Instead of labels, consider these thoughts

I do not like labels. I think they are shortcuts to demean. There are plenty of labels used by people Trump appointed that are quite caustic as they crudely define Trump’s relative smarts and inconsistent truth-telling, some from Woodward’s book and some from earlier reporting. Rather than repeat those labels, I would prefer to cite comments about his actions from people who have worked with Trump or know of his organization.

From Woodward’s book, there are two stories attributed to Gary Cohn which I find telling. Cohn, who is Jewish and was the head of the White House Economic Council, said the biggest mistake he made was not resigning after Trump’s comments on Charlottesville which gave the White Supremacists a hall pass. The other is he is one of the people who took things off Trump’s desk. Mind you, Cohn was one of Trump’s most proficient hires, who openly disagreed with his tariffs and trade policies. Cohn resigned over the latter issues.

The other one I often cite comes from Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked for Trump for years. Among many other observations around his lack of interest in understanding issues and job requirements, he said “Donald Trump lies everyday, even about things of no consequence.” Mind you, there are far more succinct quotes in the Woodward book that state this premise, but I prefer Wells’ comments as they focus on the act of lying not the person lying. If his base would react to more succinct critique, I refer them to what his attorney John Dowd said in the Woodward book.

The final one came from a contractor familiar with the Trump organization who was asked in a voter panel, what he thought of candidate Trump. He succinctly said, “Word on the street is if you deal with the Trump organization, get paid up front.” This is consistent with a modus operandi of Trump stiffing contractors because of bad service. Wells noted if Trump did this a few times, that would be one thing, but he regularly cited bad service to get out of paying, one reason for the large number of Trump’s lawsuits. Many a contractor got stiffed, accepted less payment or went out of business because of one Donald J. Trump. What the contractor panelist did was corroborate what has been published.

The above paint a picture with actual examples. I do wish Cohn had resigned with the Charlottesville issue, as it would have been a major statement. I also like the contractor’s statement as it tell us a story that is at odds with his “I am on your side” message to supporters. From what I have observed and read, Trump is only on one side – Donald J. Trump’s.

20 thoughts on “Instead of labels, consider these thoughts

  1. He is beginning to resemble one of the lesser Roman emperors. Placed there by other forces which fed his ego, for their own purposes, to be caste aside when he was of no further use.
    In American historical terms he will be consigned to foot note or derisory status, not unlike Millard Fillmore, for instance.

      • I think you are safe there Keith. Nero had a certain style despite his excesses, some historians claim although he was not a shining light he was not as bad as some painted him.
        Not something which anyone other than a devoted of Trump would ever do in his case!

      • Roger, many thanks. I still will not trust the President with matches. By the way, it is terribly amusing that Trump may impose a lie detector on his staff. What about the boss? Keith

      • He dare not go within 10 feet on one Keith. From that distance it would pick up the lie-vibe easily.

  2. Note to Readers: I am having a hard time believing the cabinet members and VP who are out there fawning over the President. Our leader could not be the man described in the book or NY Times piece, they are all saying. I have a hard time believing that Mike Pence was not involved in any removal discussion. These two pieces jive with what is already known and there is that very high turnover thing, the guilty pleas and verdicts thing, and his past history thing.

    • Pence is scarier than Trump. As least you know what you are getting with DT (and yet, so many people voted for him and still support him). It seems that Pence will say anything, do anything, overlook anything, and enable anything just to further his agenda.

      • Janis, I am no fan of Pence’s, but I feel he would be better than Trump by at least treating our allies and trading partners better and not tweeting on his every thought. Trump is his worst enemy and it is not even a close race. Keith

      • I have to agree with Keith on this one. Pence is a bigot and has many flaws, so he is certainly not the man I would choose for president. However, he is, I believe, far less likely than Trump to act out of rage, to destroy a nation simply because his ego is too large to accept criticism. Trump has no filter, no constraints, whereas I believe Pence is capable of operating on an intellectual, rather than an emotional plane.

