Former GOP strategist warns of becoming Trumpistan

Steve Schmidt is a former campaign strategist for Senator John McCain’s last run for President, as well as playing similar roles for President George W. Bush and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. On Friday night’s “Real time with Bill Maher,” he forewarned that this fall’s mid-terms are the most important in American history. He said simply “If the Democrats do not retake the House, we may become Trumpistan in ten years.”

I don’t know about you, but I find his words chilling. They have even more gravitas coming from a former Republican strategist. He became an Independent voter this year.  He is very articulate in his concerns over the acquiescence of the Republican party to such an untruthful and fear mongering man named Donald J. Trump.

He spoke openly about the attacks on civil  rights of non-whites, the attacks on the media, the bullying of our allies, the vilification of people who dare criticize him and the outright lying. He referenced the cult-like allegiance to all things Trump.

He also mentioned the tactical strategy of “exhausting people.” He said it is purposeful to wear people out with his constant barrage of all of the above – the lying, bullying, name calling, etc. More than a few very studious and observant bloggers have noted the man just wears them out, as he does me. Per Schmidt, that is part of the plan. Just overwhelm people with BS and then steal from them right before their eyes.

We must say enough is enough. The US President is the most untruthful President in my lifetime, by a long shot. Even Nixon lied less and he turned out to be a crook. The jury is still out on Trump’s fate, but I am 100% convinced he is culpable of more than obstruction of justice, which is a given.

Please recognize what this man is doing to our country. The only thing great about him is his ego. Get out and vote and tell your friends to do the same. For the longest time, but especially since 2012, the GOP has been all about reducing opposition voter turnout. To me, that speaks volumes. They do not want people to vote in large numbers. Trump comvinced more than a few not to vote at all. Vote or do not complain. That is how we elected this untruthful bully in the first place.



6 thoughts on “Former GOP strategist warns of becoming Trumpistan

  1. Well said. Steve Schmidt is a pleasure to listen to when he’s raging on Trump. His words ring so true and carry such resonance because he was a staunch republican who left the party due to Trump’s vileness and the republican’s compliance with all Trump wants and does. Voting in November or suffer the consequences. I truly hope people do vote. I can’t take much more of this.

  2. Note to Readers: If you get a chance, watch the August 3 episode of “Real time with Bill Maher.” With Steve Schmidt is a historian who follows the Koch brothers from Duke University. She said don’t make too much of the Trump/ Koch kerfuffle as the Koch’s are in this for the long haul. They have been planning for the demographic challenges of white America since 1999 and are looking to make American governance more controlled by people they control. Through ALEC, they have enabled cookie cutter language in several GOP led states to restrict opposition voting and make way for a constitutional convention, needing 34 states – they have 28. One of the targets is the 17th amendment which if overturned would allow Senators to picked by the state government.

    These comments were as troubling as Steve Schmidt’s. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    I’m with you 100%. This is the election of our life time. I want the Democrats to own this. My perception is that the leadership is to reticent to take him head on but they can push this point without referring to him at all.

    They can put out ads like, This is the election of our life time: Do you want to be part of USA or US of Russia: Vote Democrat for a return to decency: Vote Democrat if you respect the rule of law and law enforcement: Vote Democrat if you’re tired of division. You get the picture.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, maybe the Democrats should refer to it as Trumpistan and its leader Comrade Trump. Maybe they could say we will take our oath to rhe US Constitution and not any US President. Keith

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