Senators – give Dr. Ford a fair hearing

FYI. Below is a sample note I posted in six Senators websites. Please feel free to adapt and use.

As an independent and former Republican voter, I believe we need to take the time to review the accusation by Dr. Ford. Sexual assault is a heinous act and traumatizes the victim. It is not uncommon for a victim to not press charges fearing the kind of backlash Dr. Ford is getting now.

Judge Kavanaugh is being nominated for one of the nine highest judicial seats in our country. We need to get this right. Because Clarence Thomas’ hearing was handled so poorly, foregoing testimony of a second accuser and treating Anita Hill with disdain, we may have a sexual harasser on the Court.

Ford is a learned women who passed a lie detector test. If her claims lacked credibility, why is she asking for a FBI investigation? We must get to the bottom of this, and if Kavanaugh is lying, then that would be a major concern. He was a teen when this heinous act may have been done, but he is an adult now who may not be telling the truth.

To be frank, we already have a man in the White House who has admitted in three separate interviews to sexual assault and harassment of which he has been accused. We do not need this in a Supreme Court justice.

17 thoughts on “Senators – give Dr. Ford a fair hearing

    • Brendan, watching the recap of the week on PBS Newshour, there was agreement between the more conservative and more liberal pundits that the Republicans are hurting themselves by how they are addressing this issue. They both said Trump’s inane tweets of the day, which infuriated Senator Susan Collins, made things very worse. Trump was shackled by his handlers for the week, then went back to vintage, attacking Trump. By the way, Trump is the last person who should offer input on how to deal with sexual assault.

      • Brendan, people know abou the Access Hollywood tape, but too many don’t know about his Beavis and Butthead routine with Howard Stern, where on at least two occasions, Trump bragged on walking in on unclad teenage beauty pageant contestants. Keith

  1. I can put up with the practice of massaging the truth to make a case look better. I can put up with governments being astute in making us all feel good when maybe things are not so good. I can even put up with being patronised and lied to just so long as it is done ‘fairly and equally’ to all of society…. Just so long as we are left alone to live our own private lives.
    Maybe that’s a European thing after a thousand years’ worth as practiced by all types of govts.
    What I cannot stand is a bunch of bumbling, hypocritical amateurs being absolutely hopeless at the task and insulting our intelligence by thinking we accept their idiotic feeble excuses as something which we are supposed to swallow and all the time not making anything like a good job of administering an entire nation!
    As the old American saying goes……….’Aww gimme a break!’

    • Roger, I watch and listen with incredulity how brazen the President and his sycophants are. When the President speaks, he says the lie, says everyone knows the lie to be true, then repeats the lie. I have never seen a person in a democratic leadership position be so untruthful. Saying it twice or thrice does not make it correct – it is just repetitive. Keith

      • The film ‘Idiocracy’ on release was criticised by some for being a bit too judgemental of some sections of society and approaching its subject with a sledgehammer.
        These days it has the air of a prophet in the wilderness.

      • Roger, prophetic indeed. I was reading yet another article on his not involving the EU, Japan and Canada to pressure China. Instead he bullies them with tariffs. The economist used the term “wrongheaded” to define Trump’s actions and noted everyone but his base thinks this is a horrible idea. Yet, the emperor had no clothes. Where is the child that called him out as being naked? Keith

    • Janis, yes it will, but it may be one already. I read today that one of the Senate staff on the Committee has to resign over past sexual misconduct allegations. Keith

  2. Dear Keith,

    Senator McConnell personally called President Trump to put another muzzle on him before he started tweeting again.

    Unless the republicans give the okay for the FBI to do a more in-depth background check on Judge Kavanaugh, those GOP members on the US Judiciary Committee only doing enough to look like they are being fair, but this time they are fooling no one.

    There is this 1997 book that the other party to the alleged attempted rape, Mark Judge, wrote in 1997, where he describes the kind of drunken parties that is detailed by Dr. Ford in her claims against Judge Kavanaugh. In the book, Judge Kavanaugh’s character is named Bart O’Kavanaugh. This book alone ties the knot around Judge Kavanaugh’s neck.

    Every GOP US senator should be given a copy. It’s quite an education.

    Hugs, Gronda

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