Let’s rise up

A terrific singer named Andra Day provided an anthem for women, but also forward thinking men as well. It is called “I’ll rise up.” Here is the final chorus which says let’s all rise up.

“Rise like the day
I’ll rise up
In spite of the ache
I will rise a thousands times again
And we’ll rise up
Rise like the waves
We’ll rise up
In spite of the ache
We’ll rise up.”

There has been a building crescendo worldwide, but especially here in the US, to say women matter. Women are tired of being taken advantage of by sexual predators, violent and controlling partners and men in power telling them what they can do with their bodies. Women are tired of people ignoring or demeaning them when they complain or accuse a violator. Women are tired of kitchen table issues like equal pay and healthcare gettimg ignored. Women are tired of nothing being done about gun governance which takes to many of their children and themselves.

Women are tired of being kidnapped and trafficked as sex slaves or servants. And, more globally, women need to be supported for saying we are not a possession to be sold, beaten or killed and we need not go through genital mutilation to satisfy an archaic religious practice written by a men.

Now, is the time to rise up. Women are running for political office in tremendous numbers in the US. They are reacting to a misogynist bully who shows what leadership does not look like. Their global sisters are using the opportunity to make a stand.

Rise up and vote. Rise up and take a friend to vote with you. Rise up and make sure your family votes. Rise up and vote for equal rights for all, for our environment which is being destroyed and for our future which is threatened by existential crises like climate change, poverty and inequality. Rise up. It is time to make a huge statement. I am with you.


38 thoughts on “Let’s rise up

  1. Excellent message, Keith. I was watching on Entertainment Tonight the one year anniversary since Harvey Weinstein was first accused of sexual abuse. They did a timeline of all that has happened since, up to Bill Cosby’s sentencing. They mentioned the start of the #metoo movement and that it was helping women all over the world to stand up and fight against all you mentioned. That was the first time it dawned on me that #metoo was not just about Hollywood but women of all walks of life…including me. My life now is as close to perfect as you can get without being there but it was not always like that. I was date-raped on my grad night and married to an abusive husband for 5 years. We need more men like you to Rise Up so more of us can realize that we can too.! Thanks!

    • Lydia, many thanks. I am so sorry you went through two traumas, one lasting five years. Your point about the universality of sexual misconduct is the greater number of those impacted are everyday people. Women who work in a town with few employers have a higher probability to be asked to do favors for her male boss to keep her job, flex time, pay, etc.

      Retail and restaurant companies face huge employment risk issues because male managers act like kings in some of these less populated areas, and even in cities. With powers of hiring and firing, sexual misconduct occurs.


      • Lydia, it is my pleasure and honor. Recognizing this is a generalization, but women seem to be less interested than men in zero-sum gamesmanship and more in solving problems. I vividly recall that it took ten female senators to prevent the US from defaulting on its debts after Ted Cruz pulled his stunt to shut the government down. That would have been an embarassing failure if they had not stepped in. It is also a key reason Cruz deserves to lose whether it happens or not. Keith

  2. You’ve made some good points, but I have a question. Misogynist is defined as a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women. Would someone who felt that way elevate so many women to high positions, including ambassadors and being his spokesperson?

    • Jeanne, thanks. You have raised a good point. My views of the President in this area relate to his 22 sexual assault or harassment accusations which he has not only confirmed, but bragged about in at least three interviews, two with Howard Stern and one the infamous Access Hollywood tape. That does not get into his at least two affairs, which are consensual, but he still denies. Almost everything he does at some point relates to his enormous ego. It seems he likes to have attractive women working for him that gives me pause. By itself that is not alarming, yet when he comments during the campaign and as President about a particular woman’s looks saying why would he consider assaulting her, that gives me concern.

      I have observed what gives him a lot discomfort is a woman who won’t let up asking him questions that he does not like. Meghan Kelly asked him legitimate questions about his past comments and he boycotted the next debate because he was scared she’d ask more.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think it is good he has hired some women, but I still think he is a misogynist. An organization I helped served homeless working families – 1/3 of whom were domestic violence victims. As with sexual assaulters, DV predators are very good at masking their failings to other people.

      I gave you a longer answer than you may have wanted, but people are varying shades of gray. People who harm others don’t usually foam at the mouth. Keith

      • Keith, I respect your views, but still am not convinced the misogynist label fits. He is a product of the free love generation, though I have no idea if he was ever an actual hippie or not. From what I’ve observed he uses the word beautiful for a lot of things, and yes, even some women. In fact, I’ve often wondered if ‘beautiful’ might be one of his favorite words.
        I tend to classify people based on their deeds more than their words, and thus far, I think he’s done a lot of good things (and yes, some strange ones, too). Example: I’m cautiously optimistic about Korea, but still rather concerned about China. By any chance have you read Pillsbury’s book The Hundred-Year Marathon? If so, you’ll understand my concerns about China.

