Question for gun owners

Since legislators are more concerned with keeping their jobs than doing their jobs, I felt the need to pose the issue on better gun governance to gun owners. Doing nothing is obviously not the answer, although that seems to be the course too many advocate. My newspaper was kind enough to print the following letter to the editor, with a few edits. Please feel free to adapt and use if you concur.

“After yet another mass shooting in America (this time in my home town), in addition to three shootings over two days in Charlotte, doing nothing to address this issue is not working. I believe we can still honor 2nd Amendment rights and enact better gun governance. I have shared with legislators the suggestions that have majority support in the country. My question is for gun owners – what do you suggest we do to govern the ownership of a device designed to kill? We govern car ownership to keep the driver, passengers and others safe. Surely we can add better governance to gun ownership.”

Since I wrote this, there was another shooting incident in Charlotte this morning at an elementary school. Fortunately no one was hurt. Our law enforcement do a highly credible job, but stopping gun violence is extremely difficult in America.

4 thoughts on “Question for gun owners

  1. Note to Readers: In America, we tend to see over 60% of the gun deaths caused by suicide each year. It is by far the number one reason around the country. We also see a solid percentage around 5% due to accidental shootings, usually with children involved as the shooter and/ or victims. To me, we can address these two issues and make a difference saving lives, maybe not all but some.

    Mental health access is a must, so we should not look to stop the ACA, but improve it and and expand Medicaid. Plus, we need to repeal the recent Congressional change to allow mental health disabled on Social Security have access to weapons.

    We also must make it easier for a judge to temporarily take away a weapon pending a hearing if a family notes concerns about the mental stability. I would add extended waiting periods and background checks on all purchases, but we need to pay for a usable data base.

    As for the accidents, training must be a given including safe gun storage. Parents must ask questions regarding guns at homes of friends and relatives. When I found a loaded rifle at my in-laws, I asked my father-in-law to lock it up our unload it. People do not think it will happen until it does.

  2. Dear Keith,

    Thanks for writing this letter. This is an issue where about 80% of Americans agree with you but nothing gets done because of the lawmakers being in bed with the NRA, its monies and its power delivered to it by gun manufactures.

    I’m praying that whoever are the lawmakers of the future will end this power-hold of the NRA. I’m sick of our country being held hostage by these greedy peoples.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, on your blog, I gave you a long list of real questions to ask all incumbents, but especially Republican ones. They have so many things that have not been addressed or made worse. Gun governance is just one of those issues. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: As one day passes, there was a gun found at local high school. And, south of Charlotte in Oconee County in South Carolina, a fourteen year old survived an accidental gun shot to her head. An investigation is under way, but the presence of gun is a factor in this shooting whether it was intentional or an accident. The prevalence of suicide is much higher if a gun is present in the house and an accident would be avoided if not.

    The beat goes on, unfortunately. Again, I encourage you to count the gun stories over one month in your local news.

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