Why are you ignoring climate change?

My home state of Florida is surrounded on three sides by sea water. And, Miami has been noted as the most at risk large city in the world to rising sea levels, with two climate scientists pessimistically saying Miami cannot be saved from its demise.

Yet, its two Senators are climate change deniers. The newest Senator, Rick Scott forbade his staff while Governor from using the terms climate change or global warming in print or speeches. Why the Voldemort approach to climate change is a good question?

Recently, the senior Senator Marco Rubio, noted his disapproval with the President’s emergency declaration. His argument is what would prevent President Kamala Harris from declaring an emergency to fight climate change? I agree with his disapproval, but not his example. There is no emergency at the border, so says Trump’s own administration. But, his own administration has written a report speaking of climate change as a significant problem. In fact, the Department of Defense says climate change is a threat to national security.

On “60 Minutes” this Sunday they reported on the progress of the climate change lawsuit against federal inaction by twenty kids. The attorney notes that their best data comes from the US government who has known for decades about fossil fuel worsening climate change. It should be noted the lawsuits against Exxon Mobil by their shareholders and three states uses a lot of Exxon’s own reports.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being vilified by Conservatives for  her Green New Deal. She has become their new pinata replacing Hillary and Nancy. While there a few bridge-too-far parts to the plan, it is something to discuss and build from. Let me ask who is crazier, someone who recgonizes the greatest threat to our planet along with the limited time to address it, or someone who is too scared to say Voldemort’s name?

As an Independent voter who left the GOP twelve years ago primarily due to its Voldemort stance on climate change, i applaud that someone is making a stand. People must ask all politicians about their position on climate change. If it is like that of the two Florida Senators, people need to avoid voting for them. This is that important.


12 thoughts on “Why are you ignoring climate change?

  1. Last night I had a conversation with a friend on Facebook. She was mocking Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’ Green New Deal, saying that “God gave us cows and I’m not giving up my hamburgers.” You’d be proud of me … I took a cooling down period before I responded, so I did not use any #$% words, but I did ask her if she cared whether her grandchildren and great-grandchildren would have air to breath, water to drink and food to eat, because if we don’t act and soon, they won’t. She replied that “God would be back before then and replenish everything”. At that point, I had to walk away. To take the steps needed to save the environment such that the human species as well as all other living creatures that require air and water can survive requires commitment and it requires sacrifice from us all. Far too many are unwilling to make the necessary life-style changes. It will have to be mandated, and the current crew of this ship are too greedy themselves to ever do that.

    Good post, my friend.

    • Jill, sadly, that is not the first time I have heard that response. There is also language in religious texts of granting dominion to us humans, but requiring us to be good stewards of the earth. I have heard this message from a Baptist minister, a Catholic priest, a Jewish rabbi and a Muslim imam. I guess another good question for your friend, “don’t you think it would be a good idea to hedge your bets, as only an arrogant and zealous person could believe he knows when God will act?” Keith

      • Good points. Another way I have phrased it recently is “Do you think God gave you a brain only to keep your skull from caving in?” I had a casual friend many years ago who was having some legal problems. I ran into her one day and asked her how it was working out, and she replied, “Just fine!
        I turned it all over to God to straighten out.”
        Next I heard she was in prison. And the moral of the story … you have a brain, use it! Sigh.

      • Jill, well said. Paraphrasing Ronald Reagan’s “trust, but verify,” we could advise to “pray for wisdom to do the right thing.”


    • Hugh, true. I heard a conservative person tell Governor Jay Inslee that climate change was 30th on her list of concerns. That is the power of the controlling fossil fuel industry over the conservative media. The government welfare to the fossil fuel industry is into the multiple trillions magnitude. They do not want the gravy train to stop. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: A term that we need to get more familiar with is “sunny day flooding,” meaning days when high tides cause flooding into the streets of coastal cities and towns. The number of these days is greatly increased. In the Miami area, the four counties are spending $200 million to hold back the tides. The challenges for the area are two-fold – building close to the water and the porous limestone. The water seeps right through. The other major concern is the Biscayne aquifer is in jeopardy of being breached by sea water in the future. That is the fresh water source for the area.

  3. Dear Keith,

    I happen to agree with you that we can’t afford not to aggressively address the issue of climate change.climate

    There’s one Democratic Party candidate, the State of Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee who will be championing the issue of climate change and he is unequivocally an expert on the subject. He will out debate President Trump on just about any issue but he’ll bury him on the subject of climate change. Frankly, he’s announced that he’s running and he already has my vote. Just about every Super Pac representing the interests of climate change will be backing him. He’ll soon have lots of monies behind him. He not only is a true progressive but he’s shown that he can actually get things done. When he was in the US Congress, he was one of the few who voted against the Iraq War.

    As per the 1/2/2019 Atlantic article, “Inslee has been in politics for 30 years. He started off in the Washington State legislature and served for more than a decade in Congress. He was elected governor in 2012 and has, without much national notice, pursued arguably the most progressive and greenest agenda in the country, with fields of solar panels, fleets of electric buses, and massive job growth to show for it. And years before anyone was tweeting about the “Green New Deal,” Inslee wrote a climate-change book while he was in Congress: Apollo’s Fire, a 2007 blueprint for how much economic and entrepreneurial opportunity there is in saving the planet.

    I think that a Jay Inslee-Kamal Harris ticket would be perfect and I don’t care who’s on top.

    Hugs, Gronda

      • Gronda, I know if I am on your page, I am in the right book. I think I first learned of Inslee from you. By the way, did you change your email? Send me one of you did and don’t mind. Keith

    • Gronda, he has credibility and has shown a willingness to take on Trump. Yesterday, he called Trump’s comments on wind energy “moronic.” Keith

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