Wednesday at the movies

I hope your week is going well. I had an afternoon to myself, so I saw a movie my wife would pass on – “Vice.” The movie defines the Vics Presidency of Dick Cheney as one where he had more control of the country than his boss.

Christian Bale plays Cheney quite well to the extent it is hard to believe that is Bale underneath the weight gain and loss of hair. The movie is similar in style to “The Big Short,” so it has several asides to explain things. Amy Adams is highly commendable as his wife Lynne Cheney. I would give it a thumbs up, but I must confess it is a little unnerving.

Last year, we caught a few other movies that are also getting some Oscar buzz. Our favorite movie is “Green Book.” Viggp Mortenson plays a chauffeur hired as security to transport around the pre-Civil Rights era South an African-American concert pianist played by Mahershala Ali.

We also saw “Bohemian Rhapsody” about the life of Freddie Mercury and Queen. Rami Malek plays Mercury and Gwilym Lee plays the talented guitarist Brian May. It is quite entertaining and worth a look if only to learn more about Mercury and see the behind the scenes interplay of the band.

“A Star is Born,” is my favorite of the two versions of the same movie I have seen. Bradley Cooper brings a great deal to the role of the aging rock star with demons. Lady Gaga is sensational in her first acting role and her scenes on stage with Cooper are moving.

We also saw “First Man” where Ryan Gosling plays astronaut Neil Armstrong. The movie is good, but it does not get quite the buzz as the others. Armstrong was a duty-bound and sober man, so playing him straight-up does not offer a lot of drama outside of the challenge of the mission.

Finally, we saw the movie “Black Klansman” about the true story of Ron Stalworth, an African-American policeman who joined the KKK. Stalworth is admirably played by John David Washington. Adam Driver plays his Jewish white partner who attends the meetings as Stalworth’s avatar. It is a moving story with a brief history lesson that is unfortunately still alive today.

What movies have you seen that you rank highly? What do you think of any of the above?

18 thoughts on “Wednesday at the movies

  1. I’m interested in seeing Bohemian Rhdosidy and A Star is Born. Like your wife I’ll pass on vice. I never trusted Cheney and. It was disturbing to know he was more intelligent and inscrupulous with too much authority with decision making in the Bush Administration. I’m glad you enjoyed your movie going. I hope to get out there soon !

  2. Dear Keith,

    I’m interested in seeing all of the movies including Vice that you’ve recommended. I did get talked into going to see the movie, Black Panther. I can’t rave about this movie enough. It deserves all the accolades it has been getting. I did see the movie “Second Chance” with Jennifer Lopez and it was okay.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Hugh, keep reading. On the way home, I thought about VPs and VP wanna-bes. I was reminded how Sarah Palin was derailed because she could not name anything she read after bringing up she reads to gain experience. And, we have a President who takes pride in not reading.

      There is one line in the movie you would appreciate. Cheney’s people set-up his ability to get all intelligence briefings before Bush. And, his aide notes and you will actually read them.


    • Reading is never a waste of time, but you know that Professor Curtler – you’re punching our buttons! I haven’t seen a Box office movie in over ten years, and before that another ten years, but I would really like to see A Star is Born.

      Always good to see both of you online, even if I am silent!

      • Lisa, the love of reading may be one of our greatest gifts to our children. Each reads a great deal. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I found out this morning on CBS Morning News that John David Washington, the star of “Black Klansman,” is Denzell and Pauletta Washington’s son. He is also a former professional football player.

  4. And here I was wondering who would replace Roger Ebert! Like Hugh, I am more likely to spend my time reading. I never watch movies anymore, for I must rely on closed-captioning, which means I am too busy reading the captions to actually enjoy the movie, but a few of the ones you mention do sound interesting … perhaps I shall make the effort.

    • Thanks Jill. It is hard for people not in your shoes to fully comprehend the effort you exert to enjoy things we take for granted. More power to you.

      Since I like movies with dialogue and plot, I tend to focus on those. So, you won’t find many reviews from the comic book hero movies here. Roger Ebert was a trooper to the end. Keith

      • Thanks Keith! I’m not a fan of comic book hero movies either. Nor of romance books or movies … I need more plot than just “boy meets girl … etc.” Yes, I used to love seeing Siskel & Ebert … I miss him.

  5. I thought you had mentioned ‘A Star is Born’ so went searching thru the archives. (I’m at a little hostal and have internet – wow – at my convenience!)

    I’ve not seen it – it’s not available in my area until September of 2019 – as of two weeks ago. I suspect that it’s a very-emotional experience for anyone with history of alcohol – or any type of conflict that causes problems. Perhaps the movie is one that helps others see their problem of alcoholism – if still in denial – or not? I’d love your feedback – esp nice if you wrote a post about it.

    There’s that quote about the difference of watching a bullfight or being in the ring. You emerged from that bullfight intact, and share your story of what it was like. Again, I thank you.

    • Lisa, I did mention that one. A Star is Born reveals the vagaries of alcohol. I think the character is also depressed dealing with the down side of fame. I could see a compilation post on the issue.

      Thanks again for your advoacacy and support. Keith

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