A bellwether event

In a sea of bad news last week for the US President, a bellwether event occurred as to why this man does not deserve to be the incumbent. A bellwether is something that is an “indicator or predictor of other events.” It is getting more press and even overshadows the event where and when it occurred.

At the unsuccessful conference with North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un, which the President’s own staff forewarned him of beforehand, the President took the word of Kim that he did not know of the maltreatment of American prisoner Otto Warmbier. This maltreatment led, first to Warmbier’s coma, and then his death once he returned home. The parents of Warmbier took issue with Trump’s siding with Kim, a man known for squelching the smallest of dissent or less than enthusiastic applause with murder. Killing his half-brother and uncle are just two examples of his evil nature. Even Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy took issue with Trump’s acquiescence to Kim. He is not alone.

In the Washington Post,  Kathleen Parker’s editorial called “The president’s lying ears,” called the President on the carpet for this and other transgressions where he sided with despots over the advice of his own intelligence staff. Parker references “Trump’s strange attraction to tyrants, dictators, murderers and thieves.”  She goes on to say “Trump believed Russian President Vladimir Putin when he denied knowing about Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election. And, he believed Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman when he denied knowing anything about the torture, murder, and dismemberment of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.”

“At the same time Trump believed their lies, he disbelieved the conclusions of American intelligence agencies, which, in each case, pointed a finger at the top guys. How could it be otherwise?”  Before he passed away, Senator John McCain called the President on the carpet for his weak-kneed acquiescence to Putin in Helsinki. I so wish McCain was alive today, as he would again vilify Trump for his lack of support for Americans and America. He might say hugging the flag at CPAC won’t erase the malevolence of your actions to our country.

Yet, an article, by a regional libertarian thinker and humorist named Keith Larson, who does a podcast along with weekly articles, called “A proud deranged American,” adds the flavor in McCain’s absence. Apparently, the MAGA cap wearers have called him “deranged” for saying something similar to Parker. His response includes the following:

“I thought expecting a president of the United States to stand up for Americans against brutal dictators was central to conservatism…I thought seeing soldiers – even, and perhaps, especially, those who fell into enemy hands – as heroes, was part and parcel to patriotism….Kim Jong Un is a murderous despotic dictator, the president of the United States has become his fawning publicist, and anyone who can’t abide him and his presidency has a Derangement Syndrome.”

“Life, in Donald Trump’s America. Where I’m proud to be deranged.”

These are not fake news stories, as Trump likes to claim about any bad press. He said the words and has not defended Americans or America. He is everything Michael Cohen said and more, which is not a very flattering picture. But, even if he were not a “racist, con man and a cheat,” not standing up for our citizens and country is not very presidential, nor is it courageous. It is weak. Acting tough to cheering crowds does not make up for that weakness. Nor does hugging the flag.




25 thoughts on “A bellwether event

  1. Keith, thank you for your clear head and intelligent post, I couldn’t agree more with what is said here. It’s bewildering that this man is still being backed by his percentage of devotees regardless of the facts, they simply don’t care as long as their agenda is in the forefront (immigration, race,guns, Christianity over all) He should not be the incumbent in the upcoming presidential election. To say that the mob is running our country right now is not going to far in my opinion.

  2. I just got off the phone with someone who wanted my opinion on the weather. I asked him what he was planning to do about the weather once he got my insight on it. Nothing, he replied, what can anyone do about it? Exactly I said, so why talk about it?
    Americans got themselves a dud of a president. There are apparently ways and means to get rid of such duds and replace them with others. So why go on and on talking about the “presidential weather” when it’s obvious to the rest of the world, us non-Americans, that you are neither willing nor courageous enough to turf out a traitor who happens to be president by purchase? I don’t get it. Obvious from the start yet here we are, reading about how bad your creepy president is and how he’s getting worse by the day and yet, there he remains to screw the country and mock, well, whatever Americans think America stands for. No one’s standing for anything in that country except maybe football and academy awards. On the other hand, if you can’t get rid of this plague, then he is legitimate after all. It’s interesting that Canadians are in a similar turmoil over their own creepy, greedy little shit in Ottawa. Can’t wait to see if they’ll show more backbone than Americans.

