Come Monday, it will be alright

Ah, the lyrics from an early Jimmy Buffett hit. It has a down to earth line “I’ve got my Hush Puppies on, I guess I was never meant for glitter rock and roll.” I wish for people who are keeping up with the Jones, to realize that a pair of jeans, comfortable shirt and shoes are a far more preferable outfit.

A friend of mine said when he hit his fifties, he got to the point where he thought far less of what others thought of him. He actually was more colorful in how he defined this realization. So, you would not find him in a tie very often.

Another said when reaching that point, she decided that she would do her best not to suffer fools. So, she started declining offers to attend events or outings with certain insufferable people.

I mention these two examples as people spend far too much time worrying about things that they could avoid or don’t really matter. I am not a person that needs to have the latest and greatest thing. Trust me, you keep your sanity and save a lot more money. So, what if my I-phone is six years old. So, what if my car is eleven years old. They both work, even though they are not the shiniest of toys.

The second example sounds anti-social, but it is not intended to be. We each have high maintenance acquaintances and friends. They tend to require a lot of tolerance, as they are intolerant. Some can be downright overbearing.

Please know that I am far from perfect. My wife would say the same, but she is one of the better listeners I have encountered. As a result, she tends to collect a few friends who need an audience. It should be noted, she must take breaks from these folks as they truly wear her out.

Life is tough enough without trying to have every new thing or using precious time being talked at by someone who needs a listener.

So, let’s grab those Hush Puppies and worry less about the glitter. Glitter is overrated anyway.


13 thoughts on “Come Monday, it will be alright

  1. As always, your words speak volumes. When I retired, I gave all my suits and heels to a charity that helps the jobless by giving them clothes to wear to interviews, and since then I mostly live in sweats or jeans and t-shirts! Comfort over style. With two exceptions, almost all my dishes and cookware are decades old, some even given to me when I got married in 1970 by my mother, who had used them for decades. I don’t get a thrill out of new things (except books … books are my vice), but rather of taking care of the old. I was recently in need of new tennis shoes, and it took me two months, for the duct tape on the old ones was still holding up and I saw no reason to toss them just yet!

    • Jill, thanks. Duct tape is the 8th wonder of the world, the closest thing to a panacea outside of an aspirin.
      My wife calls me Mr. Leftover as I will eat them long after she stops. Keith

      • Did you know that duct tape comes in all sorts of cute patterns these days? I have my furnace taped together with adorable penguin duct tape! 😀 I’m with you on the leftovers! I am, as a former boyfriend used to call me, a ‘nickel-squeezer’! 😉

    • Janis, I love the term “greater self-acceptance” as it is very apt. I enjoy your posts as you have this “isn’t this neat” context in sharing your travels. I find that refreshing. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: Jimmy Buffett has a way with words with many memorable song lyrics.

    “I wish I had a pencil thin mustache, the Boston blackie kind.
    A two-tone Ricky Ricardo jacket, and autographed picture of Andy Devine.”

    “He went to Paris looking for answers, to questions that bothered him so.
    But, warm summer breezes and French wine and cheeses, put his ambition at bay.”

    “Reading departure signs in some big airport, reminds me of the places I’ve been. Visions of good times that brought so much pleasure, makes me want to go back again,”

    And, there is so much more. Keith

  3. Dear Keith, Jill and friends,

    That’s one of the blessings of growing older. That need to give a damn about what other folks say or think about yourself goes out the window.

    I haven’t worn a suit or heels in years. Today, I’d probably break my neck if I wore them.
    I have this need to keep life simple sans drama.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, my wife was so happy when she could give up wearing pumps. It took a couple of years for her jammed in toes to get back to normal.

      We went to a funeral this week, and I had to dig deep for a suit that fits. Since I retired, new diet and exercise had made many of my suits hang off me. Once I got to the funeral, I saw many not wearing suits or sports coats. I still think the family of the deceased deserves me dressing up for the occasion. Keith


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