From the mouths of those who ardently support the US President

I must confess, I do not expect many pearls of wisdom to come from a Donald Trump pep rally. The purpose is to get a supportive crowd riled up. The use of truth is irrelevant and unimportant. I am certain some truths find there way in, but per The Washington Post, at a rally in Montana, the rate of lying was a whopping 76%. That is actually higher than his recurring rate of 69% as measured by Politifacts.

Many of Trump supporters are fine people. To say otherwise is unfair. But, the blind acceptance of anything the man says does give me pause. The blind acceptance that all criticisms of the man are fake is equally troubling. Then, there are the more strident people. The Guardian interviewed several at last week’s Wilkes-Barre pep rally.

Among several interviewed, who felt the President was doing an “A+” job noting his accomplishments without a lot of context, there was one that stood out. One man, who will remain unnamed is very happy with how Trump is treating the rest of the world. I will leave off an extra pair of quotes and refer to him by (the man), but the next three paragraphs are from the article, with the offensive words modified.

“He said ‘grab ’em by the p***y’. And I get exactly what he meant by that. Grab these countries where they’re weak. Take them down if they want to think we’re weak. Grab ’em by the p***y,” (the man) said.

The Guardian pointed out that Trump was talking about women when he was recorded making those remarks, but (the man) was steadfast.

“Well, they thought so. But I took it in other ways. Grab the whole world that’s against us by the p***y bring them all down if they don’t like us, fight us. Grab them by the p***y. Get them in their weak spot.”

I am greatly offended by this man’s remarks. Like the offensive US President, after being pointed out that he was mixing metaphors, he doubled down on the insulting (and off base) language. I recognize fully this is one man. And, while  he is more offensive than others would or might be, the sentiment is probably widely felt in that audience.

Yet, let me focus on the meaning of the man’s words. Bullying and placing tariffs on our allies does not make America great. It makes America alone. We cannot shrink to greatness, which we will continue to see in the many months ahead, if changes are not made. As I have said before, bullying our friends is far worse  than the actual tariffs, so just fixing the tariffs won’t undo the damage of breaching good faith and trust. So, this metaphor is not only offensive, it is misguided. It causes other leaders and businesses to consider non-US options for customers and suppliers.

But, this metaphor goes beyond the bullying. This man is saying it is OK that Trump can speak of doing this to women. Per twenty women, this type of sexual misconduct is an example of what Trump did to them. One or two accusers is one matter, but twenty is more than a trend. And, he is on record (after denying it repeatedly), that he is aware of at least two payoffs for affairs on his current wife. So, using Trump’s highly offensive “locker room talk,” which I have never heard in any locker room, but especially ones which Trump might frequent, is flat out insulting.

These folks may think Trump can do no wrong. I strongly disagree. He is a daily embarrassment to decorum and the office of the President. He chooses to demean anyone who dares to criticize him, including the press. Then, there are his policies and actions, when reviewed in context, do not paint the same picture as these supporters contend, with or without offensive metaphors.

39 thoughts on “From the mouths of those who ardently support the US President

  1. I find that my impression of trump supporters is evolving… or maybe devolving. I’m beginning to think these (all of them) are not “fine people.” There is something seriously wrong with their character and I have no interest in having them in my orbit. That may be harsh but life is short and I choose to interact with people who are kind, truthful, generous, thoughtful, and who have critical thinking skills.

    • Janis, we must not judge Trump supporters by who attends his rallies. And, even those folks could be divided into categories. Since our nation is largely uninformed and misinformed, it is easy for a good salesman to gain their trust. To his credit, he went out and talked with these disenfranchised groups. Yet, what is lost on them is the man they chose as their savior has a history of screwing people like them over. He is right that all politicians lie, but none have done it with regularity and volume that he has, with little if any remorse. He assumes no accountability of wrong doing, but will pat himself on the back for things that would have happened without him.

      I fully understand your point. But, if we fall into Hillary’s trap of deplorables, that is not fair or wise. We must ask questions, not refuse to speak with folks we disagree with. I guess that is my take. The emails I copy you on do go to some people who disagree with me more than do, but I love to get a response from them.

      Many thanks, Keith

      • Sigh … Keith, you have absolutely got the patience of a saint! You are wise beyond any I have ever known, except maybe one professor years ago. Sadly, though, the rest of us fall short. I just did that post on labeling people or groups, and I fully believe it is wrong. But in the case of Trump supporters … I simply cannot believe that there is a single person still supporting him who has the intelligence to understand what is happening and the ramifications that are likely as a result of Trump’s actions. And I cannot believe they are not bigots, for every bit of his rhetoric is bigoted in one way or another. Look how many life-long Republicans are leaving the party because they are disgusted and fed up with Trump. Those who still cheer and applaud … I’m sorry, but there is something missing in their character.

