When your friends begin to leave

It is amusing to me that the Republican National Committee is doing its darnedest to prevent another candidate running in a primary against the current US President. This is very premature in my view and is not reading the tea leaves very well. This will be a year when the you-know-what hits the fan, which has already started to build.

There are many dregs in the tea leaves that the RNC should pay attention to, but here are a few they may want to consider.

First, as of today, two separate polls – The Washington Post/ ABC poll and the Marist College poll have very similar figures that might be worth considering about the President. When asked whether you would vote for Donald Trump, the two polls said the following:

  • No – 56% and 57%
  • Yes – 28% and 30%
  • Undecided – 14% and 13%

Granted, he won with 46% of the vote and it depends on where these folks are located, but this should give the RNC pause. It should be noted the Texas Republican leaders told the RNC they are worried about Trump carrying their state. If someone is going to run against him, they need to start fundraising now.

Second, he has been yet again berating journalists, but this time he picked on two reporters on the news side of Fox News. An anchor named Julie Banderas at Fox took issue with Trump’s condemnation as she tweeted, “@realDonaldTrump This is NOT right. I stand by my colleagues @johnrobertsFox and @GillianHTurner They don’t deserve this. No reporter does. They are doing their jobs and reporting the facts. They are not opinion journalists and deserve the respect from the @WhiteHouse they cover.” 

Third, he has unfriended Ann Coulter returning her attacks with her disillusionment over his backing down calling him “weak.”  Personally, I am not a fan of Coulter’s as she tends to be mean-spirited, flippant and loose with facts. She and Trump are very similar in how they treat others. Yet, no one is safe from criticism in Trump’s world. As an attorney who worked with him for years said, if you are on Trump’s good side, you won’t be there for long.

To be brutally frank, shutting down the government is not a very good business decision by the boss. Usually, the boss wants his employees at work serving customers. In this case, the boss called the strike not others. People are harmed by his decision. Plus, he further harmed his reputation by once again reneging on a deal, the second time around immigration and the wall. If you deal with Trump, get it in writing. A contractor who has worked with Trump said it plainly, when you deal with the Trump organization, get your money upfront.

With Roger Stone being indicted with strong evidence, with Rudy Guiliani saying people on the Trump campaign had interactions with Russia, with The New York Times reporting over 100 contacts with the campaign and Russian officials and surrogates, and with the concern by Politifacts, five biographers and staff members with his difficulty with the truth, this should give the RNC concerns. This is without even mentioning the economy may have headwinds due to the tariffs, trade challenges and slowing global economy, nor does it recognize the House will be doing more investigations into Trump.

So, when your friends start to leave, that does not help with your popularity. At this point, the President needs all the friends he can get. Yet, there is the rub. He tends to value loyalty through a one way lens.



9 thoughts on “When your friends begin to leave

  1. The GOP has made its position clear and public: that they stand fully and firmly behind Trump no matter what. I wonder how they will get the egg off their collective faces when Trump’s approval ratings are so low in late 2020 that he cannot possibly win, and the GOP has made it impossible for any other republican candidate to run. Some have opined that Trump is likely to bring about the destruction of the Republican Party … I wonder.

    • Jill, with that said, there are examples of rebellion happening. I do not think the GOP Senators will let the President shut the government down again. The other is the more open grumbling toward McConnell. I think McConnell is a surrogate for Trump. I keep thinking of what David Brooks said a few months ago, his fan base will leave him in larger numbers at some point, the question being what will it take.

      To you and me it is pretty obvious he has been an untruthful, belligerent and mercurial person whose actions are damaging the country Even today, the intelligence leaders reported to Congress the worry is about China and Russia which is exacerbated by his picking on our allies, who would normally give us support. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: A week or so ago, I wrote a post citing the concerns of conservative writer George Will about the President. He is one of many conservative “friends” of the GOP who have left the party and/ or are hypercritical of the President. One of those is Ross Douthat, who wrote the following in a piece called “A case against impeachment.”

    “…the government shutdown has demomsrated that Trump’s own incompetence suffices to cost him support in the polls and in the Senate – an indication that a larger crumbling of his political firewall might be possible.”

    The piece is worth reading. The ideal way for Trump to go per Douthat is to not be elected. Yet, he notes if things unwind with the Stone arrest and further actions from. Mueller, then other actions could and should be taken.

  3. Dear Keith,

    The president is now operating without adequate, competent support and so, he’ll simply keep hanging himself. He needs to kick out Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller, etc. He’d be better to hire ex-Gov. Chris Christie who’ll give it to him, straight but who gets him.

    The president is trying to consolidate his base. As long as they continue to stick to him like glue, he maintains enough power to keep GOP lawmakers in line.

    But if FOX TV hosts start dishing him more often, it will be a test. Does FOX TV need President Trump more than the President need FOX TV?

    Hugs, Gronda,

    • Gronda, to your point, three intelligence leaders report to Congressional oversight committees and highlight concerns the President seems to not have. They also mention only once, border security, but did not highlight it as a major concern. The President responds saying these leaders need to do more homework. This is akin to the guy in the back of the class who did not reading the assignment disagreeing with the teacher.

      Then he does his its is frigid so climate change must not be real tweeting, again forgetting this is a weather pattern and not climate and that they have several days in Australia that hit 121 degrees Fahrenheit. It would not surprise me for him not to know it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere – again the guy who does not read the assignments.

      Making policy off a man who says his gut is smarter than people who read reports and pay attention is dangerous for our country. He is the greatest security risk facing our country, in my view. Keith

      • I’d love to meet him.
        He sounds just like the many loudmouths I met in my career in public service. One to one as individuals not much of a problem dealing with.

      • Roger, what the US public does not fully realize, hard working officials who actually take their oath to uphold the constitution seriously are doing their jobs the best they can, ignoring the government by tweets which his base mistakes as legal commands. The Trump support has begun to crack in a increasing way.

        If I met the man, I would ask him two things – do you really believe the BS you spew? And, would you please try to tell the truth, at least more than you do not?


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