Talking tough does not make you tough

One of the key lessons about bullies concerns false bravado. Talking tough does not make someone tough. Many would describe the US President as a bully, be it toward the press, Democrats, or people he perceives as enemies. But, what is interesting is he does not like confrontation, per several books about the man or the white house.

I mention this today as he spent the weekend picking on a dead hero by the name of Senator John McCain. Not only is Trump in the wrong and lied about various events and timing, but it reveals an incredible lack of judgment. He is likely regretting this lack of judgment, in that McCain’s daughter Meghan has used the term “pathetic” to define Trump’s action. It should be noted at least two Senators (Chris Coons and Lindsey Graham) have defended their deceased colleague. Picking on a dead hero is pathetic, especially when it is done by a man who can’t seem to get his facts straight.

Yet, we should not forget this man fired James Comey and Rex Tillerson while they were away. In Comey’s situation, he learned he was fired from breaking news. If that was not poor enough, Trump fired Andrew McCabe as he was cleaning out his desk to retire, to deny him his pension. What kind of man does that?

Finally, we should not lose sight of his acquiescece to Putin, Kim and MbS. He accepted their words over that of his own intelligence people. No less than our dead hero, Senator McCain was alarmed by what he saw in Helsinki with Trump’s kowtowing to Putin.

These examples speak volumes. Picking on a dead man is not tough. Firing someone without telling him is not tough. Not standing up to someone who had an American reporter killed and chopped up in little pieces is not tough. It is the word Meghan used – pathetic. It is also weak.

9 thoughts on “Talking tough does not make you tough

  1. Note to Readers: I am reminded of two true stories of quiet toughness. The true to life movie “Hacksaw Ridge” was about Desmond Doss, a hero and medic who went into battle in WWII, but refused to carry a gun. He saved many lives.

    On a sports note, golfer Jim Furyk is as tough as they come. In high school, he was also the best basketball player on the team. His coach asked him why he wanted to take the last shot. Furyk said he was able to handle it if he missed.

    Toughness takes many forms, but I have learned to fear the quiet, determined person over the one who brags the most.

      • It may not be an actual meltdown. Trump is a bit of an actor and there is a discrepancy between how Trump presents and what Trump accomplishes. His goals are the ones he gets from Putin so the fact that his policies are a failure is a success. His other goals are divide America and ignite an armed conflict: Trump is succeeding. His 2020 campaign will use the cover of ‘political advertising’ to spread more hate and division.

        Imagine the strategic advantage the mouth of the U.S. president gives Vladimir Putin in his Information War on NATO. I am horrified that an enemy nation used the office of the President of the United States to inflict violence on the people of New Zealand.

      • Rob, interesting point on the acting part. He focus on news coverage, so when it is unfavorable, he will purposefully say or tweet something to change rhe narrative. But, at the heart of everything is a large ego that cannot take criticism. Whether he is tweeting with intent or just blabbering, he chooses not to be informed enough to realize what he us saying is untrue, wrong or wrong-headed. Keith

  2. Dear Keith,

    I loved that movie, “Hacksaw Ridge.” A hero is a man who stands by his principles even if it means others think less of him. A hero will walk through fire and still not compromise on his/ core values. They don’t worry about how they look to others. Substance is more important than keeping up appearances.

    It is something that is rarely observed nowadays within the halls of the US Congress and the White House.

    That’s why Senator McCain was very much admired and it is why I look up to the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Both have these qualities.

    Hugs, Gronda

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