Some Wednesday Why Questions

Several news stories have crystallized over the past few days forcing me to ask some why questions. Here are just a few on this Wednesday.

Why is the party that is adamant voter fraud is more prevalent the one who causes more of it? Today, the GOP North Carolina chair was indicted for bribing a public official with campaign donations. This is on the heels of the GOP Congressional candidate absentee ballot fraud issue and the unconstitutional gerrymandering that has gone on under GOP tutelage in NC.

Why are we playing politics with the President overriding an unheard of 25 security clearances, including two relatives? I don’t care what party is responsible, this should give all Americans pause, especially given the President’s poor attention to vetting, conflicts of interest and the fact his two relatives do not hold positions that were approved by the Senate. The CIA has been concerned about Jared Kushner’s culpability for some time, eg.

Why is the British parliament failing to read the tea leaves on Brexit? There is a petition with 6 million names asking for a cancellation of Brexit. When the petition was criticized for foreign involvement, it was determined that 96% of the names are UK citizens. I read today that Ford will re-evaluate what to do with two British car plants depending on what happens. They are not alone.

Why is Shell Oil pulling out of an US based petroleum industry lobby group beginning next year? Its shareholders are forcing the company to more demonstratively  address climate change and support the Paris Climate Change Accord. It should be noted Exxon Mobil shareholders asked the company to report back on what they are doing about climate change. Both companies were active on climate change research before they decided to pretend it was not a problem in public.

Why would the President even consider closing the border with our third largest trading partner, not to mention the people who live in Mexico and work in the US? This would be harmful to the US economy, per Senate leader Mitch McConnell (and many others) and even more so for border states. It also overlooks the greatest need to help with the chronic border problem – immigration judges. Walls and closures are just costly theatrics.

Why is it OK to want to trade with North Korea, but not Cuba? The real reason is Obama opened the doors to the relationship. For some reason, Trump has an unhealthy focus on things Obama did. But, trading with Cuba is desirous to many Americans and Cubans and is far easier to get a return on investment. Commerce is a good way to break down barriers.

That is all for now. Let me know what you think or if you have any more why questions.


15 thoughts on “Some Wednesday Why Questions

  1. OK, I know that I live quite removed from the pace of the modern world, but here in Ecuador I think it’s still Tuesday.. yet your title and the date on your WP publish stamp show April 3rd.. and I peer down at my computer calendar, which says April 2? Trying to comprehend this makes me a bit dizzy!

    Have I learned, through disconnects and through long periods of observing nature, to slow time?
    Or are you on the far side of the pond in Europe?!

    • Too funny. WordPress operates on Greenwich time. But, I did squeeze this one out on Tuesday night here. Some folks like to read in the am before work.

  2. Note to Readers: Just from today, why does the man in the White House have such a hard time with simple truths, especially when they are provable? Two things caught my eye. He continues to say that his father was born in Germany and elaborates where. His father was born in New York – it is his grandfather that was born in Germany. This is the same guy who kept harping on Obama being born in Kenya – maybe he meant grandfather….

    The other is now that Mitch McConnell told the President he was on his own on healthcare, the President is saying he never said he wanted a new plan before the 2020 election. Then, he added the GOP is working on a better and cheaper plan, when Mitch said they were not. We should recall that Trump said he had a great plan during the campaign. That was three years ago.

    • Toby, so true. I was just talking about you last night. We are hosting my son’s roommate and her twin sister before the latter flies back home to St. Paul. Tell me a favorite place only a Twin Cities person would know. Keith

      • Toby, thanks. They had to head to the airport. I told them you had commented before they left. They mentioned a place where Prince first played called First Avenue.

        They also mentioned a waterfall park close to downtown. Keith

      • Aha! I was going to say First Avenue but my brain automatically went to food 😊 I would guess the waterfall might be Minnehaha Falls or maybe St. Anthony falls

      • Oh didn’t see “close to downtown” until after I sent my comment. So that would be St Anthony falls then

      • Toby, if we come up for a visit, maybe we could meet for lunch or a cup of coffee. We are in the very early stages of planning. Keith

      • Oh absolutely we should meet up!! You have my email so we can figure it out there. I look forward to it!

  3. Good post — good questions. Now, if only we could get answers to those questions. You’ve about covered it all … I would only ask why people still support a ‘man’ who is so stupid that he claims the noise from wind turbines cause cancer? Every time I think he has reached the pinnacle of ignorance, he goes a bit higher. And yet, he makes the decisions that affect the lives or every person on the planet. Why, people … why???

    • Jill, ever since he lost the battle on offshore wind mills with his Scottish golf course, he cannot let it lay. My question would be, so an oil platform is attractive?

      As for his cancer comments, my guess is he will double down on his inane comment and Sarah will be defending his position based on some arcane article. Sean will echo it.

      As for the homeowner value loss he cited, I read some ranchers and farmers l receive around $5,000 per windmill in annual rent. One rancher had eleven windmills, so he receives $55,000 per year in rent.

      I actually find the wind mills elegant. There is a place near Corning, NY where I pulled off the road as there are twenty or so wind mills through these foothill.

      Note to Trump followers, you should know if he says something it is likely not true. Keith

      • You are right on all counts. I rather like seeing the windmills. Now, maybe if there was one right outside my bedroom window that kept me awake nights (not that I sleep anyway these days) I might not be happy, but how many people actually have them so close that the noise is disturbing? And, when you realize the good that those windmills are doing, replacing lethal fossil fuels, you just gotta love ’em! The irony, as I see it, is that coal kills, coal miners have a much higher incidence of cancer than the average population. Pollution from vehicle exhaust kills. But he is more concerned that noise from windmills … AAAArrrrgggghhh. 🙄

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