Sunday summaries

I hope your weekend is going well. Several topics have toyed with me writing a full post, so I will resort to a brief summary of a few. In no particular order:

The royal family of Saudi Arabia has done a pretty inept job of lying to the world about what happened to Jamal Khashoggi. It is so unartful that even the US President, who is not known for truth and wants just to do transactions, is being forced to admit they must be lying. I applaud other world leaders and even more than a few US Senators for stepping up to cry foul. My guess is this will eventually lead to the fall of Crown Prince MSB as he is embarrassing the family and country and this is adds to a growing list of notorious screw-ups.

Heading north to Great Britain, there were an estimated 750,000 British folks that protested in the streets of London yesterday asking for a new Brexit vote with actual facts being disseminated. While I fully understand the rationale of those who want Brexit, from the outset, Brexit will be harmful financially to Great Britain. Many financial companies and EU headquarters have either moved or are planning to move to an EU site. Plus, Scotland and Northern Ireland continue to talk openly of votes to leave Great Britain should it occur. If that is not enough, it is believed that Vladimir Putin has had a hand in the disinformation as he did with the 2016 and current 2018 elections in the US.

Returning to the US, candidates of my old Republican Party are taking a lot of heat over their positions on healthcare over the years. They should. Not only has this party not tried to improve and stabilize the Affordable Care Act, they have sabotaged and made it worse. It should be noted politicians don’t seem to understand a lot about healthcare. Here is a letter I sent to my newspaper that will give you a sense of what has transpired.

It seems healthcare is a key issue this election. Surveys the last eighteen months have indicated the majority of Americans want the Affordable Care Act stabilized and improved. Yet, the GOP leadership has tried to repeal it and actually has sabotaged its success making premiums higher than they otherwise would have been. The Senate’s defunding by 89% of adverse selection payments to insurers, the President’s defunding of payments to insurers to help people in need with co-pays and deductibles and the fight in states like NC to not expand Medicaid have increased exchange premiums and driven more carriers out of markets. This retired actuary, benefits consultant and benefits manager believe these measures have harmed Americans and people should know this.

Finally, a story that should get even more airplay than it is relates to the voter suppression attempts by the Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp in his role as State Secretary. Whereas an ethical person would recuse himself from overseeing elections, Kemp has been pretty blatant in his efforts to make it harder to vote. I do not like the voter ID laws, gerrymandering districts and aggressive voter suppression tactics being done in my own and other GOP led states. These are Jim Crow-like. Yes, Democrats have done similar tactics, but what is being done the last eight years has been an orchestrated effort by a group called ALEC, funded by the Koch Brothers.

I am pretty tired of this the “ends justifies the means” rhetoric. I see what can happen when people cheat. They cheat to get elected and cheat once they are there. The US President is not only enriching people who donated to his efforts, he is enriching himself by using his position to make more money. This self-dealing is actually illegal. And, when people cheat, it devalues our country and state governance.




2 thoughts on “Sunday summaries

  1. Hi Keith! I do hope you are right and that this is the beginning of the end for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, for it is my opinion that he is a danger to the entire globe. Looking into his eyes sends a chill down my spine. However, it would not surprise me if his father dies a sudden and unexpected death very soon.

    I try to stay away from opining on Brexit, for I have good friends on both sides of the issue and anything I say will offend somebody. I only hope that once the dust settles, their economy remains stable.

    You hit the nail on the head when you say that few in Congress actually understand health care. It almost seems as if they have decided to let health care in the U.S. be used as a tool for population control. They fight tooth and nail against abortion, calling it ‘murder’, but it’s okay for somebody with diabetes, MS, or a serious heart condition to simply die because they cannot afford to see a doctor or pay for their medicine even if they could see a doctor. But then, the members of Congress don’t need to worry about it, for they and theirs are taken care of.

    Between voter suppression tactics, Russian interference, social media, and dirty campaigning, the 2018 election is set to be anything but a fair and honest one. But that should not stop people from voting … if people shrug their shoulders and assume that it is rigged and their own vote won’t count, then we don’t even get out of the starting gate, and the next election will be naught but a farce. We must make our voices heard!

    Good post … I like it when you diversify! Have a great week!

    • Thanks Jill. Seeing the fights against the ballots on Medicaid expansion in red states, the arguments do not hold merit. Hopefully, voters will see past this subterfuge. In short, the Medicaid expansion helps people, hospitals and state economies per a study by George Washington University and another by the University of Nebraaka – Lincoln.

      As for Brexit, I understand your position and both sides of the argument. I strongly believe if another vote were taken, they would remain in the EU. I worry about the future for my British friends, but my opinion means little on this. Of course, I worry about our future as well. Keith

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