Some truths that could shape debate

Things have not always been the way they are. By itself, that should force us to ask questions. Here are a few of those truths.

– Catholic priests used to be allowed to marry. Some who did not get the memo continued to marry hundreds of years after the Vatican stopped the practice. To me, married priests would solve a major problem for the church.

– Marijuana has long been used for medicinal purposes. Prior to the 1930s movie “Reefer Madness,” it was a centuries old treatment. Now, scientific evidence supports Cannabis as very helpful with pain, seizures, anxiety and other ailments. The remaining states who do not allow at least medical Marijuana should reflect on this.

– Bigotry has to be carefully taught. Seeing the movie “Operation Finale,” about the capture of Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann in Argentina in 1961, it shed a spotlight on the following. Nazism was alive and well in Argentina as Juan Peron made it more than a safe haven after the war. If we do not remember our moral compass and shine a light on this bigotry, it will continue to fester. This is a key reason the US President tripping over the low bar of leadership against bigotry is so problematic. It is not right to denigrate people saying they have lesser rights than others.

– Finally, hyper-nationalism has been a recipe for problems and poor relationships among countries for multi-millennia. The world is safer and more prosperous the more it works together and trades commerce. This must be remembered as people in the position of power retrench into their own cocoons.

That is all for now. Let me know what you think or offer some other truths.

21 thoughts on “Some truths that could shape debate

  1. Even though my mother was Catholic and I was sent to Catholic schools for all but one year of my first twelve, I had no idea that Catholic priests had once been allowed to marry! I thought celibacy had always been the order of the day. You’re right … it might solve many of the woes, but then again … look how many married men are nonetheless sexual abusers.

    Marijuana is so much the lesser of many evils, and the old myth that it would lead to the use of heavier drugs has been de-bunked time and time again. Overall, I would say it’s likely less debilitating than alcohol, but that is legal in all 50 states. You’re a bit younger than I, but do you remember people smoking banana peels back in the 60s? I was telling Miss Goose, who is only 23, about this the other day and she was floored! 😄

    If I had to point to one single thing that has kept the world from being at peace throughout history and still today, it would be bigotry in all its many forms. At this very moment, we are seeing it in the Kavanaugh confirmation process, as many are blaming the women who have accused him and denigrating Ms. Ford. It is still very much a man’s world. And the anti-LGBT movement. And Islamaphobia has taken root in the Western world. And, of course, the ever present racism against African-Americans. It is, indeed, taught and not inherited. Look at a group of little kids playing … the couldn’t care less the colour of their playmates’ skin … they just want to be liked and have fun. Grownups unnecessarily complicate their own lives.

    Hyper-nationalism … it reminds me of the man who builds a fence all ’round his property and shuns his neighbors, and then wonders why they didn’t come help him when his house caught fire. A perilous path.

    Good post, Keith!

    • Jill, I love your expansions on the topics. As for the married priests going away, my thesis is it is do to the Catholic Church wanting their wealth. Usually the second son became a priest with whatever wealth that brought. If married, he kept it for his family. If not the church got it.

      Bigotry exists in all of us. This is why it is critical our leaders be our better angels not worse. This is why I do not refer to Trump as a leader. He is a man occupying a leadership position – a huge difference. Don’t know about the banana peels – was that their version of Tide pods? Keith

  2. Absolute great points as always. My only whisper of disagreement is that allowing priests to marry would solve what I presume you mean pedofilia in the Catholic Church as I believe the Catholic Church is a haven for pedofiles and regardless of how many priests are married this fact will remain a shameful fact.

    • Holly, solve is too strong a word. It would attract men (and would hope women) to the priesthood that could enter into relationships like other clergy do. Some clergy have issues as well, so sexual abuse would not be solved. I do think priests, clergy and their churches and synagogues should be punished criminally for pedophilia. Fining a church and throwing a priest in jail will go a longer way to reducing pediphilia. Keith

  3. All cogent points Keith.
    If Marijuana were legal it would licenced and whereas in the 60s you would associate it with stoned/chilled out hippies, these days criminal gangs are making a product with a ‘stronger’ hit which is having the opposite result and a kind of ‘Reefer Madness’.
    Celibacy has figured also in pre-Christian religions. Ironically brought in by the Church Authorities to curb the dissolute behaviour of some of its priests (by the 12th century the reputation of the clergy was generally quite low). Just goes to show, banning something is not always the answer (see Marijuana above).
    History indicates that nationalism and bigotry tend to go hand-in-hand. Nationalism also tends to portray the nationalist as a noble person fighting for free, when history indicates betrayals, hypocrisy, back-door deals and of course once a community has its ‘national’ state, it normally persecutes the minority in its borders the same way as it was apparently persecuted.

    • Roger, you are so right that bigotry and nationalism go hand in hand. Right now, I am struggling with why our so-called Republican leaders are rushing the vote for a Supreme Court nominee who is accused of sexual assault. If he is, he should not be on the Supreme Court period, end of story. Keith

      • From the outside Keith there seems to be a depressingly tawdry answer.
        If they put this fellow in place he will do as he is told (and by his inclination) and at some stage there will be challenge to Roe Vs Wade which a packed Supreme Court will then overturn.
        In short no integrity.
        This has been an oft used ploy throughout history in many places but since this GOP makes much of trying to claw at the Moral High Ground, the word ‘Hypocrisy’ just about covers it (with few expletives in private)

      • Roger, the hypocrisy abounds. American can no longer claim (falsely in some eyes), that we are the shining city on the hill. We are just another country who has a lot of military might, if we continue down the Trump path. Why reasonable people do not see what he is doing to America amazes and frustrates. Keith

      • People are want to look for the easy fix Keith, then when it does not arise go into a denial over-drive.
        Consider Brexit and Berlusconi of Italy as two examples.
        Then in Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ how quickly Mark Anthony turns the crowd.
        It’s only when it hits home personally do folk start to turn.
        Trump has not reached that stage, yet.

      • Roger, too true. Most sustainable, impactful solutions require boring leg work, time-consuming collaboration, and continual process improvement. These traits are not in evidence in this White House, Congress, Oarliament….

        Demark’s long term plan to fight rising sea level and develop renewable energy had to survive new leaders. So, it had to have multiparty buy-in.


      • Both our nations could do with a dose of Denmark.
        We are lurching to Brexit with all the grace of a ship in a storm whose rudder is damaged and a crew who have opted to get drunk rather than do anything constructive.

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