Alleged sexual assailant and harasser gives counsel

A man who has been accused by about twenty women of sexual assault or harassment is giving counsel, not just to a SCOTUS nominee, but all young men. He says it is a really tough time to be a man with the #metoo movement. Men are deemed to be guilty rather than being presumed innocent.

While I understand his point, I strongly disagree with his message as he is missing that women have been victims of men like this accused man for years. Earlier he said if Dr. Ford was really assaulted, why did she not come forward earlier? Quite simply, it is because of the kind of response she is getting right now.

This man is trying to portray men as victims, but to my knowledge no other man has come forward and said this man grabbed his vagina in public. No other man has come forward to say how creepy they felt as a teenage beauty pageant contestant when this old man frequently walked in on them while they were changing clothes.

This man who is offering his counsel has bragged on how powerful he is to be able to grab a woman’s vagina, which several women have accused him of. By itself, he claims it is just “locker room talk,” but when you consider he was accused of doing this before this tape was aired, then that is more than interesting – it is indicting. It should also be noted some teens accused him of his wandering into the dressing room before he described his wont to do so to Howard Stern on his show because the man owned the Miss Teen franchise.

This man is the President of the United States. In addition to being a man who is on record as lying more than he does not, who is known to bully people, especially by lawsuits or threatened lawsuits, and demeaning people who disagree with him, he is accused of sexual assault and harassment. The sad truth is he has admitted to so doing. But, you men should know that is more than just “locker room talk.” It is sexual assault and harassment.

His son said he worries more about his sons than his daughters. As a father, I can attest you worry about both, but you are more concerned about your daughters. Why? Because there are men out there who do what Junior’s father was accused of.


19 thoughts on “Alleged sexual assailant and harasser gives counsel

  1. the biggest hypocrite out there!! regarding how tough it is to be a young man these days and that you can get accused of anything, even if it’s not true……….says the creep who took out full page ads to condemn 5 innocent men accused of raping a woman in Central Park. These men were found to be innocent.

    from the Wikipedia post: After Reyes confessed to the crime and said he acted alone, one of the defendants’ lawyers, Michael W. Warren, said, “I think Donald Trump at the very least owes a real apology to this community and to the young men and their families.”

    I don’t think the chump has apologized for anything his entire life. When will the madness end???????

    • Toby, I am glad you reminded everyone of the damage done by a very impulsive man back in the 1980s. His comments yesterday in Mississippi to mock Dr. Ford define the man. Even Senator Susan Collins chastised him.

      I was reading a Time magazine article yesterday that said GOP leaded realize the risk of Trump out campaigning. HR can derail many efforts with his ad-libbing. He also keeps using this example to say he was falsely accused. Based on his own admissions, propensity to lie when cornered and paying off at least two women with whom he had an affair, I do not believe Trump was falsely accused. And, the more I hear and read about Kavanaugh, he may not be either. Keith

      • I agree that both the chump and Kavanaugh have abused women. Hopefully the moderates will come to their senses when they vote tomorrow. Although there is one Republican senator who won’t be in D.C. this weekend so they may postpone the vote. Hopefully the protesters will keep at it until the vote!! I can’t believe what’s happened to our country in such a short period of time 😦

      • Toby, it looks like Collins and Manchin will support Kavanaugh. Unless someone changes their mind, it looks like we will have 2/9 of SCOTUS as accused of sexual misconduct. Keith

      • oh yea, by the way. I got another call from the St. Paul Pioneer Press for a letter to the editor that I sent the other day. I share the contents here:

        Wait a minute. Did I hear President Trump suggest that because Judge Kavanaugh is being accused of sexual assault that his life is ruined? I guess the president forgot about the time that he took out full page ads in several newspapers to condemn 5 boys, ages 14 to 16, to the death sentence for a rape that they did not commit. Their confessions were forced and they spent from six to thirteen years in jail. In effect, much of their childhood was taken away from them. They were eventually exonerated by the confession of the true rapist and DNA evidence. How hypocritical of the president to say that Judge Kavanaugh’s life is ruined. No Mr. President, the Central Park Five’s lives were ruined and you played a major role in that. That hardly compares to what is happening to Judge Kavanaugh.

  2. Again Kavanaugh shows his inadequacy for the task he is supposed to be able to do.
    It is a common state that many folk who have suffered trauma find it difficult it not impossible to ‘come forward’ because in doing so they relive the trauma , which is bad enough when working with a professional and sympathetic person; never mind the spiteful hothouse of politics.
    Of course she would come forward now, he is in the public limelight. This very act has been enough to bring the whole horrible experience back into vivid clarity, as a mature woman she now feels able to raise this charge.
    The fellow is an insensitive fool who is wallowing in his own self-pity. Not someone who I would call ‘A Man’
    In conclusion I would quote Cromwell in his Speech to the Rump Parliament in April 1653:
    “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go! “

    • Roger, you note what most therapists have said about people in trauma. They do forget things. Trump’s mocking of Dr. Ford, once again shows a lot about the lack of character in the man in the White House. He knows what it is liked to be accused as so many have done so. From what I have observed, there is a reason he is a constant target. Keith

      • Trump has now truly stepped over a line, I see even Republicans are being critical. Let us hope within the corridors of the GOP folk are deciding enough is enough and he will have to go.

      • Roger, he has stepped over so many lines and his sycophants continually rationalize his boorish behavior. People need to stand up more and more, but they are scared of the big bully. Keith

      • How than they be scared of such a puffed-up creature. It must only be for their money & shallowest sort of prestige they cling onto.
        Be honest can you see him coping with LBJ, Robert Kennedy or Nixon (scrapers and brawlers par excellence)?

  3. Perhaps the biggest sleazeball in the nation sits at the head of the nation. I’m not sure if there is irony there, or if it simply speaks volumes about the misogyny of the voters in 2016. Misogyny, or at the very least uncaring, willingness to turn a blind eye in order to get what they wanted. Trump is disgusting filth, but what concerns me more is the people of this country who know it and still support him. What does that say?

    • Jill, it gives me no comfort to know our commander-in-chief brags on sexual assault and harassment. But, I am continually amazed that his sycophants routinely conduct the “great rationalization” for his behavior which they would admonish their children for doing. He claims all the negative news, but he brings it on himself by his divisive, deceitful and demeaning behavior. Keith

  4. Dear Keith,

    There are parents and grandparents out there who need to explain to young men how to behave with young women and vice versa. There is no good solid reason for men to ever be victimized by false allegations from women if they know the rules. The men in my family know that having sex with a non willing, fully on board partner is unacceptable. If a young lady at a party for example has been drinking, she is off limits, no exceptions.

    There is no reason, except a man caring about his needs only to force a young lady to anything that she doesn’t want.

    That there are parents/ grandparents out there who think this behavior was acceptable on any level, then they will have to grapple with their own moral failings. It troubles me that some of them consider themselves to be Christian.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Preach on sister. The evangelicals who have bastardized their faith by supporting this man in the White House have ceded any perceived high ground to lecture from.

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