Those Jesus words again

We Christians like the words so much we called them the golden rule. It is not one of ten rules, but one simple overarching rule espoused by that Jesus fellow. To me, if we do that one thing, we will better for it.

Paraphrasing it simply says treat others like you want to be treated. It is so simple and yet so profound. And, it is universal with variations findable in other religious texts. It is so universal, even atheists and agnostics can see its wisdom and adopt its governance.

Yet, the golden rule is not caveated. It does not say, treat all Christians like you want to be treated. It does not say treat fellow citizens like you want to be treated. It does not say treat people of the male gender like you want to be treated. Nor does it say treat only heterosexuals like you want to be treated.

And, just to state the obvious, it does not say treat people who look like you as you want to be treated. Let me say this plainly. As a 60-year-old white man, Jesus did not look like me. He did not look like Max von Sydow or Jeffrey Hunter who played him in the movies.

Jesus was of Middle Eastern Jewish descent and likely had a swarthy complexion. If Jesus walked into the wrong bar with white supremacists today, he would likely be harmed or showed the door. Jesus would not have ordained the US Constitution as some people believe, as he would be ashamed of our founders for tolerating slavery and that 3/5 a person wording in a document promoting freedom. Yet, he would see hope in the improvements made to the document over   the last 200 plus years.

Folks, I am an imperfect man. I guard against my biases, but like everyone, still have them. Yet, that golden rule has to be more than words. We must treat each other like we want to be treated. And, for Christ’s sake and our own morality, we cannot condone the killing of others because they are perceived to be different. It simply is not right nor is it justified, especially by some warped or myopic view of religion or patriotism.


11 thoughts on “Those Jesus words again

  1. When Christians stop supporting state sanctioned mass murder, i.e., war, I might take a look at the concept again. Meanwhile, if I were still a Christian I’d shut up about it: the institution is a global disgrace of hypocrisy.

    • Sha’Tara, thanks for sharing your opinion. There is no perfect religion, just as there is no perfect person. I have met very good people in multiple religions and who are not religious. The converse is also true. Keith

    • Thanks Hugh. These hateful white supremacist groups are following lessons from ISIS to expand their message online and, by far, are a bigger threat to terrorists acts here. Just as ISIS is wrong, so are the white supremacists. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: The killer in NZ, who will remain nameless, included other white supremacist mass shootings in his manifesto as well as deference to Donald Trump. This should be comcerning, especially when the US President contradicts others sayong whire supremacy is not a growing problem.

    • Dear Keith,

      Why is it that After January 2017, President Trump is the one president’s name mentioned by the mail bomber, the white supremacist coast guard and the synagogue shooter?  Even, the New Zealand terrorist mentioned him.

      President Trump does have difficulty in following the golden rule set down by Jesus. His version is more like if you upset me, I’ll seek my vengeance in spades.

      It’s incumbent on all of us to follow the example set down by Jesus, and to take a detour from emulating the examples set down by President Trump, as to how to treat others.

      Hugs, Gronda.

      • Well said. Since NZ, he has picked on a dead war hero using lies as per normal, he has comically berated Joe Biden for a low IQ because he messed up a sentence, he said it is not his fault that the NZ shooter mentioned his name, and it became news that one of his fundraiser’s office was raided by the FBI. Keith

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