What are we voting for?

So, much of the focus has rightfully been on countering the most divisive US President this Independent voter has witnessed. He has bullied, denigrated, lied and made himself the center of attention on far too many issues.

Yet, let’s look at this record he touts as his reason to give him free rein. His followers say he has done what he promised. To me, therein lie the problems.

While the economy is going well, the economic growth has lasted 9 1/2 years, the second longest in US history. We have also had over 8 years of job growth. The tax law and deregulation have helped make it a little better, but we are doing so on borrowed time with increasing debt and less governance.

We have announced the pull out of the Paris Cilmate Change accord and are an outlier in the world. The President lied to people about climate change being a hoax and has added insult by damaging our environment through enabling industrial polluters. He is borrowing time the world does not have.

The ill-conceived tariffs are bad enough, but bullying and lying to our allies far exceed the damage tariffs will do. We are harming our relationships, which are a key strength of America. We are also less trustworthy. As Trump’s former economic advisor said after telling him he lied to the Australian PM, Trump is a “professional liar.”

We have focused on immigration as a major problem, but it has been sold on fear and is not as big a problem as advertised. We have made immigrants the bogeymen and have lost sight of the impact of domestic terrorists already here. Yes, we should fix immigration, but three promising bills before this President were waylaid for political reasons.

We have allowed a President to build off Republican leadership efforts to sabatoge the Affordable Care Act making premiums higher than they otherwise would be. His party has screwed Americans to win a political argument. And, now the GOP has the unmitigated gall to say they want to protect pre-existing conditions.

We have put in place two very conservative justices, but the President forced the Senate to move away from a super majority to a simple majority. This has made it easier to get a less moderate Justice on the court. I want well-tempered jurisprudence, not partisanship. The most recent Justice lied to the Senate.

We have allowed a President to make money off the Presidency, which he has been sued over. The trial is permitted to move ahead. We have not criticized a President enough for denigrating rhe media. Trump is on record  as lying more than any other politician. Our democracy is at stake because of these two issues. He is President, not King.

Finally, civil rights are under attack with this President. His hate speech and bullying have greased the skids for white supremacists. The President is a racist and misogynist.

This is his record. And, I have not even discussed the Russian issue. I would give him kudos on discussions with North Korea and some deregulation. The tax cut helped some, but went too far and is hurting our debt. And, we have done little to better govern guns or invest in our infrastructure.

That is what I think as an Independent voter, who left the GOP over ten years ago. We need to better govern this President. He certainly is not up to the task.


21 thoughts on “What are we voting for?

      • It is hard to imagine how large numbers of folk would stay away from these elections, and yet as the old English ‘north country’ (Yorkshire & Lancashire) saying goes ‘There’s nowt so queer as folk,’

      • Roger, I hope this becomes the exception mid-term. As with Brexit, young people assumed it would fail, just as they did with Trump. The time to protest is at the ballot box, not afterwards. Keith

      • Quite rightly so Keith. Apathy, Complacency and Ignorance brought us to these places. Can anyone seeing the antics of not just Trump but those who follow him really think ‘not voting’ is an option?
        Martin Niemöller’s poem ‘First They Came’ keeps coming back to haunt me.

    • Thanks Mary. As you know, his followers would be surprised by these comments as he had told them all negative comments are fake news. It stymies me how people cannot see what is happening. Let’s hope enough are listening and vote.

  1. Note to Readers: What is both chilling and infuriating to me is the racism that has permeated some elections. In Florida and Georgia, racist robo calls have been made since two gubernatorial candidates are black. There have proactive efforts by the GOP in Georgia and North Dakota to make it difficult for African Americans and Native Americans to vote. Please remember the name Brian Kemp, who oversees the voting process in Georgia. He has purposefully and unethically led the voter suppression effort while he is a candidate. He should be remembered, win or lose, as unethical and untruthful.

    These efforts are done with impunity under the Trump Presidency. A real leader would actively and consistently condemn these efforts. But, therein lies the problem – Trump is not a leader, he just occupies the leadership chair.

  2. Note to Readers: My newspaper published the following letter to the editor. It is an abbreviated version on a post of a few weeks ago called “Healthcare is key.”

    It seems healthcare is a key issue this election and the majority of Americans want the Affordable Care Act stabilized and improved. Yet, the GOP leadership has tried to repeal the ACA and has sabotaged it making premiums even higher. The Senate’s defunding adverse selection payments to insurers, the President’s defunding of subsidies to insurers to help people in need and the fight in states like NC to not expand Medicaid have increased exchange premiums and driven more carriers out of markets. This retired actuary, benefits consultant and manager believe these measures have harmed Americans.

  3. Excellent summation, my friend. I can’t think of much to add … wow … me, silent? I would go one step further on Brian Kemp … I believe he needs to be charged with willfully attempting to rig an election and given a lengthy sentence. He has gone way to far and the entire election in Georgia has become a sham that should be null and void, redone next week with somebody besides Kemp overseeing the process.

  4. Dear Keith,

    The Nov. 6 election had record turnouts with more women and minorities winning elections. The one good thing that our President has done is to get more peoples involved in politics.

    I’m happy that Rep Pelosi will be the Majority Speaker for the US House of Representatives as she will not allow the Dems to over kill in exercising their oversight duties. There should be an effort to protect the work product by the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III who is in charge of the Trump-Russia probe. Then I want them to subpoena the IRS TAX returns for the president and his family; to focus on the emoluments clause of the US Constitution where the president is not allowed to enrich himself with foreign monies like with his Washington DC hotel; and then the placement of Matt Whitaker as the new acting attorney general and what the GOP on the US Senate Judiciary committee knew about Judge Brett Kavanaugh before he was confirmed.

    But I want the focus to be on fixing the ACA; fixing US infrastructure which includes the US voting infrastructure, for starters.

    They will have their hands full.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, your first point about creating a need for more diverse and new candidates to run may be the President’s greatest contribution to America, unintended as it may have been. He has shown how not to act, much less govern. I do hope Pelosi will keep the focus on governance which includes oversight. Keith

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