On the basis of sex

My wife, sister and I got a chance to watch the movie “On the basis of sex” about the early career of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It is well worth the watch and has several poignant scenes that paint a beautiful portrait of the Justice.

Trying not to spoil the movie, it focuses on her law school experiences through her tenure at Rutgers University as a law professor. Yet, the movie culminates in a tax court case against a male caregiver who is denied a deduction for helping his mother. Ginsburg’s husband Martin is a tax attorney who saw this case as an ideal way to break through the bias in the law toward women using discrimination against a man as the foundation. In fact, in 1970 there were 178 instances in the law that codified discrimination against women. This is amazing in and of itself.

Ginsburg is the ideal person to try this case in appeal, even though she had not practiced law as a professor. Her nervousness showed, but I will stop there and encourage you to go see how she overcame that inexperience. I will also mention the current environment of the burgeoning women’s rights movement which her teen daughter has embraced. Ginsburg tells her we must change the law to make a bigger difference.

A favorite actress of mine, Felicity Jones, plays Ginsburg. Armie Hammer plays her husband Martin and Cailee Spaeny plays her daughter who eventually becomes a law professor at Columbia University. Kathy Bates is excellent as the civil rights attorney Dorothy Kenyon and Justin Theroux plays a supportive and antagonistic role as the head of the New York based ACLU.

The movie is directed by Mimi Feder and the screenplay was written by Daniel Stephenson. Other key roles are played by Chris Mulky as the caregiver and Sam Waterston as the dean at Harvard Law and later a senior US Department of Justice figure.

I encourage you to go see it and/ or let me know what you think. Later in a comment, I will touch on the two scenes that touched me most.

13 thoughts on “On the basis of sex

  1. I am fascinated by Justice Ginsburg and will definitely see the movie, though I will wait until it comes out on DVD with closed captioning. Thanks for the heads up and it sounds like a really good movie!

    • Jill, me as well. I think she is a hero to all women, even though some are told by their political tribe to denigrate her. When you do watch it, find this post and let me know what you think. Keith

      • I definitely will … if I can’t find the post, I’ll let you know in an email. Again, many thanks … I have read one book about her and have another on my TBR list … I admire her very much.

    • Thanks Mary. We agree. The support and love between the spouses was poignant. To me, I loved Martin telling his daughter why her mother pushes her to do better. Keith

  2. Dear Keith,

    I plan to go to the movies tomorrow with a friend and the RBG movie will be my choice. She’s a hero of mine and a fighter. There are so many traits to admire about her, her life that I’m looking forward to this treat. I’m thrilled to hear that the movie does her justice.

    Hugs, Gronda

  3. Note to Readers: Without revealing plot, the two parts of the movie that are most memorable are the rebuttal argument delivered by Ginsburg near the end of the movie and Martin consoling their daughter after the teen felt her mother was being too tough on her. I look forward to your thoughts,

  4. ditto from the previous comment!

    i saw that link to the preview video, and it looks like it’s a great movie; your review seconds it! there are things that i do miss about that other life, and seeing a movie every now and then is one of those ‘things.’

    thanks for the review!

    • Thanks Lisa. Seeing a movie is a treat we take for granted. When is your next visit to the states? You mentioned you has a friend in NC. Take care, Keith

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