Walk away Renee and other female titled songs

As I travel by car, the radio is my companion. When a song comes on with a female name like the above, I have speculated if there is a similar song for each letter of the alphabet. So, in this spirit and after a little bit of research into odd letters, here is my rendering:

A – Alison by Elvis Costello; Amanda by Boston

B – Bernadette by the Four Tops; Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys

C – Carrie Ann by The Hollies; Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel

D – Diana by Paul Anka; Oh Donna by Ritchie Valens

E – Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles; Evangeline by Emmy Lou Harris

F – Fannie (be tender with my love) by The Bee Gees

G – Gloria by Van Morrison; Gloria by Laura Branigan (different Gloria)

H – Holly Ann by Boston; Henrietta by The Fratellis

i – Good night Irene by The Weavers

J – Jolene by Dolly Parton

K – Kara Jane by The Vines; Kristi by Soundgarden

L – Layla by Eric Clapton

M – Maybellene by Chuck Berry; Melissa by The Allman Brothers

N – Natalie by Bruno Mars

O – Ophelia by The Band

P – Hey Paula by Paul and Paula

Q – Quinn the Eskimo by Manfred Mann and written by Bob Dylan (who said Quinn had to be a man?)

R – Roxanne by The Police; Walk away Renee by Left Banke

S – Sarah Smile by Hall and Oates

T – Tracy by The Cufflinks; Tammy by Debbie Reynolds

U – Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boys; Uptown Girl by Billy Joel (think Christie Brinkly his second wife)

V – Valerie by Steve Winwood; Veronica by Elvis Costello

W – Wendy by The Association

X – Theme song for Xena arranged by Joseph LoDuca from a Bulgarian song Kaval Sviri

Y – Yolanda by Bobby Blue Bland

Z – Zoe Jane by Staind

As you review the list, I am certain I left off one of your favorites. As with any list, opinions will vary. Please offer additions and comments on the list below.


22 thoughts on “Walk away Renee and other female titled songs

    • Elisabeth, thanks. Very good adds. Lola adds color with it being a female name with an underlying story of a first kiss with what turned out to be a
      transvestite. Keith

      • Elisabeth, I think many may not realize this theme. When the song first came out, I was unaware of its meaning. It starts out with “deep round voice that said Lola,” and it ends with “I know I am a man, and so is Lola.” Keith

  1. Wow!!! Who knew? Funny, because I almost chose Cecilia last night, but changed my mind and went with Scarborough Fair instead. You might be stretching it just a bit on “Q”, but you did such a great job I won’t call you on it!

    • Sorry. Typo. I was saying that a few years ago there was video circulating of a contestant in a European version of Idol who sang “Ken Lee”. I was sad because she didn’t speak English and didn’t really know the Mariah Carey song “Without You”. The judges were merciless, but kudos to her for taking a chance. It was certainly something not to forget.

  2. Note to Readers: I must confess, I had not heard some of the songs as I searched. So, I gave them a listen. If you don’t recognize a song, give it a listen.

    As for the ones I knew, there are several favorites. Eleanor Rigby ranks highly as one of my favorite Beatles’ song. Layla is a classic. But, I think Jolene may be a standout song of Dolly Parton’s. As for Elvis Costello, who is entering the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Alison may be his most widely known song, but I would argue he has several others that are as good.

    Barbara Ann is more known for how it was recorded, as it went against the Beach Boys search for excellence. It was recorded in a hotel room with many guests adding to the chorus.

  3. Note to Readers: In addition to a few adds from readers, here are a couple more from the peanut gallery:
    A – Annie’s Song by John Denver
    D – Delta Dawn by Helen Reddy; Dawn by the Four Seasons
    G – Guinevere by CSN&Y
    J – Suite Judy Blue Eyes by CSN&Y
    L – Lorelei by Styx
    M – Mary Ann by Harry Belafonte
    Q – Killer Queen by Queen (I stared to add this one at the beginning, but I wasn’t sure if this was a name, title, or attitude)
    R – Lovely Rita by The Beatles
    S – Runaround Sue by Dion and the Belmonts; Sunspot by Bob Seger

    I will go out with “Dawn, go away I’m no good for you…”

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