      • Jill, you are too kind. This tribal mentality is powerful. It is made worse by what my son calls “wind-tunnel” information sources, including the President. He attacks the media as they are illustrating he is not very truthful. So, it must be their fault.

        The number of GOP supporters was 88% which astounds me. Yet, in addition to the 12%, there is likely a similar percentage that have left the party. The truth is getting in drop by drop, but the leak should be bigger. Keith

    • $Amen$ to that statement. Could not agree more. I’m exposed fairly regularly to Trump supporters in the area where I live. To a person, they are angry and vile and their vileness and anger increases almost daily. There are people who consider themselves conservatives who are fine people, but to grab onto Trump’s coattail for the ride he’s taking us on these days implies one is either intellectually impaired, emotionally stifled, or an outright bad person. The Trump supporter is like the toddler who’s decided it’s fun to play with fire. It is the job of the adults to say, “No, Jimmy, you can’t play with those matches and that can of gasoline near that dried timber. It’s very dangerous, and just because you’re not able to see that clearly does not make it untrue. You’re not the only child in the neighborhood. You’re potentially hurting many, many more. So, Jimmy, we’re taking away your matches and giving you a LONG timeout before you burn everything and everyone around you to ash.” We must vote in November to take away the matches from the Trump supporter or what’s left of America will be blazed into ashes by 2020.

      • Thanks for your comment. People must vote. The US President was elected because he convinced many not to vote for Hillary or at all. If just some of those who stayed home voted, the story would be different.

        I do believe many of Trump followers are good people. They just don’t know they have been conned by a master schmoozer. He reached out to disenfranchised people and said who to blame. The con is the blame is more widespread, complex and inclusive.

        Yet, there is a non-inconsequential percentage of Trump voters who are represent the worst of us. He evokes the worst in people. It is so very hard to unite, when we exhibit our worst behavior. These are the ones that get the notoriety, on my view. Thanks for your comment. Keith

  2. You are a voice of reason in what has become an unreasonable time. That the pontificating of Trump, already unreasonable, is taken to even more extremes by such as (the man) is both alarming and detestable. Thank-you!

    • Ellen, many thanks. I must confess this man tries my patience like no other. I usually start from the baseline of not believing a word he says – the odds are in my favor. If his followers worked for a man like this, they would be putting their resume together. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: To the point I make in response to Janis, we need to be truthtellers. I saw two lies perpetuated in the paper today that Trump is responsible for our economic growth fixing Obama’s problems. That simply is not true. Here is my letter to the editor, which hopefully will get printed:

    “Facts often are overshadowed by salesmanship, which is the greatest talent of the US President. We have been led to believe the economy was abysmal with very high unemployment when Trump was sworn in. Yet, the facts directly contradict that. We are witnessing 110 consecutive months of economic growth and seven consecutive calendar years of 2 million plus job growth. Yet, Trump has been President for only 18 months. It is great that growth continues, but I worry about borrowing even more from our future to make the economy a little better and bullying and placing tariffs on our allies, which will dampen our growth. Last quarter’s growth was in part fueled by a rush of product and supply orders to beat the tariffs.”

    Two months ago, I saw an interview where a Trump supporter said Trump got his city’s unemployment rate fell to 20% down to 2%. The next speaker said, by the time Trump took office, the rate has dropped from 20% to 3%. Under Trump, it had fallen from 3% to 2%. Facts matter, but we need to make them heard more.

  4. Note to Readers: It should be noted that the US President is bragging in Ohio about destroying careers of Republicans who disagree with him. Is that supposed to be an admirable quality? I am reminded that he took great delight in having Andrew McCabe fired the day he was retiring. Again, this is supposed to be an admirable trait? Finally, the man who used to say “you’re fired” with such toughness, is scared to do it personally in real life. He fired James Comey without telling him and did the same to Rex Tillerson. Same question – this is supposed to be admirable? I have another word in mind, actually several.

  5. I’m greatly offended by just about every word that falls out of his mouth, off his digits, or spills from his adoring base. I can’t believe that our educational system has allowed such apparent ignorance to slide by.

    • Linda, you spawned a thought which I considered for this post. I have learned over the others when people have to tell you how smart, athletic, or successful they are, they may be overstating their relative position. A man who has to tell us he is a stable genius would fit this mold.

