A simple example of accountability that speaks volumes

The following is a brief example, but speaks volumes as a window into the US President. At one of his pep rallies the past few days, the President ridiculed the former Senator Al Franken from Minnesota, who resigned after accusations of sexual harassment. But, the President was not ridiculing the allegations, he was mocking him for resigning.

Let me be clear on this. The President of the United States was mocking a Senator who did the right thing accepting accountability for his actions. He screwed up, acknowledged it and resigned. The President saw this as weakness. The crowd cheered, but why?

I have written before how the President is not accountable. He rarely accepts blame for anything he does that goes awry. According to his biographers, he was taught by his mentor Roy Cohn to do two things – never say you are sorry and sue everyone. Think about this. He sues everyone or threatens to any time he perceives maltreatment. Before the election, his company lawsuits averaged 1 1/2 per week.

Now, he may have said he is sorry, but I can’t think of one top of mind, in spite of many opportunities. Typically, he changes what he said or backs off, then comes back later to double down. My favorite story to illustrate Trump at his worst is arranging a press conference before the election with the sole purpose to say that he was wrong about Obama’s birth certificate issue.

We need to be reminded that Trump had been raising the birther issue for several years increasing his notoriety appealing to his future base. Yet, when it came time to accept accountability, he blamed Hillary Clinton. Her campaign in 2008 made up the birther issue was his rationale. The idea may have come from them, but they did not execute on it. Trump did for several years, repeatedly. This avoidance of accountability was vintage Trump.

We teach our kids to be truthful, be civil, be responsible and be accountable. Trump is only responsible to himself and his base, everything else is secondary. He tells the truth only 31% of the time and even less when at a pep rally. He certainly is not routinely civil. From several sources, his tirades are legendary indoors as well as out. But, accountability is a trait he severely lacks. Why did people clap at his rally? Because he was ragging on a Democrat. But, that Democrat did the right thing. He was accountable.


8 thoughts on “A simple example of accountability that speaks volumes

      • Rather he propagadizes that the me too movement and the investigation into Kavanaugh ( people forget he was not on trial but applying for a seat on the Supreme Court) is a threat to men and the majority senate backs his inciting rhetoric.

      • Holly, here is a short list top of mind if his role in this Kavanaugh mess:
        – he says Ford should be heard, then said she wa credible, then mocked her, and today and last night said she was evil
        – he advises Kavanaugh to aggressively defend himself and attack his critics; Kavanaugh reveals a hyper bias as a result and lies and ridicules Senators
        – He hamstrings the FBI investigation, so they don’t talk to Ford or Kavanaugh, he tells them not to talk to Swetnik because she is not credible (why does he conclude this) and they don’t do a thorough investigation
        – Then apologizes to him and pronounces him innocent which was not the conclusion

        Senator Heidi Heitkamph has a terrific commercial on why she did not vote for Kavanaugh – I think he lied and he showed he could not be nonpartisan (I agree). Keith

  1. Accountability, like honour and integrity, are not part of the motto of this administration. There are so many examples of this that I could write a book. In fact … I may just do that! Good post!

    • Thanks Jill. As the stock market retreats and economy turns, he will look to blame others – Fed Reserve Chairman, e.g. Warren Buffett noted early on that Trump would be wise not to take credit for the stock market, as any President has little impact. He can provide headwinds and tailwinds (and this President) has done both, but the Presidency gets too much credit and blame for the economy. Keith

  2. Dear Keith,

    The president’s ideal man, is the kind of man I would never want my son or any one else to emulate. He’s an empty shell to where I truly feel sorry for his children. He’s such a poor role model.

    That we have been stuck with him because of the republican party old geezers actually backed him and have continued to carry his water, and they do not fit my definition of winners. They are losers who have lost their way and who have failed to protect this country from all who would it harm, both from without and within. They have turned their back to honoring their oath of office.

    There are real men who have fought and died for this country, not to have these old farts desecrating the values that this country represented like being the champion of human rights.

    Hugs, Gronda

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