I believe the women

There is nothing more that can be done about Brett Kavanaugh. He will be sworn in as an Associate Justice to the US Supreme Court. I think it is a sad day in America, especially for women.

We now have two out of nine Supreme Court justices that have been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women. Many may not know that Anita Hill was one of two accusers of Clarence Thomas. The second woman waited in a hotel room to testify, but never was called.

Kavanaugh will join the court with three accusers, but only one was asked to testify with the second being interviewed by the FBI. But, not finding corroborating witnesses should not be construed that Kavanaugh is innocent. I believe the women, especially Dr. Ford. He was less than credible as he attacked. She was calm and pained. She also passed a lie detector test.

Yet, we should not forget the man who nominated Kavanaugh has a roster of twenty accusers of sexual assault or harassment. The accusations range from inappropriate groping of private parts in public to be being pinned against a wall in his daughter’s bedroom to walking in on unclothed teenage beauty pageant contestants. The girls knew they had to tolerate the creepy old man. This does not consider his two accusers of marital infidelity whom he paid off. Those were consensual, but his denials are telling.

The President’s strong denials now don’t hold water as he has admitted to doing the sexual misconduct in three separate interviews, two with Howard Stern and one the infamous Access Hollywood tape. Like with the above, I believe the women, some of whom accused him before the interviews were made public. That is more than interesting – it is indicting.

The only remaining actions should be of concern to the GOP leaders. First, a Judge has permitted a case to move forward accusing Trump of defamation as he lied about his sexual misconduct with her. The other will be more problematic as news reporters continue to do the job the FBI was prevented from doing. As I asked Senators Collins and Flake, are you sure this is the horse you want to ride? More will come out, but it is too late.

With all due respect to a large bunch of white men who do not care to know the truth, I believe the women. I have listened to Messers. Trump, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Cosby, Weinstein, Clinton – I believe the women. One final thought to those who have rationalized all of this with a tribal mindset. If Dr. Ford was your daughter, you would want Kavanaugh’s head.

18 thoughts on “I believe the women

  1. I, too, believe the women. Morality, values, honesty and integrity no longer have a place in our government, it would seem. The person at the head of any organization sets the tone, the example for those beneath him. The ‘man’ in the Oval Office, the one who sits there only by a quirk of the electoral college, and not by the will of the majority, is a liar, a cheater, and a sexual predator. We should, I suppose, expect no less of his minions, for they are following his example.

    You are right. Today is a very sad day for women, but also for the nation, for the most time-honoured of our institutions has just been cheapened.

    • Jill, we can back thus train up to three events. Harry Reid saying only a majority is needed on appointments other than SCOTUS nominees. Mitch McConnell at the instigation of Trump to drop the 60 vote on SCOTUS for Gorsuch and McConnell’s refusal to give a committee hearing to Merrick Garland. Now moderate candidates need not be proposed. Keith

      • You are so right, If the 60 votes had been required, we’d all be singing a different tune today. Instead, in the words of Julius Caesar, ‘The die is cast’.

      • Jill, should any non-moderate judge be selected by either party, the fight will be ornery. The irony aboutt 2016, is the GOP liked Merrick Garland. He just wasn’t conservative enough. Keith

      • Sigh … what are we doing to ourselves, my friend? I have my fingers crossed that Breyer and Ginsburg do not fall prey to the maladies that are typical of their ages. đŸ˜¥

      • Jill, it is not surprising McConnell and Trump are trying to reshape history and say Ford was mistaken. Ford has far more integrity and courage than either man. Keith

  2. It’s a sad day considering many republican women including evangelical Christian women are willing to accept this man whether or not he is guilty of sexual assault. They have glorified a know sexual predator President. Perhaps this will invoke an uprising not seen since the feminist movement of the sixties.

  3. Dear Keith,

    It is a rare event when the woman is lying about sexual allegations against a man. The estimate is between 2-8 %.

    Under this set of circumstances, the chances of Dr. Ford misstating her beliefs and being wrong is virtually nil. Since she is telling the truth, the best that can be said about Judge Kavanaugh is that he was so drunk to where he recalls nothing. This is why the FBI being blocked from checking into his drinking history is such a big deal.

    You gave the GOP senators good solid advice. They have placed too much stock in their own political conspiracy theories that those lefties (Democrats) were out to destroy their friend, a decent man whom they have known and admired for years.

    They backed the wrong horse and you are not the only one who tried to warn them. They’ll figure it out eventually as proof/ evidence is developed backing the women’s claims.

    Women deserved to be believed until proven otherwise by a competent investigation. For those who are proven to have maliciously and falsely accused a particular person, there should be criminal penalties.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, John Oliver has an excellent piece on the events on his show last Sunday. She confessed she knew she may not be heeded and risked a great deal. Yet, she did so anyway.

      As for Kavanaugh, any conservative judge would provide the GOP’s desired stance on abortion. His nomination was more than that. Trump picked him to make Mueller scrutiny go away when the time comes. What I think is straightforward. If the Supreme Court cannot make the President abide by the law, then that is autocracy. Keith

    • Lisa, agreed. The patronizing of Ford makes my stomach turn – the “something happened to her, but she must be mistaken” defense. Ford has more integrity and courage than McConnell and Trump combined. To me, the fact Kavanaugh lied to unknowing Senators about sexual conquest references in his yearbook as “drinking games” is appalling. That is just one of his sets of lies. Keith

  4. What a sharp and unexpected turn our country has taken. Besides being horrified, I’m frightened for what comes next. My optimism has been utterly flattened…not that I ever had a lot of that.

    • Thanks Linda. I read where 45% of Americans felt the media coverage was biased against Kavanaugh. What I find troubling with all of this is Dr. Ford risked everything as a civic duty knowing it would not be heeded, but she did it anyway. I saw GOP Senators fawn over Kavanaugh in the middle of his rant and lying. And, though he denied it later, we saw a President hamstring the FBI from talking with more witnesses including the third accuser with the more vile crime. Women and strong men have to step up and say this is not right.

  5. Note to Readers: I sent a variation of this post to an email distribution list. A key reason I am writing this is the obvious downplaying of the alleged victims’ accusations. But, it turns my stomach that the President, unsurprisingly, is bashing and mocking Ford and overselling Kavanaugh being proved innocent, which is untrue.

    Now, the GOP and President are bashing Dems saying the women protesting were paid and they were unjust in raising concerns over Kavanaugh. Yet, what may seem small is the most telling criticism that came out of Trump’s mouth. During a pep rally, he mocked Senator Al Franken for doing the right thing and resigning when he was accused of sexual harassment. To summarize, the US President was mocking someone who was being accountable. Accountable is a word foreign to Trump, as much as truth.

  6. Note to Readers: A true story to remind us of why women need to be in Congress, after the revelation of sexual assaults and rapes in the military totalled 26,000, only about 3,000 or so were brought to trial with fewer comvictions. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand fought to have the inquiry process removed from the chain of command. The reason is the commander may be the problem, may be masking the culprit or created an environment where assaults could occur. This is what is done in civilian organizations. She was unsuccessful in accomplishing this goal, so progress has been slowed.

    With more women in the Senate, there would have been more of a challenge to the military leaders present. Just like the President’s involvement in the FBI investigation of Judge Kavanaugh, sexual assault investigations must be removed from the chain of command to get at the truth.

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