worked.

21 thoughts on “Sunday seasoning

  1. Dear Keith,

    Lets wish Tiger Woods the best of luck at Carnoustie Golf Links in Scotland. It looks like these guys named Jordan Spieth and Xander Schauffele are giving Tiger Woods a run for his money.

    President Trump has compromised his “alpha male” schtick which is supposed to be his brand and why many of his supporters voted for him at both the 7/13/18 Trump-Putin Helsinki summit and at the 6/12/18 Trump-Kim Jong-Un summit in Singapore. He certainly didn’t deliver on his self-touted ability to cut great deals. He was snookered at both events.

    I am betting that the Thai youthful soccer team’s story of an incredible rescue from deep down in a cave will end up being a movie. This rescue is in the miracle category. You said it well.This was a time, when the world came together to make this happen. It is truly a “feel good” story.

    I like this concept of yours, ” the most elegant solution is not always the most sophisticated one.”

    Enjoy your golf game and have a great Sunday.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Thanks Gronda. You and I both know what his followers are learning, false bravado does not equate to toughness or leadership. To be frank, there is a reason he feels the need to brag and beat on his chest.

      I use this example often about elegance. Is it better to spend 48 hours programming to do something in five minutes, spend 1 hour programming to do something in fifteen minutes or use pen and paper to do something in thirty minutes? It depends on how frequently something must be done. A one time thing is better served with pen and paper. If you need to do it four times a year, spending 48 hours to program is more elegant.

      I do expect a movie about the kids being saved. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: By the time some might read this, if you follow golf, you will know Francesco Molinari became the first Italian to win The Open Championship. He was was the most rock solid golfer oh this day. Tiger Woods had the golf world excited as he took the lead mid round, then made a few faux pas’s to fall behind.

  3. I always enjoy your ‘bits ‘n pieces’! I was disappointed in Elon Musk’s reaction when they said that his mini-sub wasn’t the best way. I thought his tantrum was beneath him, but you’re right … he has done a lot of good in the world. I’ll pass on the golf, but the soup in the crock pot sounds good. Too late to start it today, but … there’s always tomorrow. Happy Sunday!

    • Jill, Musk has done many good things, but he has been wound to tight lately. His Tesla company has had some production woes and he has not taken kindly to criticism.

      Enjoy a good slow cooked meal this week. We did a pot roast and it was quite tasty. Keith

  4. If variety is the spice of life…you have seasoned my Sunday to perfection! Tiger Woods could have been so much more, had he not gotten sidelined by injuries and affairs of the heart. He does deserve credit for getting back into the game. The rescue of the young soccer team and their coach was an epic coming together of great minds and muscle. Elon Musk’s tirade was so beneath him. Trump is the onion in my life, I detest them. They are only barely tolerated when dried, pulverized into the finest powder and used extremely sparingly upon a rare occasion. Not at all is even better. Thank-you!

  5. You’re definitely right about the Thai soccer team rescue. The whole world was watching and wow, amazing! Horrible about the diver that died though 😦 Here’s another “feel good” story from the last week that just brought me to tears:

    There are still good people out there!

    I loved your “unraveling” comment. May it continue!! Day 7 of protests outside the White House and there is video of the chump and Melania returning this evening to shouts of “Lock him up!!!” Bet he loved that. Heh.

    Should be another interesting week with Manafort hearings and juror selection for his VA trial. Plus the Russian spy Butina. I don’t recall exactly what with her, maybe a hearing. By the way, I wrote a letter to the editor and they called me the same day. Someone else called me the next day so I kept looking for it but never did see it. There was one day that the letters weren’t published online. I suspect that was the day mine appeared. I wrote them twice asking about it but haven’t heard back. It was about the hypocritical republicans. Oh well……hope you enjoyed your Sunday!! I’m really going to come back to blogging, just as soon as I’m back from my trip to D.C. for my sister’s 60th birthday in two weeks. Hubby and I are staying about a mile north of the White House. I’ve never stayed in D.C. before so I’m kind of excited!!

    • Toby, well you add some sanity to DC! I use the term unraveling, as it feels like the more rational Trump voters are peeling off first. The inner Ravens are coated in cognitive dissonance, so it will take longer. Last week was a tipping point in that more than a few GOP Senators who are running for office again are being critical of his Russian stance. Thanks for sharing the good news story. Keith

      • ha ha, thanks! It does seem like the republicans are peeling off. I think there’s probably 25-30% who will never abandon him. They are a lost cause unfortunately. and now we have a tape that really incriminates him…….let’s continue to hope this nightmare ends soon!! Oh yea, I got word that my LTE will be published tomorrow. I’ll send you the link 🙂

      • Great. Good luck on the letter. When I speak with staff of GOP Senators and Congresspeople, I ask how low must it go before they act. The US President will continue to spiral out of control as the truth emerges even more. Beyond its salacious nature, the tape reveals the President lied to the American people and his wife. It would be interesting if she called it a day with him.

  6. Woods and Musk together. Folk in at one stage brought much to their respective fields, but due to weakness became rapidly tarnished. A lesson for us all there. (At one stage in Roman it was the custom for a victorious general riding in a chariot in his parade and having the adulation in the crowd to have a slave beside them who would whisper in their ear ‘Remember. You are mortal’)

    • Roger, well said. Of course, the US President fired that guy whispering “you are mortal.” Woods’ injuries are one thing, but his carousing was a personal choice. A retired pro named Raymond Floyd had success, but he was a renowned skirt chaser, so he did not practice like others did. I think his career flourished once he got married and settled down.

      As for Musk, his ego and early success made him believe he is invincible. He should listen to that chariot rider. Thanks for the added seasoning. Keith

      • I just remembered Hubris was the Greek word.
        Glad to add seasoning Keith.

      • Haha!
        Thanks for your kind comments Keith…
        Don’t worry I have my darling wife, and the spectacle of some of my DIY efforts to remind me of that!

      • Roger, too funny. My wife will say that is nice, now take out the trash. It is important to stay humble and have a sense of humor. I remember golfing with some friends and after making s birdie on a tough par 5, I get to the next tee and whiff on my drive. There was no one in my chariot saying remember you are mortal. Keith

      • Haha.
        I understand from folks I know who play golf, the ball has its own cunning little mind all of its own.

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