With six you get eggroll

Six. A half dozen. According to the old movie with Brian Keith and Doris Day, it is the family size needed to get free egg rolls at a favorite restaurant. Six is also the number of Directors of Communication this White House has had in going on 26 months. That is an average tenure of 4 1/2 months.

Here is scorecard of the short-term six directors:

Sean Spicer (45 days)

Mike Dubke (88 days)

Sean Spicer (49 days)

Anthony Scaramucci (10 days)

Hope Hicks (225 days)

Bill Shine (240 days)

Setting aside “The Mooch,” who may have been the most unlikely choice of a Director of Communications, lasting only ten days filled with colorful language, the four people occupying the position five times at least had communicaion experience. They were just asked to do an impossible job. Managing communications for a twittering,   babbling man with a large ego and small filter between his brain, fingers and mouth is nigh impossible.

Apparently, Trump referred to his latest departure as Bill “No” Shine due to his inability to make him look good. Putting lipstick on a pig does not change the fact the animal still rolls around in a pig sty. Ron Christie, who served in the second Bush white house, said a director ideally works with the President to set long term communications strategy, short term tactics and daily talking points. This President consistently surprises his staff with off-script and abrupt announcements. The best metaphor is Sean Spicer and team strategizing in the white house bushes after Trump fired James Comey without telling anyone, even Comey.

It is nigh impossible to manage communications for a bombastic man who has a hard time with the truth and common decency. There are three givens going forward. Trump desperately needs someone to keep him between the white lines. Trump will be very challenged the remainder of his term as his lies and criminal actions catch up to him. And, the next director won’t last long.


12 thoughts on “With six you get eggroll

    • Erika, you would think with the significant turnover througout the white house, that people who support him would take notice. Yet, the lone constant in a sea of turmoil does not get blamed by his fans. Keith

      • Erika, what is challenging here, the pseudo-state run news networks like Fox and Sinclair Broadcasting are relatively silent on how poorly thought of he is from abroad. Keith

    • Janis, as we have laughed about before, the happiest people in America are the ones who turned Trump down on his offer to work for him. The second happiest are those who no longer do so. If you work for Trump, you will get stained. Take it to the bank. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: The example of Sean Spicer planning in the bushes stands out, but is not an isolated one. The disastrous travel ban roll-out without vetting or a communication plan is a glaring example. The tweet announcing the ban on transgenders in the military is another example as Trump lied about the buy-in, simply because the defense staff was waiting to brief him on options, when Trump jumped the gun. Communication planning had to once again catch-up.

  2. Dear Keith,

    He even undercuts his own cabinet members. When he did this to the US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, I knew she’d be working on an exit strategy to salvage her own political future.

    I’m sure that Bill Shine was thrilled to be shown the exit door as what the president wants is impossible to achieve. Bill Shine may be able to control right wing media outlets that cater to their followers’ anger and prejudices, but he can’t control what all the other media outlets cover and publish. The president performs at his best when he keeps his mouth shut and when he resists using his twitter finger. No communications director can save the president from the consequences of his own mishaps, lies and demonstrations of incompetence.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, the word “undercut” is apt. He has a hard time not being the center of attention. He cannot resist the urge to say or tweet something, usually an ill-informed something. My favorite example of many is saying then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is wasting his time talking with North Korea, while his plane was in transit there. Pogo was right. We met the enemy and he is us – specifically the President of us. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: Mr. President, a communication professional would loudly tell you to ground Boeing’s new 737 while the latest crash is being investigated. Do not jeopardize lives. Other Presidents and PMs get this simple idea.

  4. I’m with Janis … who in their right mind would even set foot into that disorganized, chaotic atmosphere, let alone work for a turd like Trump? Well, that says is all … none of them are in their right mind. Spicer got out before it drove him crazy, but the rest find something, I suppose, that they consider makes it worth staying and putting up with the abuse.

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