A call out

In an effort to be diplomatic, but brutally frank, let me call out a few items.

– There have been five advisors to Donald Trump who have been found guilty of crimes and not one of them is a witch. From what I gather, there is more to come and the ones bandied about don’t seem like witches either.

– I have seen Bob Woodward, one of the most credible reporters in the world, interviewed three times about his book “Fear,” which is s best seller here and in Europe. The stories and anecdotes about the Trump White House are detailed, consistent and believable.

– An underreported story is Russia and China doing a joint military exercise, including the involvement of Putin and Xi making Russian pancakes for the participants. A reason cited for this effort is the anxiety over the tensions from the US President. The actions of this President have aided an ascendant China and allowed Russia to cheat others.

– It has been reported that both Scotland and Ireland are continuing to find anguish over a forthcoming Brexit. This is not new, but it has resurfaced as a concern. Given this knowledge, you would think a new Brexit vote might be in order. Just yesterday, the London mayor asked for a new Brexit referendum.

– Russia has now been accused of sending an electronic ear worm that debilitated US and Canadian embassy people in Cuba. I also learned yesterday that the Russians have been able to successfully jam communications of US soldiers in Syria. And, yet our leadership is pretty silent about this. The new war does not seem to be physical, it is cyber-warfare and through social media.

There is so much more to mention, but this is enough to call out for now.


22 thoughts on “A call out

  1. It seems the world is a in a sorry state. Russia continues its dirty work without opposition while we lose credibility in the free world. On a side note, yesterday I heard pockets of the school system in Tx are deleting all references to Hillary Clinton. Tell me it’s is as absurd as it sounds. 🤗

    • Holly, any punishment of Russia has been forced on the President. And, he has backtracked often on calling them out. McCain called this out as embarassing. As for rewriting history, check out Hugh’s recent post on the subject. I offer an opinion on a comment that I have heard echoed by a former Republican strategist. Keith

      • Mary, this is not the first rewrite in Texas. There has been a whitewashing of history to smooth over the maltreatment of Native Americans and slaves. I still, though, am trying to fathom why Helen Keller? Keith

  2. A good selection, my friend. As we can see by the collaborative efforts between Russia and China, Trump’s presidency not only affects the U.S., but is also having a detrimental effect worldwide. Whether the naysayers like it or not, we are truly living in a global world these days, and we are all inter-connected.

    I was discussing the Brexit issue with our mutual friend Roger just last night, and he tells me that the likelihood of a new Brexit vote is slim to none, rather about as likely as us being able to impeach Trump. The populist movement is a strong one, it seems.

    Very good post, Keith … eagerly awaiting Part II

    • Jill, Brexit and Trump were fueled by Putin on fears of people. It would be great to have do-overs with real data and debate. Thanks for your thoughts. I am sure a sequel is in order, especially with more tariffs. An ethanol company in Iowa is shuttering two plants due to the tariffs. Keith

  3. I gave Trump 3-6 months to realise the magnitude of the office and grow up. Obviously he didn’t. From then on it’s been downhill and nothing which comes out of the Whitehouse surprises me. I would suggest there is an underlining theme of panic in the man as part of him realises just what he has taken on. But of course his ego and vanity will have the last say.
    I personally suspect the Russian manoeuvres are more for Europe’s benefit , a demonstration of a sort to try to convince a ragged Europe there is nothing they can do about Russia (Of course if push came to shove….no plan survives contact with the enemy….so Reality….. that’s another matter)
    Brexit is a thorough ocean-going mess. We have a govt composed of the unknowing and the unwilling with talentless self-serving shallow folk who would believe themselves Prime Minster Material circling.The Opposition, The Labour Party is hardly any better with Corbyn hopelessly out of his depth. Both the SNP (Scots Nationalists) and Plaid Cymru (Welsh Nationalists) are in general hostile to Brexit [Northern Ireland’s position is only understood by people who live in Northern Ireland, but the previously freewheeling border with Eire is now an intractable problem which the Central Govt is supposed to sort out, but can’t]. As regards the Public both sides of the argument approach the matter with all the tact, subtly and restraint of a Gun Control debate in the USA. Businesses are in general unbale to make long term plans as they don’t know what they have to make plans for.
    After the 29th March 2019 when ‘we’ leave the European Union, we may as well echo Prime Minister William Pitt (The Younger) who after Napoleon’s victory over Russia and Austria at Austerlitz in 1806 said about a map of Europe:
    ‘Roll up that map. It will not be wanted these ten years’
    As I said to Jill, unless beleaguered Prime Minister May decides to go head on with the opposition within her own Party in some Gotterdammerung move another vote on the matter is very unlikely.
    All that aside we are thinking of you and yours Keith in the midst of those storms.
    Best wishes
    Roger & Sheila

