Diversity remains a strength

Our friend Jill noted today yet another episode of an American chastising someone for not speaking English. People who feel they are the annointed natives giving them the right to berate people for not speaking English, need to be reminded of a few historical items.

The English language came from England, which means it came with immigrants. The first natives spoke a variety of dialects. But, we should also recognize they came here as immigrants over an ice bridge in the Bering Sea. Then, came the Vikings, Spanish, French, English, Irish, West Africans, Eastern Europeans, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Syrians, Russians, Philippinos, Australians, Iraqis and so on. Please forgive if I overlooked a group as the list is long.

One of America’s strengths is its diversity. We are indeed a melting pot of people with all of their strengths and weaknesses. Plus, our constitution and bill of rights tell us that no one is more American than another. My rights are no more important than another’s and vice-versa.

Just from a practical standpoint, we have access to a variety of ideas, innovations, inventions, foods, music, art, religions, prose and poetry. Newcomers tend to be hard-working and more enterpreneurial. Immigration is accretive to the American economy, Just because a so-called leader masks over that fact, does not make it go away. If we close our doors, we would retrench. And, we cannot shrink to greatness.


10 thoughts on “Diversity remains a strength

  1. Thanks for the mention, Keith! I was thinking about all of this, how much I value diversity and especially the cultural exchange of ideas and traditions. And I tried to envision what this nation would be like if we had not every allowed immigrants, if the rules had always been to only allow white Europeans to settle on these shores. And the only picture I can have is something akin to “The Stepford Wives” if you ever read that book or saw the movie … a boring world where everybody thought the same, looked the same, ate the same foods, listened to the same music. How horrible!!! Think, folks … no tacos! No Jambalaya, no brightly-coloured clothes. And the knowledge … from building cars to computers, immigrants have brought knowledge and skills. The list is endless, but the point being … this would be the least desirable place in the world to live under those circumstances. Good post, my friend!

  2. Note to Readers: I have shared this quote of David Smick’s before, but it never gets old. Smick, an economic advisor to Jack Kemp, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton said “Innovation is portable.” If you do not let it flourish here, it will flourish elsewhere. And, that will be where the new jobs are.

    • Hugh, thanks. Maybe if they did try that anatomically challenged metaphor, they would not hear the man who says to hate the people who look differently. The Trump cult is heeding every word the man says, regardless of veracity. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: One of the underappreciated uses of diversity, is setting up teams of folks with diverse skills and perspectives. I have worked with some very inventive problem solvers who are the worst candidates to e execute the solution to their idea. It was imperative to add a good project manager to any team he was on.

  4. Excellent post, Keith. Our countries share this historical truth in common. Opposition to immigration is a characteristic of our conservatives as well – a disease shared with your Republicans et al.

    • John, I presume the same holds true there, but this latest focus on all immigration, is entirely around preserving a power base. The future demographics in the US are not favorable to conservatives, so they have to convert a great many or limit their voting. This is why white Supremacists are more tolerated and why lilly white Russia is more accepted. I recognize this sounds conspiratorial because it is. I have sensed this for some time, but Steve Schmidt, a former GOP strategist says this long term strategy dates back to the late 1990s and the Koch Brothers. Keith

  5. Dear Keith,

    Diversity is what makes the USA a great country. It’s the new ideas, new ways of thinking that makes us a country of creative and innovation.

    If President Trump would be an example of a new neighbor who despised diversity, I would move out. How boring!

    And I wouldn’t go around blaming my immigrant neighbors for my woes. I’d be grateful for what they add to the culture and to my life.

    Businesses need immigrants but President Trump like with the tariffs, is not listening.

    Meanwhile his hatred and prejudices permeates our culture like a cancerous growth.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, true. Yet, why do his followers overlook his high percentages of immigrants in his hotels? The reason does not get much attention – Trump is renowned for being cheap.

      I just read the part in “Fear,” where Gary Cohn, Trump’s former economic advisor had a standing rule as CEO of Goldman Sachs for his company not to do business with Trump’s organization. Why? Because Trump was well known to stiff people or sue them. Keith

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