A fool’s errand

In my experience, people do not like to appear foolish. Yet, Mark Twain is quoted as saying it is easier to fool someone than convince him (or her) he (or she) has been fooled. With this in mind, believing the recounting of history by a man known for his untruthfulness and his disinterest in details is a fool’s errand.

In yet another attempt to point the spotlight elsewhere, the US President is denigrating a recently deceased American hero. During this head-scratching diatribe, he incorrectly said Senator John McCain obtained the fake-news Steele Dossier to sway the election.

There are two false statements in this Trump inane rant. First, McCain received the document and handed it to the FBI about a month after the election. Second, Christopher Steele is a well-respected intelligence gatherer, which increased McCain’s interest. The credible dossier has more than a few verified findings. The President is a cornered animal, so he has and will continue to attack anyone or anything to distract people.

But, inaccurately telling history is not new to Trump, as it is his modus operandi. When the US President says “I never said…” what follows is usually a lie. When he says something someone else did is “disaster,” it is not. More often than not it is some form of compromise or multi-lateral agreement where every partner gives up a little. When he says he is the smartest or best at something, I would suggest more proof.

So, when he says we achieved in 2018 an expected GDP growth rate of 3.1%, he fails to tell people that he said the tax law change would push it to 4% and pay for itself. The 3% is what economists expected, so when this was pointed out, he blamed the negative differential on Fed Chair Jerome Powell.

Folks, to believe this untruthful man on pretty much anything is unwise. But, to believe him on historical matters is truly a fool’s errand, even when it applies to himself. He tells people he grew his fortune off a small loan from his father – the truth as reported last fall is his father transferred over $400 million to his son before he died.

There is a baseball analogy for this. Trump was born on third base and likes to tell everyond he hit a triple. Please remember what Twain said.

19 thoughts on “A fool’s errand

  1. The diatribe against a dead military hero is beneath contempt. I personally think it is because his narcissism can’t endure anyone making him look small, little does he know it is he who makes him look small.

    • Holly, true. He fails to realize he is a self-fulfilling prophesy. His ego can’t take being made to look small, then he does something like picking on a dead man who cannot defend himself to look even smaller. It becomes worse when it turns out the man only recently died, is an American hero, and the living man is lying yet again.

      Someone needs to speak plainly to him in private saying “Mr. President, what made you think picking on a dead guy would make you look good?” I did see where is now blaming the media for his inane diatribe. Keith

      • I truly believe that George Conway has nailed it. He’s mentally deranged. Imagine his disgusting attack in the late McCain was applauded by his base recently. The top Rep congressional leaders haven’t the guts to stop him. Cowards.

      • Holly, George is on to something. What also irks me is only a small number of Republicans have defended and only three have said the President is wrong. The spineless many are saying “thank you it is not me.” But, Trump will throw them under the bus at some point. Keith

      • Eventually his defenders will be tainted by their association and refusal to take a moral stand. Perhaps George is concerned his wife will be among those.

  2. There are many unspeakable and contemptuous things Trump has done or said. Yet another one. What more need I say?

  3. The question I have is … if we can all see so clearly his blatant lies, his egomania, then why can his base not see it? Or do they see it and this is what appeals to them? I was thinking this morning about his attempt to denigrate John McCain when his own father paid a doctor to lie in order to keep Trump out of the military … HOW DARE HE??? McCain was a thousand times the man Trump will ever be! Sigh. Good post, my friend.

    • Jill, it puzzles. His poor behavior and attributes are overt. Please refer to my response to Roger to use this to create a conversation. I think Holly uses the most apt description “beneath contempt.” Keith

      • Your talking points to Roger are excellent … only problem is, none of my republican friends talk to me anymore. I asked similar questions about other issues, such as “Please explain to me why you think _______________”, and they had no answer, so the simpler solution was to call me a name which I won’t repeat here, and stop talking to me altogether. I agree … Holly is spot on! Sigh.

      • Jill, the name-calling closure to the conversation speaks volumes. They learned that from their leader. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: The ancillary point the US President makes that really eats at his craw is McCain was the deciding vote not to repeal the ACA. Let me clearly unpack this issue:
    – McCain was frustrated that normal legislative process was not followed (about a dozen white, male Republicans went in a room and threw stuff against a wall)
    – without normal process, what the Senate GOP drafted was awful, kicking 20 miillion Americans off healthcare
    – what the GOP led House passed was even worse
    – McCain saved the GOP from themselves, as if they succeeded, Americans would have been harmed, including those voters who did not know Obamacare and ACA are the same thing.

    I want people to remember this as the President fumes and fumes.

  5. In response to your note: I recently heard trump say that McCain casting the deciding vote on ACA took away the chance for the American people to have a much better, cheaper health plan. I really don’t see what stopped the republicans from coming up with this mythical plan and promoting it to the country, with or without McCain’s vote. They are welcome to do that even now… we are waiting…

    • Janis, too true. I observed early on that Trump and the small group of men do not understand the intricacies of healthcare. Many have overlooked the most valuable features of the ACA – ignoring pre-existing conditions and guaranteed renewability.

      As you note, they could still do this now. I encourage the Senate and House to explore changes to shore up the ACA. Americans want this, plus the infrastructure to enroll and manage this has already been set-up. Here are two easy fixes – expand Medicare down to age 62 retirees and pay insurers what we contractually owe them and invite insurers who left back in. Keith

  6. Dear,Keith,

    I just did a blog where Chris Wallace of FOX TV did his level best to debunk the myth that Sen McCain w dossier started FBI Trump Russia probe.

    As per a 3/29/2019 Daily Beast, “Wallace continued: “It started in June and July of 2016 when George Papadopoulos had spoken to a Russian agent and spoke to an Australian diplomat and said he had heard they had information on—dirt on Hillary Clinton.”

    “As Hemmer attempted to interject, Wallace demanded Hemmer let him finish his thought, adding that while potential FISA abuses are a “legitimate basis of inquiry” it is “not where the investigation started.”

    In addition, even Sen. Lindsey Graham has stated that he was one who had advised Sen. McCain to hand over dossier to FBI. But FBI had already started probe.

    Once many of these right wing conservatives buy into one of the widely circulated conspiracy theories, facts seem to make them angry. They want to believe what they want to believe.

    President Trump is unfit to serve on so many levels. He suffers from an antisocial mental disorder which interferes with his ability to make sound judgments; and where he not president, he could not pass the most basic FBI security background check to become a gov. dog catcher.

    Those who enable him are harming this country.

    Hugs, Gronda

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