      • Thanks. I appreciate your thoughtful feedback. I am independent and former Republican voter, so please understand that lens. I am fiscally conservative and socially progressive.

        I see a much different President than you do. While some good things are occurring in the economy, we are well over nine years of consecutive months of economic growth and have had 2 million plus jobs added the last seven calendar years. I said this when Obama was President, the role gets too much credit and blame for the economy. It does provide headwinds and tailwinds.

        On the tailwinds, reducing several regulations has provided some help, but we must be wary of unintended consequences down the road with environmental reg changes. The tax reduction has provided tailwinds as well, but we are borrowing $2 trillion from our future (on top of $22 trillion in debt that is expected to grow) to make a pretty good economy better. This will cause future headwinds.

        I am frustrated by his harming our efforts to battle climate change. The train has left the station without him, but it would be easier with the fed’s help. I am also frustrated on his positions on trade and tariffs. China is a concern, but he would be better served by not bullying our allies and working with them to address China, instead of fighting all of them. These measures will provide headwinds maybe as soon as this quarter. Companies will be reporting higher costs in 3Q results. These measures also impact supply chain and sales pipelines. Businesses have been making decisions around these tariffs for months.

        But, the lying and bullying are beyond the pale. He is measured at lying 69% of the time and even more at his rallies. He wrote an op-Ed piece in USA Today on Medicare for All that wore out the fact checkers. Lying is bad enough, but making policy change off the lies is worse. He sold to disenfranchised voters that the reasons for their lot is immigration and trade. They are reasons, but are dwarfed by technology gains and CEOs chasing cheaper labor.

        I am happy we are talking to North Korea and wish him well. But, I feel he has been more harmful to our global reputation than not. We cannot shrink to greatness. Keith

      • He is, indeed, a misogynist. He has degraded and abased women more than once in a public venue, and if you have any doubt — all you have to do is look at how he treats his wife. Having at least two affairs while married to this one, and multiple affairs while married to the other two. Watch him walk ahead of Melania down the stairs from the plane, leaving her far behind. His belief is that women were put on this earth for the pleasure of men, nothing more. The few women he has chosen in his administration are the ‘token females’. Few have any real qualifications, if you look at Hope Hicks, KellyAnne, Sarah …

  3. Reblogged this on Chanty's Cosmos and commented:
    WOW!!! Keith you are iron. If only we had more men like you. You are so right this is a Global disease. Women are being destroyed. Women has become the endangered species here. We need to RISE UP…We need men to RISE UP in support. It’s a huge statement indeed. ARE YOU WITH US?

    • Many thanks for the reblog. Our representatives should look like the demographics of whom they serve. We will be better for it. There is a great book called “Half the Sky” by Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn about the maltreatment of women around the world. Better representation would help.

  4. This is a powerful clarion call Keith. We still have the old double standards and hypocrisies. Women are expected to be objects of beauty and be photographed in sexual poses. Yet are just as likely to be called abusive names if they step outside of their ‘allotted’ role and circle.
    The French are supposed to have coined the phrase “Between Men and Women there is only a small difference. But Vive La Difference!” which I concur with but Women are our at least our equals.
    When you consider an average woman has to put up with a monthly menstrual cycle; a comparative circumstance which would have many of our sex whinging over. It’s women who have to jump through chemical hoops as a means of contraception Many will become pregnant and all the discomfort that entails, THEN go through labour. At another stage there will the menopause. And yet they soldier on, day in day out. Heroes I tell you!
    Those who denigrate women simply because of their gender are not Men, they just happen to be classified as male by gender, quite a different thing.

    • Roger, well said. Rather than repeat a comment, look at my last response to Lydia about how ten female Senators averted the US defaulting on its debts. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: I am proud of Taylor Swift who took a risk and said who she supported and why in Tennessee. She also encouraged her fans to get involved and vote. Ironically, she endorsed an opponent of a female Congressperson running for Senate stating her positions against the Violence Against Women Act, same sex marriage and rights of LGBT people among others. She said this kind of discrimination was inconsistent with her values.

