Environmental Punishment Agency

In spite of all of the damage being done to the United States and its relationships with allies, I have feared from the outset the damage the US President would do to the environment and our planet.

The word “Protection” no longer applies to defining the mission of the EPA. The “P” has been replaced by “Punishment.” Between the President and two industry favoring EPA directors (not to mention a transition plan climate change denier), the environment is becoming a bigger pool to pee in.

It started out with the attack on scientists who study and developed world-class data and reports on climate change. Access to these reports were removed from the government webpages and many scientists were reassigned to non-science positions which they had to take or were fired. Why? If your position is so grounded, why must you remove the other side’s arguments?

On top of rolling back numerous regulations that governed industry, several major changes also occurred:

– the compliance with the Clean Power Plan has been eliminated.

– the US is one of three countries to not support the Paris Climate Change Accord.

– the Clean Waters Act was greatly changed from a regulatory standpoint, unwinding changes made by Obama and both Bushes.

– And, this week, coal companies have greater license to let mercury and other pollutants escape (after they already made changes to comply with the 2011 requirement). The reason is the value of lives and dollar savings due to just the mercury change were less than the cost (yet that is subterfuge as the savings of lives and dollars due to other pollutants dwarfs the cost). I won’t even dignify the comment of the value of life being lost.

The legacy of this President will haunt our country and planet for a long time. Good actions are being taken in spite of this President’s efforts, but so much more could be done. I would encourage all voters, but especially young ones, to challenge all politicians about their environmental stance. This must be the issue of 2019 or we will lose momentum. To me, this is beyond horrible stewardship. It is malfeasance.


Note to Readers: Check out Gronda’s post on the influence of ALEC on the US effort to deregulate the EPA.

Dark Monies From ALEC Associated Corporations Is Root Cause Of De-Regulation Of EPA Rules


16 thoughts on “Environmental Punishment Agency

    • Erika, this President is disappointing on so many levels. Unfortunately, the hangover from his poor stewardship will be a gift that keeps giving. The world is a lesser place because of his Presidency. Keith

  1. He is supported, enabled and kept in power by his base. They vote for him as long as he keeps throwing them red meat…saying rapists, illegals, and terrible people are coming to our country, nazis have some very fine people, his hatred of Obama, which also feeds his racist cult, his hypocritical genuflecting to the equally hypocritical Evangelicals, his denial of climate change which pleases the “end timers” and his extreme bragging and lying about how big his brain is and how smart he is and endless lying on other matters.

    The weak cowardly republicans need the base’s vote, so they grovel at their feet. This 38% or so cult, have the country by the you know what and it isn’t about to change because that is what they want and it serves his purpose.

    • Mary, well said. His policies hurt all of us, but especially those he swears he wants to help. Not protecting the environment will hurt farmers, fishermen, shrimpers, etc. Not shoring up the ACA or supporting expansive Medicaid hits rural areas hard. And, so on. When his lying leads to bad policy, people are harmed. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: One of the best lines I heard since Trump became President came from an energy consultant. He said Trump did not represent the interests of coal miners, he represents the interests of coal mine owners. I think that nearly sums it up.

    Environmental regulations are often touted as anti-business, but in the end, the cost of damaging our environment is dear. Most businesses will do the right thing, but many will cut corners and some will go even further. The coal mine that killed about thirty miners a few years back was owned by a man who funded campaigns for judges and violated rules consistently. He went to jail for little over a year, as a result, as minor slap on the wrist. Coal miners were pawns to him as he consistently put them in less safe conditions.

    In short, the people with fewer choices are the ones that tend to pay the heaviest environmental cost with deregulation. They are pawns to be exploited.

    • When the ones with fewer choices find themselves boxed in a corner with no choices they’ll mind the lessons of history and do what all exploited have done: take the Bastille and erect a guillotine. Revolutions may not fulfill the dreams of those willing to die in them but until man learns to accept a better way, there is none other whereby they may gain a few years of pretend freedom and respite from old guard despots. Until, that is, they place their own despots above themselves, then it starts all over again.

      • Sha’Tara, I think I will stick with civil protest. Call me crazy, but cutting people’s heads off does not promote the kind of change I want. I hope you have a terrific 2019, nonetheless. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    I like the consultant’s analysis. I suspect that the president has financial ties to the fossil fuel industry or that he is somehow beholden to them which becomes obvious as they are the only ones who benefit from all of his administration’s deregulation of any and all environmental regulations.

    Hugs, Gronda

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