Stuck in the mud

The week moves forward, yet two big democratic countries are stuck in the mud. That seems to be as good a metaphor as any to define how political leaders can become the problem rather than solving it.

Across the pond, Parliament firmly knows what they don’t want, but does not know what they can achieve given a hard-bargaining EU. Brexit was sold on faulty data and now the British are headed to a departure without agreement – a hard Brexit. The other option that will likely unfold is another Brexit vote, since politicians seemingly cannot work together. That would lead to a remain vote, in my view as the younger folks would turn out.

In the US, we are coming up on four weeks of a shutdown. Ironically. Republican leaders did not want this, but their boss reneged on a deal and they are forced to go along. What I find interesting that is not getting any play, is the reversal of roles. Previously, it is the boss of the federal government who wants to keep workers working. In this instance, the boss is not going to bat for his employees. Why is that not discussed more? There is a deal to be had, but negotiating with someone who does not use good faith bargaining is not fruitful.

Speaking of less than good faith dealing, the President’s attorney Rudy Guiliani said yesterday that people in the Trump campaign may have colluded with Russia, but the President did not. Next, he lied to the astonished interviewer saying the he nor the President ever said no one on the campaign did. That is obviously disproven by multiple instances of full and adamant denial. It is similar to Trump and Giuliani saying the President had no knowledge of hush payments to Stormy Daniela, only to change that position multiple times.

Stuck in the mud. Brexit, the US shutdown and now the US President. His deception keeps pulling him back into the quagmire. Unfortunately, he is dragging the GOP, America and the rest of the world with him.






15 thoughts on “Stuck in the mud

  1. As we in the UK lurch (or in reference to Y B Yates ‘slouch’) towards an unpredictable future or own pendulum swings.
    Whereas previously we could say no matter how unimpressed we were by our politicians we could at least take comfort in the fact we didn’t have Trump. These days the perspective changes.
    That draft-dodging, tax-avoiding, adulterous, bigoted, hypocritical swindler will be gone by 2024 at the very latest and only 30,000,000 US citizens supported him.
    Here in the UK the population is still giving the appearance of being 50/50 divided over Brexit and the only facet the many sections of body politic can agree on is that ‘their’ idea is the best and they will combine with others to defeat anyone else’s.
    Whereas in the USA you have a creature in the Whitehouse due to a quirk of your voting system; we in the UK collectively as a nation for failing to understand it is time to co-operate have no one to blame but ourselves.
    This may sound very harsh, it is intended to be. There are parallels with 1930s Germany. The parties would not unite against The Nazis and a slim majority of the population voted them in. Whereas we cannot by any means compare Brexit with the Nazis. But we can compare the failure to unite. We can as a nation take a collective blame for failing to realise that after 2+ years it is either co-operation or ruin.
    If nothing is sorted out by the 29th of March 2019, you can look at the UK and quote Prime Minister Pitt (the Younger) when looking at the map of Europe after Napoleon’s victory at Austerlitz in 1805 ‘Roll up that map it will not be needed these next seven years’

    • Roger, saner heads must step forward. All need to recognize the country is the team and not a political party which is a mixture of some good ideas, some bad ideas and too much zeal not to know the difference. We need a lifeguard to tell these voted in leaders to get out of the pool. It is time for he adult swim. Keith

      • Having been in the maelstrom since 2016 I would pass that message onto the adult population of the UK too Keith.
        The UK needs a collective bucker of ice water poured over its head

      • Roger, the UK public does not want to emulate the largely uninformed American public. This is a key reason Trump can get away with his rampant lying. Keith

      • Yes I can see that, this is one of the legacies of the Conspiracy Theorists; folk will believe any rubbish as long as it is anti-officialdom, and this is what they get.
        In the UK everyone thinks they are informed but no one is reading history, long history I mean back over the centuries to read the patterns of relationships or the nature of the forces which bring downfalls.

      • Roger, and yet they miss the con job right in front of them. In the US, too many believe a man is a champion of the people who has spent a lifetime using people just like them. Keith

      • Yes I have noticed a section of the folk who are so incensed by the progress of the multi-cultural society that they will vote in and support a draft-dodging, tax-avoiding, adulterous, incompetent petty fraudster simply because he is the opposite of what they hate.

    • Hugh, thanks. It has added meaning, where a great leader helps us reach a higher plateau, whereas this one has dragged us all down in the mud. This is why folks must argue issues with him, as he wants a mud fight. Keith

  2. The U.S. and UK are the first, but not the last, nations to be stuck in this particular mud puddle called the populist movement of the 21st century. Others will follow and will not likely learn the lessons that are to be learned from our situations. Meanwhile, China and Russia delight in our troubles, for they will profit. What will the world look like in 100 years? I cannot even imagine.

    • Jill, too right. Unfortunately, these populists movements are built on a foundation of fear. The fear spawns exaggerations, misinformation and disinformation. Why? If the movement has merit, why must it be sold oh fear and lies. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: Politico made reference to a circular firing squad as the Trump loyalists try to save themselves. In the article it notes per a former Trump official Trump has pitted people against each other demanding loyalty to him, but offering none in return. This is the nature of this populist champion. He has made lifetime of screwing folks over.

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