It is time to govern

Now that the elections are over, it is time to put away the rhetoric and focus on governance. This used to be how it was done, until we segmented the news into various markets. The past twenty years or so, we seem to govern off the campaign rhetoric rather than facts and collaboration has become a dirty word.

As an Independent voter, who has been a member of both parties, the governing off rhetoric and lack of collaboration need to stop. Neither side owns all the good ideas and both sides have some bad ones. And, we need to focus on the underlying truths and facts rather than tweets and who wins a public relations battle over an issue. Process matters – when politicians deviate from process, it is for political reasons.

In this spirit, here are the issues that this voter thinks we should focus on. Many voters have voiced agreement on some of these, but some issues just don’t get due attention.

– we should stabilize and shore up the ACA which most Americans favor: funding commitments to insurers will stabilize premiums, as will expanding Medicaid and considering the expansion of Medicare down to age 55, 60 or 62.

– we should ditch the harmful tariffs and work with our allies and the WTO to pressure China to stop the intellectual capital theft. Tariffs hurt consumers and producers, especially our farmers.

– we should address infrastructure needs which are many, doing so as we have done in the past with a blend of business, venture capital and federal, state and local government funding.

– we should recognize that the two biggest threats to our planet per the World Economic Forum are our water crisis and climate change, which exacerbates the first issue: strides have been made, but we need to reassume our global leadership role on climate change and focus on measures to address both.

– we should add more governance around gun control issues: Gun-owners and non-gun owners have voiced agreement on measures that would help. It should be noted most gun-owners do not belong to the NRA, so the NRA’s political activism against reasonable change should be noted, but not over-emphasized.

– The deficit and debt are building to a point of huge reckoning. It has been eight years since the Simpson-Bowles Deficit Resuction Committee report was shelved. It was shelved because it recommended $2 in expense cuts to every $1 in revenue increases. It was shelved because neither party had the political courage to roll up their sleeves and make tough decisions – we cannot get there with only expense cuts or revenue increases, needing both.

– We should stop the lack of civil discourse and beating up on the media. The media’s role is vital to our democracy. Pay attention to where your news comes from. Be wary of opinion disguised as news. Tweets are not long enough to show context or subtlety and are an easy way to misinform, as a result. To this end, it is vital for our democracy to return to appropriate Congressional oversight. We are not a kingdom.

If anything, we must have our politicians work together. The crime bill the President is pushing and that passed the House is not perfect, but is a bipartisan effort. It makes steps forward. Let’s make needed improvements and get something done. And, that is what Americans want most from our politicians – stop the grandstanding and get stuff done.



7 thoughts on “It is time to govern

      • A transitory concept at best Keith. Those who cling to the ephemeral concept of power for its own sake never have satisfying ends to their lives.

      • True. It also bothers me about those who enable unjust people to stay in power. They are doing themselves and country a disservice. Looking the other way as Trump urinates all over the Constitution, offers a short term gain at the expense of our soul.

  1. Note to Readers: One of the items i did not highlight is fixing our immigration system, which should be done. Yet, the immigration concerns have been hyper-inflated by a President who uses this issue as something we must be afraid of. We have had three bipartisan immigration bills that have moved forward in the last eleven years. One even passed the Senate, yet the GOP Speaker John Boehner did want to take up the bill, primarily because it was a winning issue not to. This is why politicians deserve criticism. The bill had merit, yet was not considered.

    But just to show how idiotic this became, one of the “gang of eight,” Senator Marco Rubio, who moved forward the bill ran against his greatest legislative achievement when he ran for President. He denounced the very bill he sponsored.

    So, yes we need to fix the problem, but it can be done with cooler heads. The President actually was presented with a bipartisan bill by Senators Graham and Durbin until he knifed them in the back after agreeing to it in the morning.

  2. Dear Keith,

    The new Congressional members appear to be of a mind to work together. Let’s hope this good will lasts.

    The US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has nixed allowing the bipartisan crime bill to be voted on during the lame duck session. This is a shame as this is the one issue which has supporters from both sides of the aisle along with the WH.

    He has already announced his plans to run for reelection in 2020. He needs to be ousted!

    Hugs, Gronda

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