And now, a word from George Will

I have noted before the significant number of respected conservative pundits and editorialists who have shared concerns over the President. George Will, a long time conservative, is among those who see the damage being done by the man in the White House. Like other conservative critics, his voice should be one that is heeded by those conservatives who are not totally in lock-step with the President.

In his most recent column called “Trump’s misery is also country’s,” Will is hypercritical of both the policies and behavior of the current President. He is also not too keen on the current Senate leadership for not doing their job to govern, being too interested in acquiescing to the President’s commands.

As for policy, he cited several examples, but two jump out. He is critical of the Trump and the GOP leadership as he notes, “Except that after two years of unified government under the party that formerly claimed to care about fiscal facts and rectitude, the nation faces a $1 trillion deficit during brisk growth and full employment.”

Will also notes concern over the US getting out of a trade deal designed to compete with China. He said, “The President’s most consequential exercise of power has been the abandonment of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, opening the way for China to fill the void of US involvement.” It should be noted the agreement went forward without the US and has become effective for six countries at the beginning of this year, with five others coming online later this year.

But, Will leaves his harshest criticism for the President’s behavior which has been destabilizing. He writes “Still the ubiquity of his (Trump’s) outpourings in the media’s outpourings gives American life its current claustrophobic feel.”  Will goes on to note that “He (Trump) is an inexpressibly sad specimen…He seems to have as many friends as his self-centeredness allows, and as he has earned in an entirely transactional life.”

As a result of Trump, Will notes the “GOP needs an entirely new vocabulary. Pending that, the party is resorting to crybaby conservatism: We are being victimized by ‘elites, markets, Wall Street, foreigners, etc.'”  This is what unfolds when fear is used as the key selling point. Principles are thrown aside, as exaggerations, over-simplifications, misinformation and lies paint others as bogeymen and the reason for any problems you might have.

As noted earlier, Will does not stand alone among conservative writers. My friends in the GOP and who have more conservative leanings need to pay more attention to people like him, Erik Erickson, Steve Schmidt, David Brooks, Michael Gerson, Ross Douthat and others, and less to those who the President seems to hold in high cotton. These are not Democrats who are raising concerns. These are people whose opinion used to matter more to Republicans and conservatives. They still should.


15 thoughts on “And now, a word from George Will

  1. Great minds think alike, once again! I saw George Will’s piece yesterday and bookmarked it to do something with later this week, but you have covered the high points excellently, so instead, I shall re-blog your piece this evening, con su permiso. It speaks volumes, I think, when these intelligent men who have been conservatives, republicans, all their lives are appalled at the republican president and his actions, his failure of duty.

    • Thanks Jill. I appreciate your re-blogging. People like Will are discounted by the right once they say the emperor has no clothes, but they still need to keep calling him naked.

      • It was my pleasure to share your work, as always! I greatly admire George Will and the others who have stepped back from the GOP as it has become more greedy, more bigoted, and less in tune with the ‘average Joe’.

      • Jill, Will has a gravitas that should carry more weight with current conservatives. While I often disagree with Will, his opinion is respected. I cannot say the same for several folks the President follows, who are more entertainers or personalities than journalists. Keith

  2. Keith – very thoughtful analysis. I wonder what you think might become of the Republican party … are these critics in a position to make a change? Am I suggesting fodder for a blogpost (I think I am!) – Susan

    • Susan, if they do not remedy this problem, I see a future with a huge number of former Republicans as non-affiliated, the former GOPers larger than the GOP. I would love to see a third party that is a moderate blend from both parties. The unlearned lesson is when the incumbent damages the position, leadership must act. We are short on leaders right now. Keith

  3. Bear in mind that George Will is an intellectual conservative, not a “dollar conservative.” The two are very different. We need to hear more voices like those of George Will!

    • Hugh, I am glad you offered that distinction. Fox is beginning to be critical of the President, yet have a long way to go to catch up to Will and the others I mentioned. Keith

  4. Dear Keith,

    I’m a follower of many of these same conservatives including some others like Bill Kristol, Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin but the current Trumpians would call them RINOs.

    My dream would be to have a 2020 Democratic presidential ticket to include candidates representing competent decent, experienced politicians from the left to the right. I would like to bring the peoples of this country back together working to save this US democratic way of life.

    I concur with George Will’s analysis regarding TPP and the status of Trump’s Republican Party.

    But, i’m also concerned with assisting those workers left behind with these trade agreements, as this lack of due diligence leads to the populist movements that we’ve been witnessing.

    Hugs, Gronda

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