      This was captured well in a line from Steely Dan’s Reeling in the Years. “You have been telling me you’re a genius since you were aeventeen, in all this time I’ve known you I still don’t know what you mean.” Keith

  6. This is an excellent post, Keith! I would wish to have both your wisdom and your patience, but I accept that we are all different and I have a bit more temper than you. Between you, me and Gronda, I think we have all the bases covered! 😉

    • Jill, I truly have to temper and edit my writing. I try to see both sides, but I have never seen a leader be so divisive, demeaning and untruthful. To me, it is obvious he does these things, so the tribal rationalization of the things he does and says is like a huge piece of coarse sand paper to sand away the bad places. Keith

      • What an apt analogy … a huge piece of coarse sandpaper. Like you, no one person has ever tried my patience as much as he has, and the worst part is that I don’t think we’ve even seen the worst of Trump yet.

      • Jill, as he is cornered more with the Russia probe, he will go even more ballistic. His attorneys likely told him he harmed his story with his weekend tweet. The man simply cannot be silent. Keith

  7. Note to Readers: I find it interesting that two of the President’s family have said things publicly that contradicted the patriarch. Last week, his daughter Ivana noted the media is not the enemy of the people. This weekend, Melania noted Lebron James is doing great work helping the kids and said she would love to visit the new school. This is either a little corrective action or they are attempting to soften the President’s irresponsible tweets and comments.

    I hope his supporters are paying attention, but they have ignored so many other Republican voices of criticism such as Senators McCain, Flake, and Corker, Lt. Colonel Peters, and pundits Will, Brooks, Erickson, Gerson….

  8. Excellent post, Keith! You have the patience of Job along with a great deal of wisdom. November will tell the tale and we’ll see where the chips fall.

    • John, today may give a glimpse with a few special elections, but let’s hope November is positive statement against a negative acting man. Keith

  9. POS. Every one of them. I’m so over this delusional state of low rent thinking. It scares me to the core. If you haven’t already, see The Stand by Stephen King. He was a visionary. People are that gullible, that evil and that hungry for a reason to do harm. Always an excuse to harm, to wreak havoc and meter out some sort of violence. Where oh where is the Mothership? 👽

    • Cheryl, I think his followers have been conned and cognitive dissonance is a powerful force to overcome. It amazes me that a man whose history is one of document lying, how his followers can hold his words as true. It seems the past several weeks, previous lies have been revealed as such, yet it does not alter their belief. It is a drip, drip, drip of erosion of faith, but it needs to move faster.

      As for the mothership, if the aliens said take me to your leader and they were taken to see the US President, the aliens would stop after ten minutes and say, no really take us to see your leader. Thanks for your comment, Keith

  10. Well said! I have never experienced anything like this, other than reading stories from cult members. President #45 will say or tweet something, and his followers will twist his words into something they want to hear. I’m not sure WHY they don’t seem to question him. If my neighbor continually lied to me and used theatrics to bully those around them, I wouldn’t trust this person.

    “You don’t have your shovel? I know why you don’t have your shovel. It’s that neighbor across the street. It’s their fault! They’re going to take away all the shovels. That’s why we need to build a fence, to keep neighbors like them out! And…it’s going to be a beautiful fence. Extraordinary!”

    “But the neighbor across the street doesn’t HAVE my shovel. You have my shovel. I let you borrow it last week and I’d like it back, please.”

    Meanwhile, the neighbor on the corner walks by with their dog. “I would LOVE a fence because I don’t trust the neighbor across the street, either. They painted their shed blue. I don’t believe in blue sheds.”

    “But…the neighbor across the street doesn’t have my shovel. And you can’t even see their shed. It’s in their backyard.”

    The neighbor writes a quick tweet, then waves shovel over his head, “Lock them up! Lock them up!” Soon the neighbor with the dog is joining in,”Lock them up! Lock them up!”

    Sigh! And this about sums up how I feel. Welcome to the upside down!

    • Juli, what a great analogy! Former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt refers to Trump followers as a cult. He is encouraging folks to vote Democrat, as is long time Conservative pundit George Will. They both view the onslaught on civil rights and media along with the lying as major concerns for the future of our country and the GOP.

      I have pushed back on followers who say it is just the Dems who have Trump Derangement Syndrome. I mention Will, David Brooks, Michael Gerson, Eric Ericson as Conservative columnists who are against Trump. There are more.

      Thanks for your comment. Keith

  11. Note to Readers: You may be reading about things like Q-anon, Trump Derangement Syndrome and Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie in favor of all things Trump. Q-anon is the latest vintage of conspiracy grounded in an advertised entity named Q, who may or may not be a real person. It should be noted that like doomsday sayers, Q has been proven wrong several times already. But, in essence the world is run by a pedophile ring and Donald Trump will save the day. Really – a man who has admitted twice on air, that he liked to walk in on partially clothed Miss Teen USA contestants is going to save the day from a pedophile ring.

