Retired Justice Stevens and 1,700 Law Professors say vote no

The following is a sample letter to be posted in Senators website, should you agree. You will need to act today, though.

Retired conservative Justice John Paul Stevens and 1,700 law professors have recommended voting no on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. They are reacting to his beligerant and attacking defense which was beneath what we want in a SCOTUS Justice. I agreed in real time as I felt Chairman Grassley should have admonished him for his attacks and not answering the questions.

But, at the heart of all this, I still believe Dr. Ford and I find Kavanaugh uncredible. I am also disappointed that neither were interviewed by the FBI, nor has Kavanaugh taken a lie detector test as she did and passed. I am also disappointed at the time limit and White House limitations on the investigation. While a second accuser was interviewed, the FBI was instructed not to talk to the third witness about allegations of gang rape. With a President who has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by twenty women and has admitted to such, even bragged on such, in three interviews, I find his opinions on these matters not very sincere.

Please vote no on this candidate and move on to one of the other short listed candidates. He would not do the highest court a service by being a member in my view.

13 thoughts on “Retired Justice Stevens and 1,700 Law Professors say vote no

  1. it’s now up to 2400 lawyers. gonna guess that neither the retired Justice Stevens will make a difference. that’s the pessimist in me. hope to God I am wrong!!!!!!

  2. Note to Readers: I am reading more corroboration of Ford’s testimony, primarily around her acknowledgement years ago that it was Kavanaugh. Also, more Yale friend of Kavanaugh have penned that Kavanaugh lied to the Committee downplaying his drinking problem and he often passed out. Between him and his friend Mark Judge wont to pass out, maybe they don’t remember their exploits.

    The number of law professors now totals 2,400 plus. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    I can’t help but wonder how many letters, phone calls were logged by GOP senator staffers to try to influence our lawmakers that we pay for with our tax dollars.

    With the exception of Senator Lisa Murkowski, they weren’t listening. With their arrogance and hubris, their minds were closed as they truly were convinced that their good friend Judge Kavanaugh was being unfairly maligned by democrats who were out to destroy a good man.

    They closed their minds towards thinking about what was happening to their buddy versus what was in the best interests of the US Supreme Court. There were any number of decent, qualified conservative justices that they could have backed instead.

    Anyway their victory lap will be short lived.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, Susan Collins said today she believe Ford was assaulted by someone else. To be frank, that is BS. He was the QB of the football team and a BMOC. She knew precisely who he was. This rewrite of what she meant is a CYA approach that the President started. I believe with all the machinations going on and Kavanaugh’s lying under oath, I believe he is guilty of all three accusations. I think he was a privileged and felt he could do anything with impunity, just like a certain President. Keith

      • Toby, the key is to remind everyone that the women are believable and Kavanaugh lied several times under oath. That is in addition to his political beligerance. The GOP Senators were less concerned with the truth and more interested in the illusion of fairness. Why only one witness when there were three accusers? It had to be one on one so they could defeat the one. The fact the President would not allow the investigation to Swetnik is telling. Keith

      • Toby, I hope they continue to run on healthcare, jobs, environmnent and climate change, and debt relief, civil rights for all and maltreatment than of women. Dealing with Kavansugh must be secondary to getting elected, but he is a factor in the women’s maltreatment. Keith

      • Dear Tobyo,

        Here’s what I’ve been commenting elsewhere:

        I’ve been thinking that 10/6/18 is just one chapter. My son tweeted me that this may be a blessing in disguise as this buys Democrats time but it is crucial that peoples vote in record numbers this November 2018.

        If the GOP Grumpy Old Perverts in the US Senate Judiciary Committee had selected a proper nominee, there would be little we could do to fix the Supreme Court tilting far right. But now there is hope. In their arrogance, the GOP senators backed the wrong horse because they believed their man is a good guy who was having his reputation ruined by those left leaning democrats who were out to destroy their friend.

        Judge Kavanaugh has been a Washington DC fixture who has powerful republican friends like President George Bush, the SCOTUS Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., FBI Director Chris Wray, DOJ Deputy AG ROD Rosenstein and many of those GOP geezers in the US Senate. In their hubris, they can’t conceive of the concept that he sexually assaulted anyone. That’s why in their minds, Dr. Ford just has to be confused (at best).

        They never for an instance really believed Dr. Ford. Any women who has ever suffered any abuse could have told them that abusers often look great to the rest of the world.

        The GOP senators should have reached out to a non-partisan reputable expert in this field. Any credible expert would have told them that there is a -0- percent chance that Dr. Ford could be be mistaken regarding the identity of her attacker; and that there is ample scientific data indicating that her faulty memory as to details outside of the actual event, is typical of trauma victims.

        I believe Dr. Ford.

        Eventually, there will be proof developed backing the allegations by Dr. Ford and others. Those GOP old geezers will be faced with reality that they backed the wrong horse but by then it will not be so easily to have him replaced.

        Impeachment may not be necessary. If there is solid proof, he may be forced to resign by his colleagues.

        Hugs, Gronda

      • I believe Dr. Ford too. And buddy Brett lied under oath, needs to be investigated and removed. I too believe there will be (and there already has been ) proof of all allegations, not just Dr. Ford’s. I just hope justice prevails at some point. These lying pieces of crap that are the Putin bought GOP need to be put out to pasture!!! Here’s hoping that you’re right and he is forced to resign.

      • Gronda, well said. The whitewashing of Kavanaugh continues by the GOP. Unfortunately, people believe this BS. I saw an editorial letter today that said what a nice wholesome guy he is. Really? “Daddy, can you tell me again what Devil’s Triangle and being a member of the Renate Club?” is a question his children may ask.

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