    • Sha’Tara, we do have a mess. We are the most uninformed country in the world, except as you note on entertainment matters. It will only get worse, unfortunately. Keith

      • It’s not just Americans either, Keith, and that’s why this inhuman, inhumane creature in the White House can get away with his crimes. Canada is now in the same boat with the hidden political corruption now erupting and who knows what will be the consequences? Imagine if we made a list of the countries we know for a fact are under corrupt leadership, apart from our mutual ones. Where to start? Britain, France, Greece, Russia, Israel, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Honduras, China, North Korea… these are the for sure, and I don’t even want to touch on African countries… The problem is global and endemic, political and economic corruption of such magnitude that most can’t even begin to comprehend it. Bought and paid for rulers, fiat money, debts owed to banksters who are nothing but gangsters and thieves. I am convinced that civilization as we’ve known it and for a brief time observed (and benefited) from its rise to an apex is now crumbling and imploding. I know how that happened and why for I have been a keen observer of man and I can see the writing on the wall myself: mene mene tekel upharsin.
        It seems terribly unfair to make such a pronouncement as if to say there is no longer anything anyone can do other than eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die but that is not the case. We are still alive and we can still make choices on how we live our own private lives. We can still reach out to neighbours and strangers; we can still boycott the System in various ways; we can sabotage by not toeing the line, refusing to goose-step with the sheeple. We can say “NO!” to Amazon, Facebook and Google. I’ve been practising the “life of absence” for many years, since leaving mainstream politics and while not clouding my vision it has certainly improved my health. It’s good to know the predators aren’t quite so free to feed off of me.

      • Sha’Tara, escapism is nice. Yet, at some point we do need some people to run things to serve the public. We just need leaders to remember whom they serve, as they dishonor those who try.

        Just like us, there are no perfect leaders, but we need them to be our better versions, not our worse. Keith

      • In that case Keith, anyone seriously running as a representative needs to first of all get money out of politics. Set a maximum to spend on political campaigns which, if exceeded will result in automatic termination of elected position and barred for life from ever running either in state of federal elections as well as a mandatory jail term based on amount exceeded. The real solution of course is to do away with “leadership” altogether and decide to be responsible and trustworthy individuals. If we cannot achieve that state of mind then all efforts to fix the endemic corruption are doomed in any case. Would you chew on a half rotten apple and be OK with that by comparison to a completely rotten one? If we were to turf all rotten apples from all our authoritarian systems, how many leader would be left in any of them? Seems passing strange to me that most people can apply some common sense in dressing for the weather or some occasion, or in deciding what to make for dinner or how to raise their kids but none whatsoever when confronted with “leaders.”

  3. I was incensed when he said he accepted that bin Salman had nothing to do with the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, especially when our own intelligence services said differently. And now, for him to take Kim Jong-un at his word … a murderous dictator … is unthinkable. He refuses to take his own advisors at their word, but he will take the word of evil men without even blinking. Beyond disgusting, beyond traitorous. But then, what’s new? Excellent post … thanks!

      • Jill, I started to make this a two part bellwether, but it ran too long. The other was Cohen answering the question how many people had he bullied into concessions for Trump. He agreed on about 500. These include contractors who did work for Trump that he refused to pay. I was aware of this beforehand, but the fact Cohen said Trump reveled in these stories where he screwed people is telling.

        As Thomas Wells, another attorney who worked for Trump said before the election, Trump’s refusing to pay a contractor claiming bad service is one thing, but to do so with so many contractors is another. Yet, it was brought home when a voter panel included a contractor who said the word on the street in dealing with Trump is get paid upfront. I witnessed this man say this. It also speaks volumes.

        Quite simply, Richard Nixon was a crook. The current President is that and much more.

      • I couldn’t. Not for any amount of money. I suppose they think it is the path to … what? Money? Fame & Fortune? Power? In truth, they will likely hang their heads in shame ten years from now, especially Ms. Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

      • Agreed. It is very hard to work for the man and come away unscathed. At some point, you will resort to lying for him. Some, like Ms. Sanders, far more than others. She must have nightmares about rationalizing an inane or harmful position that cannot be rationalized. Keith

    • Thanks Janis. When the incumbent shames the office, the oversight must admonish and, if necessary, remove the person from office. It is clear, he is shaming the office. Keith

  4. Dear Keith,

    I’m just grateful that the president walked away from making a deal with the N Korean leader that he wanted badly. Kim Jong-Un has not only been cheating away with his nuclear weaponry program but he has been cheating on sanctions. There’s been reports on how N Korean ships, have been painted to look like ships from other countries. These ships have been doing business with countries like Iran.

    As for President Trump being attracted to authoritarian leaders, a trait that he exhibits, is what his followers want to see. I just did a blog where 2 sociologists in a Journal Critical Sociology profile his typical follower which is one with similar prejudices, who has an anger issue and who is also drawn to authoritarian leaders.

    Did it not surprise you that President Trump backed down on his plan to withdraw all troops from Syria? I can’t help but wonder if there’s a back story to his very recent change of heart.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, I just read that post. Excellent. The key to Trump is perception matters more than reality. He does things without due diligence and then he recognizes it is not panning out well. As for Syria, some guy named Mattis tried to tell him. Keith

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