The real voter fraud

Living in a state that has had its voter ID law overturned for unconstitutional discrimination along with several attempts at gerrymandered districts, I have witnessed first hand Jim Crow-like voter suppression. In fact, the latest ruling against gerrymandering happened just two months ago, too late to change the districts for the 2018 election.

To avoid the obvious point, this is cheating. Both sides have cheated in the past, but using the wording of an appellate judge on the North Carolina GOP voter ID law, it was a “precision-like” effort to discriminate.

Sadly, the states of Georgia and North Dakota are witnessing orchestrated attempts to suppress votes. What makes the Georgia suppression efforts targeting African-American voters so inappropriate is the man running for Governor, Brian Kemp, oversees the voting process as Secretary of State. He is running against a Black female Democratic candidate, so this is blatant cheating and highly unethical.

In North Dakota, Native Americans are being discriminated against. Many use a PO Box for mail purposes, as their rural homes often do not have a physical address. So, a voting law was passed requiring the use of a street address or you have to go through more hoops to vote. The Native Americans tend to favor Democrats. Again, to state the obvious, this is cheating.

These laws are designed to address a fairly non-existent problem. Yet, the orchestrated public relation efforts of their advocates paints a much overstated problem. The laws tend to go beyond an innocuous sounding voter ID issue, which is discriminatory by itself. The laws tend to include other 21st century versions of Jim Crow efforts to make voting harder for people of color. Ironically, the one area that sees a more than a trace voting fraud is absentee voting by mail. Since this method has tended to favor Republican voters, it tends not to get included in the voter ID laws.

I am Independent voter who was a Democrat as a young adult and Republican as an older one. A key reason I left the GOP was a tendency by the party and its biased news support to make things up, far more than the Democrats. This obfuscation of the truth has actually gotten much worse with the current US President. So, from my vantage point, the only voter fraud I see is being perpetuated by the Republican Party.

7 thoughts on “The real voter fraud

  1. It looks that way to the World as well Keith. It’s as though they don’t feel they can win by fair means after all the stunts pulled by Trump and his backing party.So as usual they turn to foul means. I just hope Halloween brings them bad luck.

    • David, thanks. To me, there are two things two ponder.
      – if you have to cheat, what does that say about argument?
      – if you cheat to win, aren’t you more likely to cheat in office?
      The US President is a prime example. He sold on fear and he has used the office for self-dealing and tax gain for people like him. Keith

  2. All excellent points, and I agree with both you and David … if you have to cheat to win, then you didn’t have a very good platform to begin with. One thing to note … my girls and I mailed our absentee ballots about a week ago, and there was no indication, nothing in the instructions that said it must have two stamps. I remembered hearing something, so I went in search of information and found that, sure enough, OUR county required two stamps, else the ballot would not be processed, while the countries surrounding ours require only one stamp. Gee … could it be because this is a largely African-American county? Nah, surely they wouldn’t stoop that low, right?

    • Jill, I think your conclusion that requiring two stamps is another way of cheating is accurate. It is akin to sending mailers to select audiences that the day of voting is different. The ends do not justify the means. But, this kind of cheating must be publicized. Keith

      • And did you hear about Dodge City, Kansas, where all the new voters were given directions for the wrong polling place? Funny that … Latinos make up the majority of the town. 😠

      • Jill, what it amounts to is a history of Jim Crow has reemerged as an active strategy. It is not violent as much as it is making these efforts more normative.

        This week a young white man in my city was taking pictures of a voting place. A black, retired police officer who was volunteering at the voting place went out to ask him what was going on. The young man uttered some racial epithets and said he was a Republican. The black man responded with he was a Republican, too. The white man said “you ain’t a Republican m***erf**ker, you ain’t s**t.” Again, we cannot indict a group based on the acts of one. But, when voting suppression is looked at with its large footprint, we can indict that effort to cheat. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: Just a quick aside regarding the US President who is visiting my city tonight. It was a sure bet he would say something inane, inflammatory and egocentric. The man who said this morning we must unify, continued his modus operandi to divide. Per the man in the White House, it remains the media’s fault that he encourages and celebrates violence and demonizes political opposition. It is the media’s fault he is the most untruthful President in my lifetime and that includes Richard Nixon who was a crook. It is the media’s fault everything is about him.

    I do my best to not refer to him as a leader. He occupies a position of leader, but he is not a leader. He is to busy being a pathetic little man.

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