Sunday selections

I hope you are having a good weekend. If you are impacted by bad weather, be safe and warm. With so many things going on, I felt it best to close the weekend with a few selections.

– while there are several good candidates running for President, I am pleased Governor Jay Inslee of Washington state has thrown his hat into the ring. He has a strong record and has said battling climate change is a top priority. Thank you for your stewardship Governor.

– the US President topped off another very tumultuous week with a rambling, profane filled two hour speech. He can curse all he wants, but there is no doubt he is a worried man. And, the GOP sycophants in Congress should be as well. They have assumed Trump will stop lying and all of his past lies are known. They are wrong on both counts.

– This week saw two major sports owners have bad days. The owner of the New England Patriots was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. Across the country the owner of the San Francisco Giants was caught on camera strong-arming his wife to the ground. This kind of behavior is insulting to the civil disobedience of kneeling to the national anthem by a player who was treated poorly as a result,

– closing on a good note, we enjoyed watching the Oscars last Sunday. We had actually seen five of the eight movies nominated plus a few others which had award recipients. The Lady Gaga/ Bradley Cooper duet was fabulous, especially filmed from behind the piano. “Green Book” was excellent, as was “Black Klansman.” The former likely won as the acting was superb by the two leads, both nominated.

I know I skipped over many stories. Since I touched on some of them earlier, I focused on others. Have a great week.


12 thoughts on “Sunday selections

  1. Note to Readers: I commented the folowing on Jill’s post about Donald Trump’s rambling CPAC speech alluded to above.

    While the man talked off script criticizing everyone, patting himself on the back and repeating himself, he failed to bring up these facts:
    – US farmers in 2018 declared bankruptcy at a significantly greater rate due in part to the tariff war, as compared to the 2008 recession, the last hurtful year.
    – The debt has gone up to $2 trillion the past two years and just crossed $22 trillion – the infamous tax law is projected to increase the expected increase of $10 trillion by $1.5 trillion by 2027. This used to be a concern for my former party.
    – The President was told not to have this meeting with Kim Jong Un, as it is reported many in the White House feared he was being duped; he insisted on going and had to walk away. Before the trip, Pompeo and Bolton told Trump there was 0% chance of a deal.
    – Thirteen months ago, Trump agreed to a $25 billion for wall/ DACA bipartisan deal with Senators Graham and Durbin. He bailed on that deal after extreme conservatives folks got in his ear,
    – Then, in December he reneged on a deal with the Senate after extreme conservatives got in his ear and the government shutdown.
    He brags solely on his stewardship of the economy which is nearing ten years of growth, but he fails to point out he has been President for only two of the years. I am 100% certain Trump will blame others as the economic growth stalls as predicted. Presidents get too much credit and blame for the economy, but that has not stopped his self-patting-on-the-back.

    I try my best to focus on facts. As they are in short supply when Trump speaks or tweets, I don’t watch or read his words without a factcheck source.

    • PS – As a fiscally conservative and socially progressive voter, I do not mind people being more conservative or liberal than me on various issues. What I do mind is people lying or bullying and denigrating people who disagree with them. That sums up the President. His ego is so fragile, he cannot tolerate dissent, so he attacks. His lingering focus on the size of his insuguration crowd, speaks volumes about this man-child.

  2. Since I am behind on reading blogs, and it is now well into Tuesday, and since it is late and I slept almost none last night, I will keep my comment short.

    As re the SF Giants’ owner … I hadn’t heard of that one, but I would be willing to bet that he has long been abusing his wife. These things are almost never one-offs.

    It seems that even some republicans are just shaking their heads over Trump’s CPAC speech. My guess? He figured it would be a good distraction to draw our attention away from everything else, starting with his abysmal failure in Vietnam, and ending with Michael Cohen’s enlightening comments.

    And now, I bid you good night!

    • Jill, please get some sleep. There are times when the immortal words of Scarlett O’Hara are germane, “I will worry about that tomorrow.” Keep a pen and pad ny your bed, so you can write down a reminder and go back to sleep.

      Check out Kathleen Parker’s current editorial regarding Trump’s “lying ears.” It is very compelling, especially when she summarizes the three examples beat the end. By the way, the “rambling man,” will be rambling a lot more as the death spiral he is in hastens. Keith

      • Thanks Keith! I actually did end up sleeping 10.5 hours, so I guess I got caught up on sleep at least.

        I did checkout Ms. Parker’s editorial … so very true … I had not thought about it, but she’s right … he has put every U.S. citizen who travels abroad in danger, for he has shown that he’s willing to bury his head like an ostrich. Yes, Keith, I truly fear the ways in which his insanity might escalate as the walls close in, as surely they will. We are in for a wild ride, I fear.

      • Great news on the needed sleep. Of all the bad things that occurred last week, where the President reaped what he has sown, this not standing up for an American is a bellweather event. He cannot walk away from this one, no matter how many flags he hugs. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    I am so excited that Gov. Jay Inslee has thrown his hat into the ring. I value the voices of candidates like Sen. Sanders, Sen. Warren but frankly, winning this election is my #1 priority and it’s my opinion that neither one can garner the Independent voters and those to the right who are ‘Never Trumpers.’ I can easily back candidates like Jay Inslee, Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Corey Booker. A ticket which included Gov. Inslee and Kamala Harris with either being at the top of the ticket would be fine by me.

    I don’t know how I do this every year, but I fell asleep watching the honors. But I was pleased with the results.

    President Trump at that conservative gathering looked/ acted like an unhinged preacher with his cult like followers swooning at his every word.

    I’m with Jill on the SF Giants owner/ CEO Larry Baer who was videoed having a physical altercation in a park, that this was not his first rodeo. The sports news’ outlets are reporting that he’s taking a leave of absence.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, I think Inslee/ Harris would be a powrful ticket. Inslee needs to be more than climate change, as it is a high hurdle with those who have long been lied to about it.

      Trump’s hugging the flag is dusgraceful after what he has done to our country, betraying our interests siding with bullying autocrats.

      I agree about the Giants owner. That was not his first rodeo. Keith

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