What would you say?

What would you say to a US President where the stock market grew at annualized rate of 12.8% during his tenure, excluding dividends.

What would you say to a President where net new jobs were added at an annual rate of 1.4 million, with a rate of 2.6 million per annum the last four years.

What would you say to a President where the unemployment declined from 7.6% when he started to 4.8% when he left?

What would you say to a President where the US economy had 91 consecutive months of economic growth, which eventually became the second longest in US history?

What would you say to a President that saved the largest car company in the US?

You would say thank you President Obama. The economic growth has continued under the current US President, but we should not forget he was handed the keys to a pretty good economy. It should also be noted the country was in a housing caused recession when Obama got the keys.

I mention this as the current President is too busy taking credit to give a thumbs up to others. With that said, Presidents get too much credit and blame for the economy. They only provide headwinds and tailwinds.

Yet, if people want to go there, Democrats need to do a better job of marketing. Under 12 1/2 four-year GOP Presidential terms as compared to 12 four-year Democrat Presidential terms since 1921, the number of jobs created under a Democrat President dwarfs that under a GOP President, by 2 to 1. Further, the stock market results since 1901 is markedly better under Democrat Presidents.

So, the Dems can rightfully claim they are the party of jobs and economic growth. I am delighted the growth continued under Trump, but the headwinds do not look favorable. The tariffs and added debt on top of expected increases is bothersome.


11 thoughts on “What would you say?

  1. I would say : “Thank-you President Obama, I wish that you were still the President!” To the current US president, I would say : “I wish that your seat was occupied by President Obama, he filled it so much better than you!” While this is not the comment that you might be expecting, it is nonetheless true. Thank-you!

    • Ellen, I agree. I certainly miss not having every day be a drama in the White House. As an attorney who worked for Trump said in 2016, “Donald Trump lies everyday, even about things of no consequence.” So, when I see his picture behind a newscaster, my immediate thought is “what did he do now?” My wife’s reaction is more visceral, one of revulsion. Keith

  2. Dear Keith,

    I would say that thank goodness President Obama navigated this country out of a financial disaster that could have been so much worse.

    It’s too bad he had little help from GOP lawmakers in the US Congress who simply wanted him to fail. Here’s a man who was decent and honorable without a hint of scandal, a great husband and Dad.

    We now know the kind of man who impresses the GOP lawmakers in the US Congress. We aren’t impressed. Actually, we’re horrified.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, well said. If the 44th President had been accused of sexually assaulting over twenty women, had bragged on his impunity in so doing, had been accused of working with the Russians and Saudis, had beat up on our allies and acquieseced to our adversaries, had sided with Putin over our intelligence people, and lied and denigrated the media, the GOP leadership and sycophants would be up in arms, justifiably so. Yet, these actions and accused actions, are met with spineless support.

      These folks will deserve every bit of negative feedback they get. They have sold their soul. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: While I am supportive of what Obama accomplished for the most part, I feel his biggest disappointment was not acting on the Simpson-Bowles Deficit Reduction Committee report. It was poor stewardship in my view. So, when the current President and Congress pass a tax law that will increase the debt $1.5 trillion more on top of a projected increase of $10 trillion, I believe that is malfeasance.

    • Thanks Linda. As Warren Buffett forewarned Trump, taking credit for the upside in the market means you must take the blame for the fall. Neither are applicable, but he was making a point.

      • And what a dog and pony show is going on today. The GOP appears to be as deaf as they are blind as they hammer Cohen about his failings after he has fully accepted them and will be paying for them with prison time. As if any of them would EVER admit to wrong doing and they are so bloody self-righteous.

  4. Note to Readers: Today in Reuters:
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. economy fell short of the Trump administration’s 3 percent annual growth target in 2018 despite $1.5 trillion in tax cuts and a government spending blitz, and economists say growth will only slow from here.

    A better-than-expected performance in the fourth quarter pushed gross domestic product up 2.9 percent for the year, just shy of the goal, Commerce Department data showed on Thursday.

    President Donald Trump has touted the economy as one of the biggest achievements of his term and declared last July that his administration had “accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions.” On the campaign trail, Trump boasted that he could boost annual economic growth to 4 percent, a goal that analysts always said was unachievable.

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