    It is one thing to say what you want, but to be able to articulate the reasons why is important. Again, when you hear labels, bumper sticker slogans or name-calling by a candidate, dig deeper, as these tactics are shortcuts to convince you because the facts are lacking. As an example, the President wrote an op-Ed piece in USA Today against Medicare-for-all that wore out fact checkers. Labels abounded, facts were shortchanged. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: A true story to remind us of why women need to be in Congress, after the revelation of sexual assaults and rapes in the military totalled 26,000, only about 3,000 or so were brought to trial with fewer comvictions. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand fought to have the inquiry process removed from the chain of command. The reason is the commander may be the problem, may be masking the culprit or created an environment where assaults could occur. This is what is done in civilian organizations. She was unsuccessful in accomplishing this goal, so progress has been slowed.

    With more women in the Senate, there would have been more of a challenge to the military leaders present. Just like the President’s involvement in the FBI investigation of Judge Kavanaugh, sexual assault investigations must be removed from the chain of command to get at the truth.

  7. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    I am very fortunate that among my male friends, there are very few misogynists, few who believe men are superior to women, or that women were put on this earth to be the playthings of men. Our friend Keith is among the most open-minded, fair men I know, and his post from two days ago is proof. As Keith points out, women are tired … of many things. And as he urges us … our vote must speak of our thoughts, of our tiredness, or our mindset. Thank you, Keith, for this caring post!

  8. Jill said the women as hired by DJT are only tokens, but they aremore–they are all traitors to their gender and sex. These are not women who want equality, but don’t want it. They are happy to have men gawking at them, it makes them feel beautiful, and we all know society says women are only valuable when they are beautiful. They are also happy to have men owning them, their mothers and grandmothers were dlaves to men, so why shouldn’t they be.
    I cannot go on.

    • Thanks for your comment. I don’t want to speak for how they think as that is unfair. But, it concerns me that he favors more attractive women on his team. It should be noted Bob Woodward’s book “Fear” makes this same comment from a White House source. The book is very good, by the way. Keith

  9. Thank you, Keith, for such thoughtfulness. I don’t believe DJT’s behavior is the result of the “free love, sexual revolution.” Its the result of feeling entitled to do and say what he wants regardless of what happens. He has always had someone to clean up his messes. I do hope the energy carries us to the polls on election day. All the best

    • Thanks Lindi. I think you size him up very well. I have found of interest that the President was so consumed with his image, he would call into radio talk shows and pretend to be he press agent for Donald Trump. He would describe all the news about Donald. This neediness to assuage his large ego is central the man. He has long felt he could get away with things because he has.

      Always remember what his mentor Roy Cohn said to him – never admit a mistake and sue everyone. And, that is what he does. Keith

  10. Dear Keith,

    Both President Trump and General Kelly are misogynists with racist leanings.

    That the president has upset women is an understatement. He and his GOP sycophant cronies have gotten away with their bullying, discounting, sidelining, ignoring, patronizing, silencing women for too long and in November 2016, they went too far by catapulting Donald Trump into the White House.

    They backed this man who is the bully-in-chief , the misogynist-in chief, the racist in chief, the Xenophobe-in -chief, the liar-in chief who has been acting like a Russian asset. When women spontaneously took to the streets on January 21, 2016, they outnumbered the crowds that showed up for President Donald Trump on his inauguration date. They were not paid but they were angry. You would have thought that the GOP Grumpy Old Perverts would have paid attention to this canary in the mine shaft.

    Instead, they doubled down as when they backed Mr. Moore of Alabama, General Kelly’s mistreatment of the widow of a fallen soldier and her friend, etc., etc.

    The Kavanaugh-Dr. Ford saga was just another nail on their coffin. These GOP old geezers are about to find out that they’ve been digging their own graves on November 7, 2018.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, I hope the protestors follow through on the voting. The US President is pulling out all stops calling Democrats evil and unruly mob.

      Politifacts noted that at his rallies Trump lying rate increases from 69% to 75%. Right now, it is likely higher. Again, I do not believe a word the man says as the odds are well in my favor. Even Nixon did not lie like this man, and he lied a lot toward the end.


  11. Note to Readers: I did not know where to place this comment, but I am pretty weary of the entire Republican candidate roster running against Nancy Pelosi. This is a form of labeling which is glosses over substance. Quite simply, if that is the basis for your candidacy, then you must not have a lot to offer.

    As an Independent, let me say this. Pelosi is not perfect, but neither is Mitch McConnell and certainly not Donald Trump. I recognize all these folks are lightning rod, so tell us what they do that makes them a reason to bring them up if you must.

    Saying you are running to provide a check on the President not addressing the debt, climate change and infrastructure are reasons. Saying you want to provide a check on policies being set of misrepresentiaton is s reason.

    One of the best lines was uttered in a debate after the Pelosi card was played. He said, you aren’t running against Nancy Pelosi, you are running against me.

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