Cups of coffee and thanks

An old friend and colleague used to say about marketing, “You can never have enough cups of coffee with people.” I have expanded his advice over time to mean  fellowship and building relationships regardless of whether a future transaction is involved. To me, it is also a metaphor for saying thanks.

Cups of coffee (or tea, smoothie, etc) represent getting together for whatever reason. It could be to help a friend or the friend’s adult child network for a new or first job. It could be to meet to discuss how someone can follow their service bent and volunteer.

It could be catching up with an old friend you bumped into at the store. It could be to coach someone on an interview or offer snippets of advice to an adult child. Or, it could be to say thanks to someone for doing you a favor.

Whatever the reason, those cups of coffees represent more than the caffeine. They represent community. They represent gratitude.

Just like cups of coffee, you can never thank people enough. And, of course, you can order decaf. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


11 thoughts on “Cups of coffee and thanks

  1. So true … it’s such a small thing, and yet we too often don’t make time. Thank you, Keith, for always being the voice of reason, the ‘gold standard’ among our blogging family! Here’s a cup of coffee we two can share in this virtual world … ☕

  2. Note to Readers: We have an abundance of leftovers, even though we sent people home with some. We will be eating on turkey and dressing for days – the low carb diet is in serious jeopardy right now.

  3. Dear Keith,

    I love those words, can I treat you to a cup of coffee? It is a great way to start any conversation, a way to mend fences and of course, to show appreciation.

    Enjoy the leftovers. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hugs, Gronda

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