What if an event in history did not happen – Part II

A few years ago, I wrote a post asking the question, what if certain events or outcomes did not happen. The premise is to think how other events may have been impacted. The post was more US-centric, so I would like to follow-up with a more global set of questions.

– What would have happened if the Mongols had continued their western push deeper into Europe?

– What would have happened if Roland and his successors were unable to push the Muslim expansion out of Europe?

– What would have happened if Apartheid in South Africa had not been pressured out of existence?

– What would have happened if China had not retrenched from its sea-based expansion as they focused on domestic problems?

– What would have happened if the British acquiesced and signed a truce with Germany and Italy rather than continue the fight in WWII?

– What would the Americas look like if the Mayans continued their existence?

– What would have happened if some tangible semblance of the Roman Empire continued to exist well beyond its demise?

That is plenty to ponder. Pick one or two and let me know what you think? To my way of thinking, there are lessons even for today.


7 thoughts on “What if an event in history did not happen – Part II

  1. Different roads to the same place, Keith. Until you change human nature, all roads lead to “Rome” that being the center of centralized power. What the Nazis and fascists began (or emphasized rather) and what Apartheid was, the US/Brit empire and Zionism is now continuing. China will expand its empire through industrial and technological means while building up its military for future expansion as the Middle Eastern war vortex eats up the US military threat. So will Russia and so on. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    • Sha’Tara, so true about not learning the lessons of history. China had touched many new lands with their exploration and then retrenched from all that. It was not until much later when they reopened trading.

      I mention this one example as we break down so many barriers with trade. Mutual commerce sands away at our rough edges, but it needs to be mutual and not imperialistic. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keith

  2. I thought about what would have happened if… very often. I think not regarding history but it is extremely interesting to think about how things could have developed otherwise. Then again, we might not have learned what we know today from what happened which again causes us to question what would have happened if…
    Very inspiring post, Keith!

  3. Dear Keith,

    UK PM Churchill got what many leaders today don’t get. You cannot appease a bully as any agreement will be fleeting and short lived. He understood that he would be signing his own death sentence. Bullies in history are never satisfied until they are crushed, eliminated and replaced by more benevolent leaders/ governing bodies.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, Churchill was the right man for the job. He stood up to tyrants. Contrast that today’s US President who would likely admire the tough leadership of those who opposed Churchill in Germany and Italy. Keith

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