  3. Dear Keith,

    I like Roger’s assessment where certain leaders were placed there by other forces which fed their egos, for their own purposes, to be caste aside when they were of no further use.

    I believe that the above would be the case for GOP members in the US Congress, if it weren’t for President Trump’s base of voters which they need to succeed.

    The president’s base of voters don’t care that he’s a cheat, a liar, a racist, a misogynist, a bully, etc.

    The GOP lawmakers in the US Congress need to be saved from themselves by being voted out in this upcoming November 2018 elections.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, this President will be remembered, but not how he wants to be. It is interesting that Senator Ben Sasse is considering leaving the GOP, calling himself an Independent Conservative. I would love to see more legislators do this. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: Political cartoons keep reminding me of Rudy Guiliani’s remarks about keeping the President away from a “perjury trap.” To be brutally frank, the President’s inconsistency with the truth creates that risk. In the Wiodward book, it is reported that the President did quite poorly on a mock deposition. And, it has been reported in the past that Trump did one deposition where he had to amend 30 lies.

  5. As always, I admire your ability to sift through the rhetoric, the name-calling, and use facts to make your argument. You are right about labels, and I dislike them as well, but find that there are times I cannot get around using them.

    I am semi-confident that eventually, Trump will be removed from office or at the very least be voted out in 2020. My concern, however, is the amount of damage he is doing both internally and externally in the interim, some of which may never be reparable. I agree with Roger … if he came within 10 feet of a polygraph machine, it would simply melt. I’ve often had the idea that one of his staff should find a way to inject him with truth serum … can you imagine the things that would come out of his mouth?

    • Jill, you are so very gracious. It is hard to avoid repeating the name-calling, but that serves no purpose and invites the return. What the man detests the most is bad press. If people would just focus on the impact of poor decision-making and present the correct facts, it will unnerve him more than the name-calling which he relishes.

      Amarosa released another tape of his not being truthful, but people agreeing with him. My guess is they know he is so combustible to disagree with and are probably looking to exit the conversation. But, by not correcting him, they are acquiescing. Keith

  6. If there is a ‘gold standard’ in blogging, you are it. I’m not alone in my assessment … Roger agrees! I told him I was trying to convince you to run for prez, and he said you would have his vote … except that he lives in Wales!

    In all honesty, Keith … do you see a good ending to this all? I am beginning to despair of it, at least in my lifetime. Sigh.

    • Jill, I am convinced if Fox News existed in the 1970s, Nixon may have survived or at least lasted longer. To their credit, the GOP Senators went to Nixon and said they had the votes, so he better resign.

      In my view, Trump is far more corrupt than Nixon. There is a detailed documentary just released that indicates Trump had five tenants in one building in 1984 that were part of a Russian crime syndicate. I knew he had Russian relationships in the 1990s when US banks stopped lending to him, but I did not know it traced back to then.

      Trump is the Teflon Don. He is very good at making things not stick, but now, he does not have enough Teflon to cover his faults and crimes. It has slowly deteriorated, but it will take the Dems at least gaining the House for something more to happen, I think. If the GOP retains the House majority, the unchecked corruption will continue.

      As for the economy, much of what he has done to throw water on the economy will likely not hit until next year. His moves of last year have helped the economy some, but add to the debt and harm the environment. But, his tariffs, trade mistakes, pulling out of agreements and bullying, are taking their toll and will hurt us for several years.


      • Fox News definitely has too much influence, and you may be right. The other difference, though, was there was a democratic majority in both House and Senate. If we had those demographics, I think things would be a lot different. Sigh.

      • Jill, if I were watching a so-called news source and realized later I was hearing more narrative than news, it would frustrate me. Trump supporters believe Trump is doing a far better job on policy issues than he is. We are harming our global brand and influence and the meeting and military exercise yesterday between China and Russia should be a huge wake-up call. Keith

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