Yet another letter to Senators

Please open up the government. A deal is there to be had, but it needs to not involve the person causing the shutdown. It is telling when a boss does not support his employees. To me, this speaks volumes into the nature of the US President.

Americans are being harmed. These federal employees deserve better than to be mere pawns in Trump’s game. Sadly, that is his history as a manager. Please do your job and open the government.

5 thoughts on “Yet another letter to Senators

  1. Note to Readers: Do yourself a favor and witness live fact-checking by Fox News’ most credible journalist, Chris Wallace when he spoke with White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders on Sunday. Not only did he correct her (and her boss) on the 4,000 terrorists who she claimed were captured at the border noting that they are captured at airports, but he also noted that the people captured at airports were called “special interest” detainees. They were not terrorists per se, they just traveled from countries on the banned list.

    In the middle of those two fact-check corrections, he also asserted, per the State Department, that there are no verifiable terrorists detained at the border. If you count that last one, that makes three pertinent lies that Sanders, Trump and Director of Homeland Security Kirsten Nielson have espoused to sell the wall. It is truly gratifying to see a seasoned journalist correct someone live when they lied.

  2. I’m feeling rather helpless, I have sent so many letters to senators who have sold there own status as a separate entity from the executive branch to pander this intolerable ruthless man in the white house. These people affected by this unjustifiable shut down are suffering and if the SD continues many more of us will suffer as well. The immigration issue need not be handled by bullying tactics, this man doesn’t have a clue about negotiating, he is a spoiled brat with a huge ego. He needs to leave the white House for good.

    • Holly, it is a helpless feeling. I continue to ask the staff I speak with “what will it take for the Senator to act?” The President does not have empathy. That is the conclusion of more than a few conservative pundits, much less others. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    In the US Congress, there are now enough lawmakers to pass a bill to end this shutdown but the Senate Maj Ldr Mitch McConnell will not allow a bill to come to the floor to be voted on. There has to be a way to get around him. Hurting good, decent hard working public servants for another reality show stunt is not acceptable.

    Sen. McConnell hometown KY editorial is very negative on him. There are bill boards attacking him om KY highways.

    Nine GOP senators have crafted a bill to end future government shutdowns.

    On Monday, I’ll be doing a post for folks to do a full court press on Senator McConnell. That means calling, emailing, tweeting,, mailing letters, etc.

    A bill that had enough votes to override a presidential veto is the answer.

    Thanks for the letter writing.
    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, before Trump got there, McConnell was the poster child for what is wrong with Washington. He can be as frustrating as the man in the White House, just less destructive. Keith

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