    The Trump Derangement Syndrome is a defense of Trump because critics hate him so much, their derangement clouds their judgment. My response is brief to this assertion – so, it is my fault that the US President likes to lie and bully. It is all in my head.

    The last item is equally disturbing. Like Rudy, Dinesh used to be a reasonable conservative voice. Now, he has gone off the Trump deep end using a vintage narcissist ploy – blame your opponents with your own faults. Trump did this with Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio. Dinesh is saying that it is not Trump who has fascist tendencies, it is Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. In essence, he is saying that their wanting to provide benefits to those of us who have less, hence socialistic benefits, makes them fascists – really? He, of course, skirts over the democratic socialistic countries and that the US is capitalistic economy with socialistic underpinnings on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and unemployment benefits. Thank about these three things for a second, so you can formulate a response when this BS is thrown in your face as some form of argument. Keith

    • I’ve started a support group for those want to quit QAnon. It’s called QAnon Anonymous or QAA. At meetings, we discuss the fact that “Q” is, in reality, “R” and has been playing “Q” believers for fools. “R” is a deep state worker, many believe it’s Trump himself, who’s pushing the “Q” idea in order to take focus off the fact that “R”, and others in the deep state, like Hillary and Pope Francis, are running an illegal coal mining operation out of Dunkin’ Donut restrooms throughout the world. So, if you know anyone who’s addicted to this “Q” nonsense, tell ’em the REAL person to follow and believe is “R” and to join QAA which will help them see this reality clearer. 😀

  12. A fine post Keith. It must be very, very trying these days for normal, average Americans.
    From the outside it would seem the anger and hostility to the ‘liberal’ (which seems to be an ever growing definition according to some Right-Wing sites) had reached such a tipping point those of this persuasion would vote for anyone who talks their talk.
    When I was growing up in ‘The Valleys’ of South Wales (heavy industry, coal mining, rugby, politics and male voice choirs) which was a socialist (Labour Party) heartland the joke was ‘if you put a red rosette on a donkey they’d get voted in’ – with the self-deprecating rider by Labour voters ‘Yes we know that, look at the last local results!’
    It seems the Trump voters are not aware they have reached this stage- but they don’t ‘get it’. And of course nor does Trump.

    • Roger, it amazes how tribal members will quickly demonize someone who dares criticize the chief or tribe. I am reading Senator John McCain’s biography called “The Restless Wave.” UK Ambassador to Russia Sir Andrew Wood approaches McCain at a global conference and asked for a meeting. He shared with McCain the Steele Dossier as he knew McCain would do the right thing and get it to the FBI. Wood knew Steele and said he was very professional. McCain was vilified as a conspirator online by Trump sycophants. Yet, he did the right thing. He said if he had not, he would have disappointed himself,

      My point is people forget who the tribe really is. It is the United States of America. And, for those who hold Putin in more regard than Democrats they are taking their eye off the ball. Putin has on many occasions had his opposition murdered such as the man for whom the Magnitsky Act is named. Keith

      • Quite Keith. They are what the Russian people call ‘Useful Idiots’; it’s ascribed to Lennin, but actually seems to go back deeper into the culture.
        We have them over here; but they are on the Left. If anything is blamed on Putin, they will be there outraged and ranting off in all sorts of directions.
        Thus Russia plays both sides, and the poor fools just don’t realise.

      • Roger, Putin likes to play the woe is me card and does it well. That may be why Trump admires him so much. Like Trump, Putin seems to be a constant in disrupting actions be it murder or imprisonment of opposition or invasion or disruption of former Soviet entities.

        Putin is a well skilled and experienced thug who reacts only to when the pain of his actions exceeds the gain. Acquiescence is not an option as it is neither envied or effective. From what I read, Trump’s fawning showed to Putin how weak Trump is. The dilemma is Trump was so weak, Congress actually did something to address it. Keith

  13. Dear Keith,

    Those words would have raised my blood pressure no end. You know where I would love to kick this man, as that is where his brains are located. Unfortunately or fortunately, I know that this would not end well for me. And besides, I realize that it would be an ineffective way to have any hope to have this person change his/ or her mind in the future. I have to remind myself, as a person of faith, that God made his followers and cares about them as well.

    Every time, I tell my son that I’m attending a protest, he worries. He keeps thinking that he’ll get this call that I needed to be bailed out of jail. I keep telling him that it would be an honor to get arrested, opposing this guy in the White House.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, a sad state of affairs is that when I send a note to the White House encouraging more truthtelling, I worry about getting put on a list. I should not have to worry about this in the America I know. Keith

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