Monday, Monday Redux

Borrowing again from the classic song from The Mamas and the Papas, here are a few Monday musings.

Water from Hurricane Florence continues to plague eastern South Carolina and North Carolina. Rivers are cresting or just past cresting. If the water flooding was not bad enough, the water includes leakage and spills from coal-ash sites, hog-waste pools, chemical plants and maybe superfund sites. This will take a lot of time to remedy.

Kudos to negotiators of Canada, Mexico and the United States for renewing an updated version of NAFTA. The were able to make necessary improvements to the agreements gaining acceptable terms. While the US President is taking a victory lap, these negotiators had to overcome his significant negative influence to the process, which made the process longer and more difficult.

My heart goes out to the tsunami victims in Indonesia. We are such small parts of this vast planet and it reveals such from time to time. Washing away over a thousand people and counting is very troubling. These tsunamis have happened throughout history, but they seem to be more frequent and impactful with the higher sea levels. It is akin to the water coming in from a higher starting point. I am reminded of the recent story of the Cartaret Islands where its inhabitants had to petition a larger island to move to as the sea consumed their island.

Finally, it disturbs me that the Republican led US Senate and President are not taking the time to investigate the veracity of all the accusations of Brett Kavanaugh. This is a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. We need to make sure that a Justice is not guilty of sexual assault. This is the opinion of the American Bar Association. The defiance by the so-called leaders is both off-putting and puzzling. It means we should look deeper, not the opposite.

Have a great week. May the force be with you. Let me know your thoughts.

12 thoughts on “Monday, Monday Redux

  1. Kudos indeed! The fact they managed this while Trump is around is a tribute to human fortitude, inventiveness and determination.
    Our world is such a complex place. The reason why Life is here is because the molten core gives rise to the ‘magnetosphere’ which guards us against the Sun’s solar destructive radiation heavy winds. The molten core in turn moves the tectonic plates, which in turn grind up against each other and at stages cause earthquakes which give rise to Tsunamis. Which in turn lead to loss of Life, which without The Sun there would not be any.
    At this stage in our progress it is not beyond our inventiveness to minimise the loss of life. We cannot halt these events. We can ensure people are not placed in dangerous areas, we can continue to work on our warning devices. We can ensure we respect Nature’s own barriers and not cause soil erosion, or fool about with coastlines.
    One historian argued there were not Natural Disasters, there were events; it was how Humanity learned by previous events or responded to them which counted.

    • Roger, to your first point, good people overcome bad leaders. That is what happened here. Yet, Trump will trumpet at what he did. This agreement could have been ironed out six months ago, but Pence and Trump got involved and unwound the progress.

      As for not learning from disasters, we rebuild new homes not allowing for the fact it will happen again. Houston tends to have flooding issues, yet the building does not account for this as much as it should. Puerto Rico’s power grid could be built with renewables in mind, yet the only way for FEMA funding is to restore it to what it was. Solar and wind power could abound, decentralizing the risk of stoppage.


      • “Trump got involved and unwound the progress.”…. that about sums up the history of his tenure thus far.
        I was reading on the BBC news that there had been warning in the Palu area in the form of minor quakes

      • Roger, his great talent is marketing. His management skills are poor, primarily due to his ego, greed and impatience. This is not the first time Trump mucks up something and then when it is solved by cooler minds, pats himself on the back.

        He is taking credit on the economy, but he was handed the keys on a pretty good one with a long running rate. The decisions he has made helps some in the short term, but have long term problems.

        With that said, Presidents get too much credit and too much blame for the economy. I have said this for years. So, if people are going to laud Trump, then they need to laud Obama. Keith

  2. First off, let me say that I believe Dr. Ford. Even if the FBI finds nothing that proves the allegations one way or the other, Brett Kavanaugh demonstrated that he doesn’t have the temperament to be a supreme court judge (or any other judge, but certainly not on the highest court). That the republicans are ignoring what they witnessed right in front of them is telling… and sad.

    • Janis, when he went to the attack the Dems and Clintons, it was prima facie evidence that he was hiding his past. It is in the Republican playbook when cornered. The sad truth is it works with the uninformed base. The more the FBI looks, the more they will find. Keith

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