Everyone needs a Joe

Everyone needs a Joe in their life. You know the person. The one who is curious in learning and sincerely knowing what is going on in your life. The one who can talk with your kids as easily as he or she talks with you.

Joe’s are the kind of people who end up being teachers because of that desire to help others grow. The one who is the teacher that cares about the kids more than anything. Joe may dress and act in an eclectic manner, but is as down to earth as it comes. Joe would give you the shirt off his or her back if you needed it.

Joe is the kind of person who gets animated about upbringing, travels, or subject matter interests. A rapt storyteller is Joe which is a key part of the charming person. When Joe gets going, his or her voice can fill a room.

We had a Joe, but his body gave out on him after only 61 years. Too many car accidents left his body in pain and his big heart likely gave out on him after so much medication for too many years. He was my wife’s brother and left a lasting imprint on more than a few. He loved teaching science and married his soulmate after two earlier marriages went awry. His wife was also a teacher having just retired. It is a shame Joe won’t be with her in this physical world. He leaves three children who love hiking and the environment like their Dad.

Bless you Joe. Our Thanksgiving table will have a huge gap, just like our lives as we carry on without you. But, we will remember you forever.

15 thoughts on “Everyone needs a Joe

  1. Dear Keith,

    There are too few Joes in this world. Those dang car accidents do mess a body up, big time. These are the generous hearts of the world. You were fortunate to have one in your life.

    I’ m sad to hear about your loss of an important member of your family.

    Hugs, Gronda

  2. Note to Readers: As Joe got older, he got a little forgetful on occasion. Twice at our home, his wife would be in tears laughing that he would rave over this picture of rooster. The reason, he and his wife gave us this picture. I would ask her when are you going to tell him? On the way home she would respond.

    I told her Saturday, we are going to name the rooster Joe in his honor. It is only fitting. By the way, Joe and his wife were very thoughtful in the books they gave our kids as presents. They were typically about life lessons, the environment or folklore.

  3. Note to Readers: The funeral chapel and graveside services for Joe were beautiful and fitting tributes to Joe. Both were well attended by Joe’s fellow teachers and principals, but also by students and parents. One teacher said if this was on the weekend, there would be even more students in attendance.

    Joe was an environmentalist. His burial was fitting at a green cemetery on a hill. He was buried sans embalming in a nice, but Spartan wood casket. He told his wife he wanted to fertilize the earth. We pall bearers had to work, carrying him down a hill and eventually lowering him into the ground. Joe would likely smile knowing he put his nephews, son and brother-in-laws to work.

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