Questions for Campaigning Republican Legislators

Our diligent and thorough blogging friend, Gronda, wrote a post regarding answers to questions that Republican Party leadership provided GOP candidates. Most of the questions are of many of the messes the President finds himself in of his making, but truly miss the boat on where Republicans and the President have failed to address larger US and global issues.

There is plenty to ask about of these legislators. Here are a few of my questions:

– why are you allowing the easier maltreatment of our environment by industry?

– why are you supporting leaving the Paris Climate Change Accord ignoring the rest of the world?

– why have you failed to address our water concerns in Flint and similar places?

– why have you not only ignored our rapidly rising and expensive debt, but made it worse?

– why have you stood by and let the President trash and cut our diplomacy staff and bully our allies?

– why are we placing tariffs on everyone, without concern for past failures and ignoring better channels to address China involving our allies?

– why have you not listened to Americans and improve the ACA actually harming it instead?

– why have you not done anything to materially address gun governance?

– why have you allowed a President to trash our hard working people in important government departments to create an illusion of conspiracy to save his hind end?

– why have you tolerated a President who believes the civil rights of whites matter more than that of other races?

– why are we doing things to make our poverty problem worse, not better?

– why have we not addressed infrastructure with our significant needs and resulting job creation when interest rates were lower?

That is a start. These folks have a lot to answer to. To be frank, all Americans should be asking these questions, but if I were a young person, I would be even more alarmed. Just with climate change and growing debt, this party is screwing our youth.

But, there is so much more. I am an Independent voter who left the GOP over ten years ago because of their failure to speak to the truth on real problems – Trump has made it worse and his followers have been conned to believe the opposite.

11 thoughts on “Questions for Campaigning Republican Legislators

  1. Very apt questions … and as you say, there are more to be asked, but I suspect the answers will not be forthcoming no matter who does the asking. I truly believe that they have all forgotten that Donald Trump is NOT their employer, but that We the People are. I hope every last one of them are voted out in November. Even … or maybe especially … Mitch McConnell.

    • Jill, many thanks. The questions need to be asked, as Americans need to know that it is not just how Trump has conducted himself, it is his and the GOP policies that have hurt us or not helped. The economy would still be going pretty well without the tax cut, but he breaks his arm patting himself on the back. Yet, I see debt and deficit growing. But, the harm on these many fronts will also leave a lasting impression.

      So, when a Trump supporter says look what he has done, the retort is let’s do that. Keith

  2. I saw a Christian-based pro-Trump bumper sticker today and was tempted to strike up a conversation with the car owner. I am so curious to learn how they are able to twist themselves into a pretzel enough to support him. I didn’t of course because I don’t imagine I would have received a response that would have made any sense… but I am left to wonder.

    • Janis, I realize the temptation, but my feeling is conversations should not be forced as confrontational. If you bumped into that person in line and struck up a conversation, you could offer comments in response to theirs. I could see myself saying, “You know it troubles me that the President does not act like Jesus told us to do.” If the person bites, then you could tell him or her why. Having said this, I wish I could have been more articulate and diplomatic on more than one occasion. Keith

  3. The answer to nearly all of these whys: Because we (wealthy CEO GOP) want the Freedom to make money without restraint. Why shouldn’t we? Heck, we employee people. If we weren’t successful the whole world would collapse. Just ask POTUS.

    • Linda, there are answers like this one that are true, but they do not want it to be known. I have been saying for more than six years, the members of the GOP have been voting against their economic interests for years. The irony is a GOP candidate tapped into that disenfranchisement and played them. The main reasons certain parts of the country are struggling is due to technology gains and CEOs chasing cheap labor, not trade and immigration. Those CEOs are largely Republican voters. So, it is hard to point a finger at them if you are a Republican.

      Further, when I hear that we should follow the law on immigration, an answer is OK. We should arrest are punish every employer who hires them as they are breaking the law. Keith

      • I have come to the simplistic conclusion that there are 2 major components to #45’s rise. 1. The self-righteous, religious, poor who are most hurt by his policies. They follow because they were raised by dogma, taught to follow the leader, to believe rather than to question, that there are no shades of gray, only right and wrong, and that the blame for their failure is always due to some other person or tribe.
        2. The wealthy donor class, who have chaffed for years about having to follow regulations that make their business life complicated. It matters not to them if the regulations in question govern their banking/tax reporting practices, their treatment of the environment or of employees, or the fairness of their pricing. They want to do business without having to track a blessed thing but the rise of their profit margin.

        #45 appeals to both of those classes. That seems to be enough to float his boat. Unfortunately.

      • Linda, good summary. There is another small, but not inconsequential group. That is the one or small two digit percentage of people that are white supremacists, extremists and overt racists that support him. This number may be 5% or 10%, but it is a tangible number. He has enabled these folks to be more daring and some who can polish their image a little ran for office. Keith

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