America falls on the Corruption Perceptions Index

This is probably not what those Americans with red ball caps with MAGA on them envisioned when they signed up on Team Donald. Per watchdog group Transparency International, in 2017 the US fell four grade points from 75 to 71 on the Corruption Perceptions Index falling out of the top twenty. A score of 100 means a country is very clean and a score of zero means it is very corrupt.

Per an AP articles called “US Rank on corruption index seen as a ‘red flag,'” The “ratings reflect a deterioration of rule of law and democratic institutions, as well as rapidly shrinking space for civil society and independent media,” the Berlin-based organization said.

The organization also said, “A four point drop in the CPI score is a red flag and comes at a time when the US is experiencing threats to its system of checks and balance, as well as an erosion of ethical norms at the highest levels of power.” Full democracies scored an average of 75 on the CPI, meaning we have fallen beneath the curve.

This is not a surprise and is confirmation of what I have been asking of Senators and Congressional representatives to do. My questions have been two-fold. (1) What will it take for you to remember to whom you swore an oath and do your job pushing back on a President who is damaging our relationships with our allies and demonizing the free press and anyone who dares criticize him. (2) Is this the man you wish to spend your dear reputation on?

To be brutally frank, I am at a loss and I tell them so. Unfortunately, the staffs are the only people who hear my concerns and emails get a boiler plate response. It truly saddens me to say I don’t believe a word the President says, as the odds are in my favor. It further saddens me that so-called leaders of our country have looked the other way when simplistic solutions to complex problems are deployed as panaceas. It is hard enough to govern with truth and facts, but nigh impossible when the man in the White House has run off his advisors and wasn’t really listening to them in the first place.

Please join with me and ask our leaders to remember their oaths. Doing the right thing should not be as hard as it has become, but we must go down that path. We have some hard truths that continue to evolve about this President, with six of his relationships pleading guilty or being convicted and one under indictment. As the 37th President found out, when people are going to jail it is no longer a witch hunt. And, it is not ironic the man under indictment also worked for the 37th President.

We are better than this. If we told the US soldiers, that freed the remaining Jews from the death camps at the end of WWII, the leader of the free world in less than 75 years would be Germany, they would not have believed you. It is hard to fathom, but it is true. That is what is at stake. Is this what MAGA means?


14 thoughts on “America falls on the Corruption Perceptions Index

  1. That reminded me of a quote from the movie, Syriana: “Corruption charges! Corruption? Corruption is government intrusion into market efficiencies in the form of regulations. That’s Milton Friedman. He got a goddamn Nobel Prize. We have laws against it precisely so we can get away with it. Corruption is our protection. Corruption keeps us safe and warm. Corruption is why you and I are prancing around in here instead of fighting over scraps of meat out in the streets. Corruption is why we win.” That is likely how any MAGA hat wearer would respond to any charges of government corruption.

    • Sha’Tara, well played. The ends justify the means mindset has led the world down many bad paths. Using the same logic, the MAGA hatters would say it is OK if Trump colluded with Russia as our team won. It is OK that Stone cheats and mudslings as he is doing it for our team.

      Yet, it does matter. There is no question, even with the MAGA hatters that Trump tells untruths – the degree is in question. But, Trump has sued contractors who sheetrock, paint, landscape,provide pianos, plumb, wire, install, etc. as a modus operandi. Thomas Wells, an attorney wrote, if Trump refused to pay calling it bad service once in awhile, that would be understandable. He refused to pay everyone, even the attorneys suing people. That is corrupt. Keith

  2. Good post, my friend, though sad. I am under the impression these days that we have no leaders, only self-serving, greedy people posing as leaders, pretending to care about the 99% of us who they are supposed to, in theory, represent. Would not the framers of the Constitution be horrified to return to earth today and see what a mockery of justice our government has become? I was so disgusted the other day to hear Sarah Huckabee Sanders say that God wanted Trump to be president. My fear now is that if he declares his ‘state of emergency’, he will have even more power to abuse and we will quickly see a shrinking of our Constitutional rights, especially freedom of the press. Let us hope Congress can get their brains back in their heads and find their long-lost consciences.

    • Jill, it is sad. See my response to Sha’Tara. What is even more frustrating, these so-called leaders knew this about Trump before the election. And, on top of his lying, demeaning, and temper tantrums, they were given an final chance to say no with his private part grabbing boasting. That is when they finalized their signature with the devil.

      My response to Ms. Sanders is you and I must worship different Gods. Lying, cheating, lusting, assaulting, defaming, and harming people is not the answer to WWJD?

      As more comes out about Stone and others and Trump makes impulsive decisions without his filters who left, the spineless ones will need to act, not just speak. Keith

      • Saw a meme that if God put trump in as president, then he also put Mueller in as special counsel to investigate him…can’t only have it one way…

      • Mary, these are likely the same people who said God ordained our constitution. This has always tickled me as Thomas Jefferson and a few others were Deists, the main tenet of which is God started the world and leaves it up to us. Of course, this comment also sets aside that all religions were written, edited, translated and reedited by imperfect men, so there is no way what was written is 100% accurate.


  3. Note to Readers: Speaking of Roger Stone in an earlier comment, I read an article on fake news that is being viewed by way too many folks. In some strange and zealous effort to put an awful lot of perfume on a pig, the false story says there were more people involved in the night time raid of Stone than of Osama Bin Laden. That is not even close to being accurate.

    As I have said to others, they might want to read a little more about Stone before they start to fervently proclaim his innocence. While they are at it, they may want to read more about Donald Trump and his family. My guess is Junior and Kushner will be indicted next.

    • The irony is profound. On more than a few occasions, we have done the exact opposite or settled for an over-simplified solution of what is needed. I think it is “Make a America Alone.”

  4. Note to Readers: Last week, the US President had to deal with his three intelligence leaders truthfully advising the Senate on the greatest security threats, openly disagreeing with the President. It should be noted this is the same briefing Devin Nunes, last year’s House Intelligence Cimmittee Chair, refused to hear.

    Trump said they needed to go back to school and were naive to try to save face. But, he devolved to say they were misquoted. Weren’t they on TV saying that?

  5. Dear Keith,

    You’ve nailed it again. Those GOP members/ leaders who supported the presidency of Donald Trump knew what he was about. The red flags were glaring. I have been suspicious that President Trump was backed more than other conservative competent honorable candidates because he lacks a conscience. In short he would do whatever the GOP ‘dark money’ donors wanted without a second thought as to how the American peoples and the country could be negatively impacted.

    Don’t forget, the GOP under the leadership of President Trump were just 1 vote shy of killing Obamacare. The GOP wanted the savings to help pay for the 2017 GOP tax cuts bill. Instead they added to the US deficit. There were no pangs about adding to US deficit. A decent conservative president would have been yelling bloody murder and the GOP donors, be damned.

    Hugs, Gronda

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