FBI needs to investigate Kavanaugh accusations

The following is an email posted in a few Senator websites and sent to a few newspapers. Please feel free to use and modify to meet your needs.


A Supreme Court appointment is a lifetime job. We need to take the time to get it right. We must honor the process and American citizens and investigate legitimate accusations of Brett Kavanaugh. This is the opinion of the American Bar Association and this independent and former Republican voter. Dr. Ford was believable and she is not the sole accuser. I have also learned, the louder people shout, the worse their argument. Given Mark Judge’s book, I am having a hard time believing Mr. Kavanaugh is as innocent as he has portrayed.

Please delay voting and get this right. We must have the FBI look at this more and ask the other women to testify. This blind tribalism has to stop and we need confidence a future Supreme Court justice is not a sexual assaulter.

16 thoughts on “FBI needs to investigate Kavanaugh accusations

  1. The Reps don’t want and won’t have further investigation of Trumps pick though they know he is a liar and perhaps much worse. It is clear from his hearing yesterday he does not have the disposition to be on the Suoreme court . Our government under trump has lost its moral compass , this is a dark time for our highest court and Senate that has become an arm for The executive branch rather than an independent and equal entity. Thank you Keith , I have mailed and called but this outrage will happen.

  2. If the Republicans still rush this appointment through they will show their total contempt of the people and also of the make up of the Supreme Court, by which I mean they could just as easily be rushing a criminal into place. The FBI could do a full check and find there’s nothing to answer as too much time has passed, then Kavanaugh could be voted in with no recriminations. But, if they find there is a case to answer from any one of his accusers then the Supreme Court will have been saved some embarrassment and a more reasonable replacement found.Either way, do the FBI check.

    • David, you are a wise man. Your final point is key. If they approved him and verifiable witnesses came forward, the GOP would look extremely foolish. Why be in such a hurry? We must get this right. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I am delighted by Senator Flake’s requirement to have a FBI investigation, enhanced by the backing of Senators Murkowski and Collins. Two additional comments. We should not forget that an aggressive denial is par for the course in sexual assault cases – Cosby, Clinton, Trump, Weinstein, Moonves, Rose, etc. What I find more than interesting in that a nonpartisan justice candidate went to an attacking witch hunt (like his nominator). I found this offputting.

    Ford is highly credible and struck a huge nerve that the GOP are greatly underestimating. There is strong evidence that she is embodying many who have been assaulted, harassed, demeaned. In this context, Senator Graham’s righteous indignation falls flat. It also falls flat with his naysaying additional FBI investigation.

    We must get to the bottom of this. The Supreme Court integrity demands it.

    • Also, I should add that, speaking as someone who attended a Take Back the Night (if you’re familiar with those) at college a few years ago, the sort of behavior from Dr. Ford is strikingly similar to the behaviors of the survivors who spoke when I attended Take Back the Night. I believe her, but I support an investigation to see whether that belief is true or misplaced.

      • Brendan, I am not familiar with the moniker, but the premise rings true. Here is what I see. Kavanaugh was a BMOC (Big Man on Campus) as were his friends. They likely did things with impunity or perceived impunity. So, for him to say he did not, is just a bridge too far. What is also means is a SCOTUS nominee lied to a Senate Committee. My guess is Kavanaugh is worried at what they will find. Keith

      • Take Back the Night events are basically vigils protesting sexual violence. It often involves marches, candlelight, moments of silence, survivors speaking about their experiences, and more. I went to one to support a friend who was there to speak about her experience. It was powerful.

        Dr. Ford’s demeanor reminded me of the demeanors of those brave survivors who spoke at TBTN. She did not sound like an operative trying to do a hit job.

        That being said, let’s have the investigators investigate.

      • Brendan, thanks for the information. This is important. Ford had signed statements saying she raised Kavanaugh’s name five years ago when she first mentioned this to her therapist, husband and friend. The politics are around Feinstein waiting.

        The accusations are just, as I believe the others might be, if they took the time. Kavanaugh calling this as a Clinton revenge plot is very poor form and offputting. But, that bashing others when cornered is a favorite tactic of his nominator and it works for him with his base. To me, lying like Donald Trump does not make you story valid.


      • I agree on all fronts. Of course there is politics around Feinstein waiting. But it’s also offputting to call this a “Clinton revenge plot” (not to mention factually false). Dr. Ford’s speaking reminds me not of a Clinton revenge plot, but of speaking reminiscent of TBTN speakers I’ve heard.

      • Agreed. As an Independent, when a GOP politician goes to the blame the Democrats, Clinton’s, Obama and media well, people should more closely at his or her argument. To me, this is an indication Kavanaugh is probably lying.

  4. Dear Keith,

    It was painful for me to admit that this FBI INVESTIGATION WAS A SHAM. It was designed as a fig leaf to give those wavering senators who were inclined to believe Dr. Ford, some cover but what it wasn’t, was a search for the truth.

    Judge Kavanaugh was going through a job interview. If he had been interviewing for a CEO spot with a reputable fortune 500 company company, even if the other executives liked him, they would have made sure that he was properly checked out. Why do “we the people” have to settle for less.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, this was a railroad job from the get go. The fact the President told them not to interview Swetnik because she “was not credible,” is not his call. Her claim was the most salacious and was the one the GOP wanted to avoid. The machinations reveal a level of guilt. Keith

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