    • Roger, I did not expect Trump to be a good President, especially around addressing climate change and the environment, but he has been far worse than I imagine. Treating our allies so poorly while treating autocrats with kid gloves is amazing by itself. Then there are the attack on civil rights of non-whites and overall boorish behavior toward anyone who does not genuflect.

      As for Brexit, it is truly a mess. People in positions of leadership there are just like here, worrying more about how things look moreso than solving problems. Data analysis and political courage is needed. I would love for someone with chutzpah to stand up and say – the Brexit vote fell victim to rhetoric not facts. Brexit is and will cause more problems that it solves, so we are going to focus on remaining with some concessions rather than leaving. If Brexit occurs, Ireland and Scotland will likely have votes to exit the UK and remain. Keith

      • Yes, sadly Trump has lived ‘down’ to his standards and shows no inclination of having a Road to Damascus moment.
        So you so right about Brexit Keith. We are slouching to the 29th March 2019. There are pressure groups pushing for another vote but the Leave vote has a contingent as fanatical any opponents to gun control, and there are the ugly racist wings too (on both sides of the political divide), so at this stage another vote would be a very strident affair.
        I fear we are heading for another scenario like the Spring of 1940, only we don’t seem to have a Dunkirk option this time.
        This may well indeed mark the beginning of the end of the UK as it now stands.

      • It does indeed Keith.
        And it would appear Vladimir is the one pulling the strings or at least taking advantage of their individual and communal foolishness.
        By the way.
        How are you coping with the weather.
        Best wishes

      • Roger, we endured but fared much better than those east of us. They are still dealing with the flooding. I learned today that in addition to the deaths and property damage, over 5,500 hogs and 3.4 million chickens and turkeys drowned. That plus the impact on farmers about to harvest is very tough on their livelihoods. Keith

      • Oh my. That will hit farmer community very badly. Here’s hoping there will be support and aid for them swiftly.
        Has the worst of the storm finished yet?

  4. Dear Keith,

    What’s so depressing is that President Trump Doesn’t get what a horrible leader, he is on several fronts. We’ve had presidents before who were morally challenged but they were at least competent in other areas. President Trump knows how to do one thing, build. Maybe, he knows how to remain wealthy, but until I see his tax returns, this is a subject of debate.

    He’s much worse that many of us who have been critical, could possibly have, imagined.

    Russia is a serious threat to US national security interests, and the same goes for our allies.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, no question. He is acting professional with the Kavansugh accusation, but Senator Flake had already said to slow down and I an certain people got in his ear and said don’t over react. My guess is he won’t do that for long. Keith

  5. Dear Keith,

    On a separate note, by now you know who has left town.

    I was reading that In the Charlotte region, the largest clusters of power outages included 3,500 in Montgomery County, 1,500 in Anson County, just under 1,000 in Union County, 900 in Lancaster County and just over 400 in Gaston County, Duke said.

    It looks like you’re okay or you wouldn’t be blogging. Tell me if I’m right or wrong.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, we were very fortunate, but the folks east that are included in the counties you mentioned are still overwhelmed by flooding. Several rivers still have not crested. Thanks for rhd good thoughts. Keith

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