Real problems are not getting addressed

In lieu of focusing on problems that have been overstated by fear and misinformation, several real problems remain. Just to name a few – $22 trillion in debt with an expected $1 trillion annual deficit; ill-crafted tariffs which are slowing the global economy; increasing poverty and hunger; climate change interventions; infrastructure needs that are ticking time bombs; retraining workers impacted by technology; domestic terrorism and gun deaths; and stabilizing the ACA. These are the concerns of this independent voter, who has belonged to both parties.

Note: I wish to applaud Germany for announcing last Friday they plan to phase out coal energy by 2038. It should be noted that in 2018, renewable energy surpassed coal energy in Germany. This is what can be done when real problems are addressed with planning. The US is doing many good things with renewable energy, but it could do so much more with supportive federal leadership.

8 thoughts on “Real problems are not getting addressed

  1. You are so right, my friend … this nation has some very real and critical problems … the southern border truly is not one of the biggest at the moment. My fear is that Trump is so fixated on that single issue that he is unwilling to address the other, more serious issues. I can only hope that the 116th Congress will act more responsibly than the previous one did.

  2. Jill, thanks. I agree. It should be noted that not only is Trump not addressing issues, he has made several problems worse – Paris Climate Change withdrawal, reducing taxes to increase deficit and debt, pulling out of the TPP which was a means to combat China on trade, issuing tariffs on allies and China, cutting funding to domestic terrorism policing, and sabotaging the ACA on top of previous Republican efforts, to name a few. So, when I GOP friends say what a great job he is doing, these are good retorts. Keith

  3. Since Trump is a fellow who avoids financial responsibility in his own personal life by slithering out through loopholes it is to be expected her would use the same methods with national debt. It is not his problem, he has a whole file load of folk he will blame.
    Also a figure such 20+ trillion is beyond his capacity to comprehend so he can pretend it will go away; it’s obviously fake news.

    • Roger, well said. His big claim to fame was to take a long running pretty good economy and borrow against our future to make it a little better. The borrowing took the form of increased debt and fewer regulations which will come home to roost. So, we have a sugar high which is expected to wane (in part based on other actions he took, ironically). He pats himself on the back as he dances and will not be around to pay the fiddler. We will.

      Based on what Trump and the GOP are doing to our future, young voters need to pay attention and ask many questions. Keith

      • Thank you Keith.
        I of the opinion he will pay in one arena.
        History will have him marked as the worst president of the USA and for a small minded egotist that is a very terrible hell.

  4. Dear Keith,

    That 2017 GOP tax cuts bill still upsets me as it was a welfare plan for rich folks with no specific strings. Make no mistake, American taxpayers will be paying for this boondoggle for years to come.

    I keep telling folks that what GOP senators did not tell Americans is that the deficit added to the US budget to help for the tax cuts in 2017 of $15 trillion dollars is a net amount. The tax cuts for mostly rich folks equals about $6 trillion dollars and so adding $1.5 trillion to the US deficit only partially pays for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Where did the GOP US Senators find the $4.5 trillion dollars over 10 yrs. to pay for the $6 trillion tax cuts over 10 yrs. It comes in the form of $4.5 trillion dollars of tax increases to middle class taxpayers starting mostly on yrs. 2020-2027.

    Any politician who’s not willing to take a second look at these tax cuts in 2017 that we could ill afford is not serious about doing what’s right for this country.

    Hugs, Gronda

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